2017-05-14 (Day4/9) Trip to Michigan-Holland and Mackinac Island.

We left Holland the next morning and stopped in Sagatuck. Cathy found the dune-buggy rides (Dune Schooner Rides) for us. (As a tour director, Cathy has said that she especially enjoys finding ‘unusual’ things for her tours.) You have to see the pictures of the ‘buggies’ that explains the ride.

(Note: I use the ‘gallery’ feature of wordpress to organize and display pictures. To see the complete picture, click on it and use the left and right arrows, in the middle of the enlarged picture to view the pictures.) 

A local family bought about 30 acres of property many years ago. Sand dunes have shifted on the lake to encompass much of the land. The family began giving rides there before the new highway came to the area and moved the ride starting-point to the highway after it was constructed. We had a perfect spring day to enjoy the ride and a wonderful guide to tell us about the area.

In the mid-afternoon, we stopped near Williamsburg to see the Music House Museum. Our guide started a player-piano to let us hear a beautiful Gershwin song. The piano was owned by the Fischer family who were one of the founders of GM. It was inlaid with gold and a work-of-art. We saw old phonographs, a replica of the town, and saw a Laurel and Hardy black-and-white film. It was ‘great’. Also, across the street from the museum was a blossoming cherry orchard that was very unusual. Another great ‘find’ for Cathy and our tour.
We spent the night in Traverse City (Cherry Capital of the World) on the shore of the bay – great sunset. Cathy had arranged with the West Bay Beach Holiday Inn for us to have supper in their facility. We ate a buffet and I met Regis’ sister and her husband, and her brother from Michigan. They were able to see Regis and talk with her while we were in the area and they ate at my table with the group. It was interesting to talk with them about what it was like to live in Michigan – I was particularly interested in the winter there. They grew up there and are ‘used-to-it’. They have purchased snow-blowing machines, heavy clothing, etc. Regis has lived in the Atlanta area for a while and I got the impression that she wasn’t anxious to return to Michigan.

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