2016-07-30 GAAtlanta-Continuation of ‘old’ website

2016-07-30 GAAtlanta-Continuation of ‘old’ website (and migration to a new name).


The ‘old’ website was: http://www.PuddinInVannaWhite.wordpress.com

The NEW website is:

http://www.PuddinInVannaWhite.com  (Note: No “WordPress” in the middle of the name.) Updates will only be made to the ‘new’ website.

I used the wordpress website in order to ‘learn’ how to blog. I started the blog several years ago, and since that time, things have changed and evolved. My son has helped me establish the ‘new’ website and I now have web-stuff to learn. No problem = because when I first started the blog, there were a lot of things to learn and try. This time, there is a lot of similarity between the old-way and new-way.  I’m still using the wordpress software, just having to learn new hosting and platform differences. Wish me luck – hope that you enjoyed the blog and continue to read it. (Note: the ability to ‘subscribe’ and receive an email after I update the blog is not available at this time. Maybe that feature will be something that I learn later.)

(With the ‘wordpress’ website, I was able to pick a theme when starting the code and I haven’t learned how to do that yet. Also, with the old website, I wrote the text to use and the website made it much smaller to read. Since the ‘new-way’ of coding doesn’t do that, I will discontinue my heading of using <Ctrl> and <+> to make the font-type larger, and <Ctrl> and <-> to make the font-type smaller.

My son uploaded the ‘old’ website content to the new name using an import/export program. I don’t believe that the ‘gallery’ of pictures feature works – another learning thing for me. Also, the right-index of blog dates has moved to the bottom of the website. When creating the ‘old’ website, I used a ‘theme’ from a list of choices. On the ‘new’ website, the default background/text is used. At my computer, I use the Google-Chrome-webbrowser and use the ‘Hacker-Vision’ store app to change the background to black and the text to white. I will probably not change the website defaults for viewing. Lots of differences between the websites, but the content and pictures are still available.)

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