2017-08-01 ILChicago (for 2 weeks)

This is a blog about my travel. I like to take pictures and show others where I have visited. Because of the many pictures, it is best to use a desktop computer (rather than a mobile device) to view these posts. Note that because of the many pictures, it takes a long time for a page to load. I have ‘slow’ internet at home and when creating these pages, it also takes a long time for the pictures to upload to the server. I use wordpress software.  
Another note about the name of my blog. My Dad used to call me “Puddin” and I usually travel in a white, cargo van that I named “Vanna White”. I’ve been told that people are confused about my blog name and didn’t understand the background. (In my opinion, pudding is something that you eat. I spell my nickname “Puddin” to denote the southern slang of the word.)

I went to Chicago for 2 weeks to visit my younger son. I had a really good trip – but, alas, there was an ‘incident’ which I will explain after the pictures. The last time I visited him, Vanna White was impounded. Of course, I created a blog post about the details. (2014-10-07 post) For this trip, I decided to fly because of 2 reasons : (1) Since the van was impounded on the last trip and I didn’t pay the parking tickets that they mailed me, my license tag is probably on file with the police. Most cities now have car-tag scanners that link to information about you and I fear that they may want the money that they claim I owe. (2) I looked at the flights available and it only takes 2 hours to fly there. In addition, the gas that I would use would be more than the cost to fly. Using google maps, I can easily see that the trip is over 700 miles and will take over 11 hours driving. Consider the danger of driving that distance versus the risk of flying, I took the flight option. Note: In the future when Georgia changes the numbers on the car-license-tags, I may drive again. (My son often flies to Atlanta on Southwest Airlines and recommended that I use that airline. I left my house at 6:15AM in a taxi to get to the Dunwoody MARTA station. The flight left about 9:30AM and landed at Midway Airport. My return flight was at 6:30PM and I arrived home in a taxi from MARTA about 11:30PM.)

The blog pictures are in sections: (1) Downtown buildings that were near the West Wacker area, (2) Wisconsin State Fair, (3) Graceland Cemetary, and (4) food that we ate.

Downtown buildings —->

Wisconsin State Fair —> 

Graceland Cemetary —–>

Restaurants that we visited (and other food that we ate) —>

The ‘incident’ = We went to the Wisconsin State Fair on Saturday. My sons house is 3 stories high with a back, enclosed staircase. Before going to bed that night, I put some items that I often use on bedroom window-sill. About $14 in one-dollar bills, a few coins, my ladies handbag, and my waist-pouch containing my cellphone and credit cards. The bedroom was on the second floor and if you were to look through the window, you would see an outdoor storage room that was part of the back stairs. After getting out of the shower on Sunday morning, it was quite evident to me that the bedroom window into the storage closet had been opened. As my son and his wife lived on the third floor and I was the only one on the second floor, my first thought was “Why would my son open the bedroom window?” I looked closer and realized that the coin change that I had placed on the window-sill was there, but the dollar-bills that I had taken out of my pocket was NOT. I looked in my handbag and it seemed to have the billfold that was normally inside and I picked up my waist-pouch. It was not as heavy as I expected and I realized that my cell phone was missing. I went down the hall and loudly called my sons name. His wife was upstairs and called back to me that he had gone to get some breakfast. I yelled back that my cellphone was missing. She came downstairs and I told her that I had put it on the window-sill and the window was open after I returned to the room from taking a shower. She looked around the bed to make sure that I had not misplaced it and she went upstairs to get her cellphone. She used the app = “Find Friends” and on my name the indication that the ‘location was not available’ was displayed. She said, “Yep, it’s gone.” She had a friend who lost her cellphone and she knew that when phones are lost or stolen, the first thing that the thief may do is turn it off to not have location-services find it. She recommended that I use the app = “Lost Phone” to lock it. After the time of the detected theft and before my son returned home with breakfast, we heard the front door slam in the house. My son often opens the back door in the mornings and leaves it open for the fresh air. If you open the front door to let air flow faster, it will often slam shut with a wind shift. After the door slammed, there were many dogs in the neighborhood barking loudly and for a long time. We often heard one or two dogs bark, but there were more of them barking than I had previously heard. We suspect that the thief heard me talk with her about the missing cellphone and ran through the front-door and left it open. 
We went downstairs and I used my laptop to lock the phone (using iCloud.com app = “Find iPhone”, my appleid and password). My son returned and we talked about ‘the incident’ for a while. We believe that there was a thief who came into the house from the open back door. He/she came up the spiral staircase and looked for something to steal. When I was in the shower, they got my money and cellphone and was unable to get out of the backdoor. (It had a new deadbolt-type lock without a doorknob.) The thief was able to open the window and crawl into the storage room to escape detection inside of the house. The thief had moved his golf clubs in the storage room from the right of the window to the left of the window. I don’t know the other items stored there, but there were 2 items in large cases that were also moved slightly.
We had ‘activities’ planned for the day and proceeded with the them. While at an outdoor market, my son received a phone call. He answered and the person who called asked about my cellphone. I was not there for the conversation, but, I presume, he told them that it was stolen this morning and I put his cellphone for the number-to-call if it was found. The person said that my stolen cellphone had been found and was available for pick-up at the District 14 police station. I was VERY HAPPY! However, my son cautioned me that the person who called and claimed that they were the police may be a scammer. (Oh-No!) Well, we went to the police station and my cellphone was, in fact, recovered by the police! The officer who talked with us would not give us any information about the recovery – only that there were other items missing in the neighborhood and, someone had called, and they had a suspect in the interrogation room. (My cellphone was found in his/her pocket.) The officer said that my cellphone would have to be inventoried by the property office before it could be released. We waited about an hour and a half, and the police filled in the paperwork for me about it being lost – but, we were happy to have it recovered. (I had planned to use the Chicago Police website to file a report about a stolen cellphone, but – they found it before I had time to complete the report. Another comment: I should have called the police after discovering that the cellphone had been stolen, but my son and his wife thought that, probably, the police were more involved in serious crime and recommended using the website for the report at a later time.)

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