2017-10-24 From Atl,GA to Highlands,NC (Daytrip on motorcoach)

2017-10-24 From Atl,GA to Highlands,NC (Daytrip on motorcoach)
I went with Seniors-On-The-Go-Travel on a motorcoach “day” trip. It is about 3 hours drive from my house, but since I was going with a group, I drove to Lawrenceville and the bus left about 8am.
Our first stop was in Dillard where we had a delicious brunch at the famous Dillard House Restaurant. As we neared the restaurant, the tour-director, Cathy, told us of the many people who had dined there. The food was superb – and, since they were expecting a bus loaded with hungry people, they were prepared for us. When we entered, the tables for the group were set with condiments and water. Our glasses were pint, canning jars. We immediately were served coffee and biscuits. Later, came gravy, eggs, bacon, sausage and juice. The biscuits were extra-hot and fluffy. (See ” DillardHouse.com ” website for more information.)

We boarded the bus and next departed for Highlands,NC after swaying along many mountain roads. It was a beautiful day, and was cooler in the higher elevation. We shopped in the many boutique stores and enjoyed the day. The time that we had there was wonderful. Many of the local residents brought their dogs shopping with them and we enjoyed both the scenery and ‘change-of-pace’ from the city. I bought a white, quartz, angel-shaped necklace ornament that I purchased from a rock-shop. I had to include the picture with this blog-entry.

We left about 2pm and stopped again at the Jaemor Farm Market. It is large, and filled with farm products and unique items-for-sale. I bought a quart of local honey. We arrived back in Lawrenceville a little ahead of time, but in the middle of heavy traffic. (Note: most everyone knows that heavy traffic is normal in Atlanta.) (See ” JaemorFarms.com ” website for more information.)

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