2017-01-25 GAAtlanta – Very warm days (so far) this winter

It has been a very warm winter so far this year in Atlanta. The high temperature today was 70, and it was sunny. I went to visit my son, his wife and two children = Pumpkin/girl, age 2years 10months. -and- Peanut/boy, age 1year 2months.  I rode with my son to pick them up from the day care center and walked inside with him to pick up the children. (They play outside in warm weather and play inside when the weather is bad.)  After we returned to his house, we took them to a nearby playground. All of us enjoyed it. I have stayed in Atlanta the last two winters because of wanting to go visit with the children and watch them grow-up. I notice changes in their development each time I visit.
     Today, Pumpkin is really talking a lot and is able to tell you what she wants. She wants to slide down the pole and sliding board. She likes swinging and walking on the balance bar. She attempts to throw balls in the basketball hoop – today, she found a golf ball in the playground and my son held her close to the top of the basketball hoop so that she could attempt to throw it in. She likes riding in her stroller and putting a pacifier in her mouth. Near sunset, she was chilly and wanted her blanket to keep warm.
     Peanut is afraid to try and walk alone but can stand and balance without falling. He’s afraid of falling and will always sit on the ground and crawl. This afternoon, he crawled down the hill of the driveway chasing a beachball. He’s fast and can almost crawl faster than I can walk. He’s able to go anywhere in the house that he wants. He is also able to climb on things. Today, at the playground, he climbed up the stairs to the sliding-board and I put him on the top of the sliding-board with his body completely flat and let him slide to the bottom – where my son ‘caught’ him and helped him return to the top so he could slide again. He was giggling all the way down and squirmed in my sons arms to return and slide-down again. He is beginning to learn to communicate and recognized “Ma-ma” when she came home from work.
    Both of the children love the iPhone – in particular, the YouTube app playing “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”. Pumpkin learned long ago to push the icons on the video and have them play different songs. Peanut has recently learned to push the ‘start’ button on the iPhone and have the lighted display screen start. He likes holding it and often pushes the wrong-thing and stops the video from playing. He’s patient about an adult holding the phone and having the video play again. They learn everything so fast and the repetition of the children’s songs has helped them know more about our world.

We did have some cold weather and ice about 3 weeks ago and the forecast for the next few weeks includes more cold weather. I think that our warm winter has been ‘record breaking’ with the temperatures and know that it is winter and we will have some cold weather soon. However, I have really enjoyed staying in Atlanta, so far, this winter. 

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