2017-10-17 from Atlanta,GA to Copperhill,TN – (camping in Vanna White)

2017-10-17 from Atl,GA to Copperhill,TN (camping in Vanna White)
Copperhill is about a 2 hour drive and is north of Atlanta. The gathering is called SE (for Southeast), GTG (for Get-To-Gether) and there were about 23 people there for the week-end. I had previously camped with many of the people who attended. There were several new campers and one camper was on a ‘maiden voyage’. (There is always a discussion of ridding oneself of material possessions and going “on-the-road”. The van-lifestyle is one that several attendees have adopted. Anyone who would like to learn more about the ‘van-lifestyle’, please look at the website: CheapRVLiving.com.)

In previous blog entries, I have camped in this area and have posted pictures of camping. On this trip, I was very uncomfortable the first night. The temperature dropped into the high 30’s-degreesF. I was COLD! And I hated it. However, I had packed a lot of winter clothes and pulled them out to be warmer. After my first cold night, the weather gradually warmed and it was beautiful and sunny each day. The day after I returned home, there was rain in the area. (Note: the theory of living in a van is to “follow-the-weather”. I.E., when the weather gets either too hot or too cold, go somewhere with a moderate temperature.)

Our host, Cuz Dick, had plenty of wood and was generous to start a fire and keep us warm. (Cuz Dick picks the date and place of the gathering.) We had one attendee who had asked our ‘fix-it handyman’ to install a solar system for her. Another project involved making ‘barn doors’ for a wooden trailer and painting some of boards. Several of us walked down the gravel-roads and enjoyed the woods.

In the past, I’ve seen many butterflies in the area, but – on this trip, I only saw one butterfly. I thought that maybe it was warmer on previous trips and that the butterflies had died because of the colder weather, but – I’ve also heard that the butterfly population is declining due of the extensive use of pesticides.

Another camper has worked with 4-H groups and gave us each of us a bar-of-homemade-soap as well as a solid-hand-lotion-bar. She not only gave us samples, she demonstrated how to make each item. It took a long time for the melting of the ingredients and the knowledge of how to handle ‘lye’ for the soap, as well as knowledge of how the soap/lotion hardens quickly. After mixing the soap/lotion ingredients, she had to quickly pour it into molds. Fascinating. She explained the oils and ingredients used. She told me that to make lye, you take ashes from a fire and place them in a sieve. Then you slowly pour water over the ashes and collect it to make lye. I had never heard that before, but – I knew that ashes were somehow involved with the making of soap.

Around the campfire, we talk of many things. One of the campers said that they had studied the ’cause of cancer’. The thing that stuck with me was his statement that there are three “P’s” that you need to watch-out for: (1) Pesticides, (2) Preservatives, and (3) Plastic. I’ve read in the newspaper where biologists are finding micro-plastic in ocean water and are trying to trace the sources.

I ate lunch just before packing to leave. In my effort to gather all my items into the van, I forgot to pack my eating bowl, cup, and spoon. I hope to meet up with it at sometime “down the road”.  I wasn’t the only camper to forget to pack a personal item. David forgot his chair and flannel shirt. Linda sent us an unforgettable photo of our transgression. 

I hope that the readers of this blog enjoy the travels and will let me know their opinion of my sharing experiences with them.

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