2017-11-01 to Biloxi,MS from Atlanta, GA (about a 5 hour drive)

2017-11-01 to Biloxi,MS from Atlanta, GA (about a 5 hour drive)

I went with Seniors On the Go Travel/Tours (see previous posts about the “bus group”) to Biloxi for 2 nights. We stayed at the Scarlet Pearl Casino and I ate too much good food at the buffet (and a wonderful breakfast). The Scarlet Pearl Casino/Hotel is a fairly new hotel and it is 3 miles inland from the beach.
We went to the nearby Beau Rivage Casino for a ‘day’. We left the Scarlet Pearl in the morning, spent from about 11 AMto 4PM at the Beau Rivage. My roommate and I walked on the beach for a while. There was a boardwalk that allowed access to the beach from the casino garage. The weather was grey sky and there was a slight breeze. Once we walked some, we had a little ‘glistening’ (southern slang for ‘sweat’) meaning that the temperature was moderate for winter. We had a wonderful lunch buffet at the ‘Beau’. There was a large selection and the casino/hotel was beautiful.
I played the casino machines for the amount of the voucher that we were given at both locations. It is accurate to say that “I’m not really a gambler”. I went on the trip to see the new casino and to just get-away for a while.

First, pictures of Beau Rivage … (click on a picture to make it larger)


Second, pictures of  Scarlet Pearl … (again, mouse click on a picture to make it larger.) 

On the return drive to Atlanta, our tour director had the bus driver stop at Priesters Pecans. It is a family-owned business with a well-stocked store. I bought a large bag of pecans that I shared with a family member. Also, I couldn’t resist buying a small ‘pecan-logroll’ like the ones that Stuckey’s used to sell. It was delicious.


More pictures … (again, mouse click on a picture to make it larger.) 

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