2017-05-16 (Day 6/9) Trip to Michigan-Holland and Mackinac Island.

The next morning, we had a hot breakfast buffet and had a tour of the island. (By carriage, of course, as the island doesn’t allow cars.) On the tour, we learned that many years ago, the residents decided to not allow cars on the island. Many of them had summer houses there and lived in the cities. The cities were polluted with industrial production and cars and they decided to not bring that type of pollution to the island – so they developed the use of carriages and bicycles for transportation. (Actually, for heavy construction they allow machines, and I observed a food-truck on the pier loading product for the restaurants and stores. After seeing the result of the many horses ((i.e., ‘horse pollution’ – a man with a cart cleaning the streets)) on the island, I think that they have settled on a resonable compromise.) The carriage tour included a ride through the local cemetary, by the fort, and a stop at the State Park with the arch rock. We also stopped at a ‘junction’ where the distance carriages allowed passengers to get some food and shop and rest-break before a local carriage took us to the Grand Hotel. (Cathy had a DVD of the movie where the Grand Hotel was the backdrop of the film. It was called “Somewhere in Time” and starred Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. She showed it to us on the bus while we drove an interstate to Michigan.)

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Our carriage tour ended at “The Grand Hotel”. It was absolutely stunning – no way to describe it – you have to see the pictures, of course. Luxury at its finest. We had a quick tour of the lobby and went into the dining room – I was totally unprepared for the “Grand” lunch buffet experience. They have 8 serving bars and we were seated by the wait staff. My group was separate from the rest of the group by the waiter. The food was outstanding! We ate everything that we wanted and waddled away afterward.

Cathy kept us co-ordinated and shopped some in the giftshop. I sat on the awesome porch and took some pictures. Some of the group walked about 15 minutes to the hotel, while others took a carriage. I had eaten too much to walk and went in the carriage – taking more pictures, of course.
After lunch, some of the group had energy to walk back to the fort and view more of the island. I was a little weary and hung-out in the lobby. When others from the group entered with a bag, I asked them to ‘show-and-tell’. Some bought fudge, famous in the area. Others bought shirts. I learned later that some in the group visited the sauna. The swimming pool was in the center of the hotel, so if anyone went swimming, everyone was able to see them. The sauna was in a side-room and hidden – so, they had to tell us about the experience. Supper was ‘on-your-own’ but since many of us had eaten so much for lunch, we only wanted a light supper. There were many options near the hotel. 

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