2017-05-19 (Day 9/9) Trip to Michigan-Holland and Mackinac Island.

Our final day was mostly travel with a few rest stops. It was sad to end such a wonderful experience. We arrived back in Lawrenceville around 4:30PM. Cathy had ‘bus-games’ for us to enjoy on the last day. If you won the game, you received ‘bus bucks’. Near Atlanta, Cathy auctioned items that she had purchased for ‘bus bucks’. I bought some cherry preserves for thirteen-thousand bus-bucks. We also exchanged ‘gifts’ and I gave my roommate, Sue, some Michigan refrigerator magnets. (We drew names from a bag in the beginning of the trip.) I received a Holland coffee cup from Shirley.
One final comment about the trip. It was perfectly planned and executed by Cathy – with much help from Chuck. For those of us in the group, we were loaded/unloaded a few steps from the bus at every stop, and had every convenience that could be made. Our luggage was given to us at the hotel outside of our rooms and loaded from outside our door in the mornings. This was a truly ‘no-hassel’ trip and little money was spent after paying the tour director. It was wonderful.

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Post Script: I gained 3 pounds as it was too-hard for me to turn away from the food on the trip. I’m now trying to ‘budget calories’ better.
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