2016-10-22 GAAtlanta – Just a quick post about “Life”

Life and time go on, whether you like it or not. Just HAD to add that because that is what is on-my-mind today.
My latest trip (and camping) was to TNCopperhill. I’ve previously been there and posted pictures on my blog. After several days of this trip, my cellphone battery became completely drained and I was unable to take any pictures. While camping, I used my van inverter in an attempt to charge it. Maybe something is wrong with my van electrical system, or maybe the phone was ‘so-dead’, it wouldn’t charge. At any rate, at home I was able to charge it. Charging took a long time, but eventually, all was well. (Note: the case of the phone is called “Mophie” which contains an ‘extra battery’ that was also completely drained.)
I DO have several observations and comments about the trip: We had member be the ‘host’ and post the dates of a Get-ToGether (GTG) on an internet forum. Many people who came were people who I had previously met. Also, of course, there were several new people. I didn’t count the number who attended, but my estimate is that 15 were there on Saturday for the ‘pig-roast’. The weather was ‘cool-at-night’ when I arrived. Each day was a little warmer and the temperature was PERFECT on my last day. I was there for a week enjoying watching the butterflies – and the tree leaves change color and fall to the ground. We didn’t have any rain – Georgia has a drought again this year. I returned to Atlanta on Sunday afternoon and didn’t enjoy all the traffic from others visiting the area and returning to the city.
By the way, after returning from the camping trip, my younger son gave me his old cell phone (an iPhone6-larger screen). The next day, I went to the apple store, and the new one is now activated. At the store, I uploaded all of the data from the old iPhone and then downloaded the data to the new phone. I had pictures in the storage that took a long time for the process. It took over an hour for the download, and the upload was about 20 minutes. (I suspect that the upload is really checking the apple cloud to determine if the data already exists or not. If the data is already there, there is no need for an additional upload of the duplicate data.) Now, I have to learn new features, such as the fingertouch security and the associated ‘wallet’. Anyway, I really like the new iPhone and am still adapting to it. (Note: I was taught in Sunday School that the use of the word “LOVE” is inappropriate as a description of the cellphone. People are not supposed to ‘love’ a phone, that is – people are only supposed to love other people. They are supposed to ‘like’ a cellphone – it is incapable of ‘feeling’.)
A story: One of the campers had 3 dogs who were kept in a pen near her camper. She was visiting the campfire one day and there were many discussions about dogs because everyone there, except one other person and me, owned a pet. At the end of the discussion, she said that she needed to go tend to her ‘children’. I had to interrupt and tell her my viewpoint of her statement. I told her that I have grandchildren and what she needed to tend to were NOT children. I took an exception to her statement. Yes, I realize that pets are companions and are similar to children in the respect that many people consider them to be family. However, they are NOT human and in my opinion, they should NOT be referred to as children. Maybe I’m too much into semantics, but our communications with others depends on our proper wording in order to be accurate. If you agree or disagree, I would appreciate your opinion.
Observation – I HAD to share the following about our current society: Many years ago, I was shopping in a grocery store and heard someone loudly talking. I rounded the aisle corner and there was only one person in the aisle and they continued to talk. My first reaction was: What’s up with this? Well, their back was to me and as I walked closer and passed them, I saw that they had earbuds and a wire down their front with a microphone on the wire. The line of conversation that I overheard went something like this: “What brand of ketchup do you like?” At that time, I had an ’emergency cellphone’ in my car and would NEVER consider using it for a casual conversation – the monthly plans were expensive and talking for very long would cost more than a bottle of ketchup was worth. I guess that I didn’t realize that ‘times-were-changing’. Maybe the grocery-store cellphone-caller had a different usage plan than I had and it was cheaper for them on the cellphone than what I was used to. Well, fast forward to cell phones of today: Yesterday, I was in a grocery-store and there were MANY people talking on cellphones. I didn’t overhear any conversations, but I could tell that the people talking were used to long discussions of topics deeper than the brand of ketchup to buy. Cellphone usage is now commonplace and I may soon join in the fray. After all, I can now accurately state that “I’m addicted to the internet”. Today, I downloaded an app that allows you to scan bar-codes and to quickly compare the price of items. (I have to disclose that when I am camping, I try to not use the internet much because I want to spend my time visiting with friends. However, at the nightly campfire on this trip, others would bring their cellphones and read messages. In my opinion, the rich conversation that we had a few years ago has greatly diminished. I can’t help but wonder what the future will bring.)
Final paragraph – for those interested in group camping and ‘vanning’ :=> Vandwellers_GTG is the name of the Yahoo email-group that I follow. There is an associated Facebook group called “Friends Who Like SE GTG”, but I much prefer email. The Facebook ‘wall’ rolls and I never know if I’ve read all of the messages or not. A favorite website that I read about van building is: CheapRVLiving.com. Also, there are many pictures about building a van for camping at yahoogroups Vandwellers_Construction.

Added later as an update to the post: When camping, another in the group told us about her recent summer experience of being a bus driver in Alaska. We talked about the movie, “Into the Wild”. During the last several days, I’ve watched some video on YouTube about the movie and today, I found the following article from Wikipedia:    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_McCandless.


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