2017-10-02 trip from Atl,GA to Cherokee,NC (Harrah’s casino, by motorcoach)

2017-10-02_GALawrenceville(SrOnTheGoTours) (58)
2017-10-02_GALawrenceville(SrOnTheGoTours) (58)

I went with Seniors-On-The-Go-Travel on a motorcoach “day” trip. It is about 3 hours drive from my house, but since I was going with a group, I drove to Lawrenceville and the bus left about 8am. We stopped in Cornelia,GA for a McDonald’s breakfast and arrived at Harrah’s casino about 11:30. This was the first time that I had been with the group on a casino trip, and was amazed at how much the casino had changed since I last visited there about 15 years ago. I didn’t take many pictures because the windows of the motorcoach would distort the pictures. Also, in a previous casino, there was a strict rule of not taking pictures.

The size of the Cherokee hotel/casino/entertainment complex was much larger than I had previously seen. If the reader would like to see the casino area, then use Google.com and search for Harrah’s Cherokee Casino.
The bus entered the parking garage by the road shown on the fifth picture of the Google.com photos. We were both dropped-off and picked-up from the motorcoach entrance door. When we drove up, a Harrah’s employee had a mobile workstation and greeted us. One-by-one, he saw our drivers-license photo id with proof-of-age. (You needed to be 18, or maybe 21, to enter). After verifying our age, the employee scanned our ‘players-card’ and gave us a $20 voucher. I followed my seat-mate, Linda, to her favorite area. She told me about going with Cathy and the group for many years and that there are usually 3 trips a year. She searched for a particular machine and gave me a 3-minute lesson on inserting the players-card and using the voucher. She told me that when she first played,  she forgot to ‘cash-out’ when moving machines and essentially left money in the machine for the next player. After she showed me her favorite machine and technique, I sought my own machine. I found one where you can spend $.01 per spin and bet only $.01. (I’m a ‘big-time’ player!) I had expected to ‘loose money’, and I watched the counter decrease for quite a while. I noticed that I won more in the beginning, and near the end there was a lot fewer increases in my total. I knew to ‘cash-out’ when I wanted to take a break and wander around to find the food court. After getting something to eat, I tried to find the area that I had previously played in – I got LOST! The casino is really large and all
of the areas look the same. Before we got off the bus, the tour director told us to ask for the ‘motorcoach’ area if we got lost. Employees were serving beverages and I saw one and asked her. She told me the direction and I looked for signs.  I walked around a little, but never went outside. We were to return to Atlanta at 4pm, and I found a ‘waiting area’ near the
door. There were several tv-monitors near the door of the waiting area that displayed the motorcoach groups both arriving and leaving. I counted that 12 motorcoaches were on the displays and wondered if this was an good, bad, or average day for the casino?
We stopped on the return trip at a Racetrac gas station. They sold frozen yogurt and everybody enjoyed a break. Most people purchased some yogurt.
The bus ride back to Atlanta was easy for us who did not have to drive. Our tour-director has games that are interesting to play and that help pass-the-time.

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