2017-05-11 (Day 1/9) Trip to Michigan-Holland and Mackinac Island. (8 nights)

2017-05-11 Trip to Michigan – specifically Holland and Mackinac Island. (8 nights)
I have to start this post by telling the reader that I tend to have too-much-detail. On this trip, I took over 700 pictures and have tried to only include the ‘high-points’. However, the trip was so great, it is hard to cut-down content, so I tend to just include it. Instead of having one big post of the trip, I’ve separated the trip into days. This will help with my management of the content as well as cause the page to load faster. The many pictures causes the internet load time to be longer. I started this blog-post as one large document, and after discovering that the management of the many pictures was difficult, I broke the posts into days. However, I didn’t return to the text and revise it. It is best to read this post as a story and start with day 1 and read each day afterward. 

I found a ‘bus-group’ (i.e., Motorcoach) and signed up to travel with them to Michigan. The group was mostly retired women, total in the group was 45. The tour director, Cathy Stokes, owns and operates “Seniors On the Go Tours”. We had an EXCELLENT trip and it was all due to Cathy and her planning. She has been planning trips for many years and started her own company about 17 years ago.

(Note: I use the ‘gallery’ feature of wordpress to organize and display pictures. To see the complete picture, click on it and use the left and right arrows to view the pictures in the gallery.) 

The pictures above are from the whole trip. Each day (in the following posts) has more information about the trip and more pictures. 
2017-05-11 Thursday – GAAtlanta
We left Lawrenceville about 7:15AM and encountered immediate, awful Atlanta traffic. A bridge on Interstate-85 had collapsed a few weeks previously, and the area suffered the results from the collapse for about 8 weeks – until the replacement bridge was complete. It took the bus driver over an hour to drive us out of the metro area. I didn’t mind because I wasn’t the one having to drive. I found that having someone else drive was a tremendous asset – AND – having someone else plan the trip was a real dream. We stopped at a semi-fast food restaurant near the interstate for lunch and had a couple of ‘rest-stop’ breaks on the way. Our first night was in Scottsburg,IN at a Holiday Inn Express. My roommate, Sue, and I had a room near the front desk. We ate Kentucky Fried Chicken for supper in the hotel room. I walked to the nearby restaurant for the food and returned with it.

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