2018-05-05 GA,Gay Cotton Pickin’ Fair (1st week-end of May and Oct)

2018-05-05 Georgia, Gay (about 2 hours drive south of Atlanta, about 80 miles from my house)

2018-05-05_GAGay,CottonPickinFair_SeniorsOnTheGoTravel (2)
2018-05-05_GAGay,CottonPickinFair_SeniorsOnTheGoTravel (2)

I went to Gay, GA with Seniors-On-the-Go-Tours. The motorcoach bus left Lawrenceville about 8AM and we returned about 6PM.  It was a WONDERFUL Day at the “Fair”.  Gay Georgia is a very small town and the previous owner of a cotton gin processed materials in several buildings. Now, the buildings are not used for business, but the area hosts a twice-a-year “Fair”. There were around 350 vendors and it was great just looking at the booths and creativity. Some of the vendors did not encourage pictures of their wares, so I honor their creativity and won’t post them. The day was cool in the morning, and there were high clouds and a slight occasional breeze with rain in the next-day forecast. There were many spectators there and many choices of food available.  I listened to a bluegrass band for a while and stayed to enjoy the “Sharpsburg Line Dancers”.  Everything there was ‘rustic rural Georgia’.   (Mouse click on any picture to make it larger and then scroll left-or-right in  the middle left-or-right using the arrows to view more images. Use the right ‘x’ at the top right to quit the gallery viewing, or the <Esc> ‘Escape’ key on the top right of the keyboard.)

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