2018-05-20 Lake Lanier Islands – Northeast of Atlanta, about 40 miles and 45 minutes to drive

2018-05-20 Lake Lanier Islands – Northeast of Atlanta, about 40 miles and 45 minutes to drive


Lake Lanier is the nearest fresh-water, large lake to Atlanta. The Lake Lanier Ialands area is a luxury resort with camping, horseback riding, boat rentals, golf course, water park, and many other things. The water park used to be called something else, but – it has recently opened as “Margaritaville”. When I heard the name, I thought that a chain-type restaurant had opened with that name and didn’t realize that the name was “Margaritaville Fun Park”. (Basically, upgrade to the resort beach area.) Anyway, the week-end before Memorial Day Holiday week-end was ‘free’ to enter (from an article that I read in a newspaper). There is a guard gate at the resort with a sign that everyone must pay to enter the resort. I stopped and told the guard that I wanted to go to Margaritaville, and was allowed to pass since there was an advertisement that entrance was free for a few days. I have lived in Atlanta 26 years, and think that the only other time that I have visited the resort (in the summer) was about 20 years ago. I went camping with a group and we had a ticket to the beach as part of the camping fee. At that time, the only part of the water-park that I remember  was a concrete sidewalk near the lake beach and a bath house. Also, one rental place for chairs and umbrellas.  The beach area has now been expanded to include much more concrete, more sand, several different types of waterslides, a large screen for video and music, and more food concessions.  On the lake is a boating area and a blow-up water-toy that allows many people to play on. I didn’t have to pay a fee to walk around the area and take pictures. I had on street clothes and no intention of swimming. I’m sure that the area is PACKED on the week-ends. They even have a fee-schedule for people who attend after 4pm.

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I just wanted to look-around the area and have a light lunch at the restaurant. What I thought was a restaurant, is actually called Landshark ‘bar-and-grill’. I ate a chicken salad and piece of key lime pie. Both were very good. By the way, the ‘bar-and-grill’ does NOT have a restroom in the building. There is a nearby bathhouse up the hill or to the right of the entrance, a ‘restroom trailer’ that can be quickly visited.  Interesting place. 

Note: The large screen always has a video playing of something and about every third or fourth song is a Jimmy Buffet one. Also, the music is loud enough to be heard through the whole area. The ‘bar-and-grill’ also play every third or fourth video of a Jimmy Buffet song.  Also, note that I didn’t go under the road and through the tunnel to the other side. There is a large wave-pool and other commercial enterprises there. 

I also drove by the open-portion of the campground and took a couple of pictures. (There was a road with more campsites that had a closed gate across it.) The resort is hilly and campsites are in the woods overlooking the lake. They had electricity, picnic tables and, I presume, water. I did not investigate any bath-houses and did not see any. Maybe the campsites are intended for campers with their own bathrooms.

The weather has been hotter-than-normal so far this year.  On the day that I visited, I believe that the mid-afternoon temperature was around 80 degrees F.  It was hot enough to cause me to travel slow up and down the hills.  Many others were enjoying both the lake and the waterslides. It was definitely not too-cold to start the swimming season at the lake.
I hope that the blog-reader enjoys this post.

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