2018-05-22 to Mt. Pisgah Campground, NC – on the Blue Ridge Parkway (184 miles, 3.5 hour drive from Atlanta)


2018-05-22 I drove from Atlanta to Mt. Pisgah Campground on the Blue Ridge Parkway. (Distance 184 miles and about 3.5 hours without stopping. However, I did stop for some fast-food lunch and a break.) Mount Pisgah is near Canton, NC and the Google address of 408 Blue Ridge Parkway cannot be used with a Garmin GPS. When I first started with Garmin and the address wasn’t found and I knew that the Google address was wrong (or that Garmin depends on street address and the 408 number is the closest parkway mile marker). But, I decided to use Garmin to get near the campground, and then use iPhone maps for the remainder of the distance. I didn’t realize when I started the trip, that my cell phone battery was not charged completely and there could have been a big problem because I depended on it. Fortunately, the battery lasted until I turned into the campground entrance. I planned to stay with 2 women friends for 3 nights, and they arrived about an hour after I did. We had campsites that were very close and they told me that they planned to stay an extra night. Well, I decided that I enjoyed the campground so much, I would stay two extra nights. The rangers at the registration desk indicated that many campsites had been reserved for the upcoming holiday week-end.

One of my friends had bought food for cooking and enjoys food preparation. We had wonderful meals while camping – not the hamburger/hot-dog quick food. My friend who had previously camped in the area knew several hiking trails.

On the first day, we rode about 10 miles South on the Blue Ridge Parkway to a trailhead. We took a short hike and then visited the Mt. Pisgah Inn, giftshop and convenient store. The next day, my friends had seen a hiking trail that started at the campground registration area. I walked with them to the start and I returned back to camp. The following day, we had the same idea – they took a long hike around the area, and I took a short one. Our final night together, there was a larger threat of rain. We had several days of clouds and possibility of rain, but we no ‘real’ rain until my last day. Rather than cook outside and then pack, my friends suggested that we dine at the nearby restaurant, which we did.

When driving home, I decided to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway south to the beginning near Cherokee. It was a beautiful day and at times, I was driving through clouds. Note: Large RV’s cannot drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway because there are several tunnels that are too small for them. I did see an unfortunate RV owner with his RV on the side of the road near a tunnel and he was looking at his driving options. I’m certain that he had to turn around and not attempt going through the tunnel.

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