2018-10-31 Trip to Biloxi to Beau Rivage Casino – (Ending date 11-02)

Using Google-Maps, the trip from Atlanta, GA to Biloxi,MS is 387 miles.

I travelled with a motorcoach bus group called Seniors On the Go Travel. The owner is Cathy Stokes and the company website is named “Seniors On the Go Tours”.

Note: About a year ago, I went to Biloxi with this group and posted pictures of the trip on this website.

This is called a “Gambling Trip” since it was to a casino. BUT – I really don’t gamble. I just enjoy trips and the food is always awesome. My roommate is a gambler and I received some ‘house credit’ from Golden Nugget that I used in about 45 minutes at a machine. By the way, I really don’t consider myself a gambler (even though I ‘thought’ that I won some money at Keeneland Racetrack – see previous webpost). In a college “Probability and Statistics” math class, my professor told us that “SOMEONE had to pay for the machines, salaries, electricity, building, etc.” and cautioned the class that there is a large probability that you will lose. So, I decided that I would not tempt the probability odds. However, I REALLY LIKE the atmosphere and enjoy casinos. I had hoped to use my ‘house-credit’ at a video-poker machine. I couldn’t get one to work and asked for assistance. The employee told me that the ‘house credit’ would not work with video-poker. <Bummer!> I have a real affinity for wanting to learn more about winning video-poker. Years ago, the tv-show “60 Minutes” interviewed a video-poker expert. Her name was Jean Scott and I have the paperback book that she wrote. (It is called “The Frugal Gambler”.) She has strategies for winning and has gambled all over the world. She bought a condo in Las Vegas so that she could be nearer the action. She was a math teacher from the New England area and has good advice for winning. Specifically, I remember some high-level tips from the tv-show and her interview and book. (I plan to re-read the book soon.) The two top ones are (in my humble opinion):

(1) Watch someone at a machine and if they don’t win while playing after a while, then the machine has a higher probability of being near a payout. Play that machine.

(2) Always be alert when playing and don’t drink alcohol. The odds are slim for winning and alcohol will induce mistakes, which can be costly.

<Of course, NEVER gamble more than you can afford to loose.> 
We stayed 2 nights at the Beau Rivage, visited an aquarium on Thursday morning and the Golden Nugget Casino on Thursday afternoon. (As part of our trip, we received 2 breakfast vouchers at Beau Rivage and 1 buffet one. Also, we received $15 house-credit at the Golden Nugget. On “gambling trips” we had several bingo games on the bus and the winners receive lottery tickets. )

Hope that you enjoy the pictures: (A long time ago, I was told to not take pictures inside a casino. I didn’t take any pictures of the machines or people sitting at them.) 

<Click on a picture to enlarge it. Navigate forward and backward through the picture gallery using the left and right arrows in the middle of the picture. To end the gallery view and to return to the web-page, hit the “X” button on the top right of the picture, or the “Esc” (Escape) key on the top left of the keyboard.>

We had some bad-weather while on the trip. During the night of our arrival, a storm hit the area. The storm was predicted and our group had been scheduled to go on a boat ride. However, the boat captain called our tour-director and cancelled it. She had a “Plan B” activity for us. We visited the Ocean Adventures Aquarium in Gulfport. The website for it is: https://www.gulfcoast.org/listings/ocean-adventures-park-%26-center/4020/
It turned out that four school groups were scheduled for the day that we visited, however, the storm caused the groups to cancel and we had the place to ourselves (with a few other visitors). We enjoyed the dolphin show, petting the sting-rays, the trained seal and the parrot.

I have to add one last comment about my personality trait: “I HATE LOSING!” (especially hard-earned MONEY).  A member of our group won $1600 on the “Butterfly” machine next to the buffet restaurant. My roommate, liked and played the “Mustang” machine on the right of it for a while the night before the win. 

<<As always, any comments that you have about the website would be appreciated. I have another website. It is about my 1971 MGB (old English 2-seater convertible-top car). <Note: I sold the car in September.> The url address is : http://www.PuddinInTheMGB.wordpress.com
Additional note: Because the pictures take a long time to load, it is best to view these webpages using a desktop (in my opinion. Because the size of the pictures will be larger.) >>

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