2017-05-17 (Day 7/9) Trip to Michigan-Holland and Mackinac Island.

Another hot breakfast buffet and we were outta-there. We had a short-walk to the ferry and took the first ferry of-the-day to Mackinaw City. It was while we waited for Chuck to get the bus that we had the ‘terrible mayfly experience’. They were in swarms everywhere – they got in your hair, and were in your face – no way of escaping them. Thankfully, Chuck loaded us quickly and we were away from them. On the drive, Cathy had us stop at the Frankenmuth Bonner’s Christmas Wonderland. It is hard to vision a store that is 3 football fields long and that hosts millions of visitors each year. It is “Christmas – out-of-control”. Everything that anyone would want for Christmas is for sale. I was tempted, but didn’t buy anything. There was a 10-minute video of the family who started the store and I saw it with a few others. Very interesting – large family business, that, of course, started small. I was amazed to see an indoor waterpark attached to a nearby hotel. Actually, a very large glass house. Another one-of-those things that you have to see to believe.

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We stayed at the Merv Herzog (a famous musician) Hotel in Frankenmuth (Michigan’s little Bavaria). Cathy had arranged for the group to eat the famous fried chicken at Zehnder’s. It was an experience in itself – we had a side room and were told that the restaurant normally has a long waiting line. We were served ‘family style’ – dishes of food that you dip to your plate. It was absolutely wonderful and, again, I waddled away somehow. I was very concerned about all of the leftover food in the serving dishes – it seemed such a waste. The waitress told me that I shouldn’t worry about such things – I guess that she is used-to-it. More pictures —
We had a hot breakfast at the hotel. I hadn’t eaten oatmeal in a long time, but they had a crockpot full of it. We rode to Berea, Kentucky. Once there, Cathy had arranged for us to have a tour and learn about the town and college. The college received a grant of land and the town grew as a result of the college being there. The college has ‘no tuition’ – the students work and pay for their education. It began as a way to educate anyone in an era of segregation. We shopped at the Kentucky Artisan Center not far from the Boone Hall Tavern Hotel. The hotel is on the registry of historic hotels and is low-energy certified. It has been renovated and is very interesting. Cathy had arranged for our dinner-and-breakfast in the Bowling Dining Room near the registration desk. It was an outstanding meal. Of course, pictures tell the story where my words are unable to describe it —

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