2016-05-07 Cruise to Bahamas (5-nights, Carnival)

2016-05-07 Cruise to Bahamas (5-night on Carnival Cruise Lines-Ectasy Ship, Half-Moon Cay-Port#1, Nassau-Port#2)


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I didn’t drive my van, named “Vanna White” to the Bahamas, I drove to the port terminal parking. I went with my family and included pictures that you would see if you took this trip. Hope that you enjoy the pictures – that is the purpose of this ‘travel-blog’.
This is the last post under this name. WordPress allows 3072MB of free space and this will conclude the blog because I am at the limit. I have learned a lot in creating the blog. At first, I didn’t know how to reduce the size of the pictures (and how to create a gallery). In this post, I’ve made the pictures smaller in order to conserve space. I believe that even if they are small, they will still show the beauty of the islands. ¬†Note – some of the original pictures were turned sideways by WordPress and they have changed the editting of them.¬†


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