2018-08-26 (Monday) AK, Denali - McKinley Chalet Resort - about 1AM(Page 3 of 3)

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In Page 1, I described the trip to Alaska with pictures from Anchorage and Denali (minus the two pictures of the Northern Lights that I will share here).

In Page 2, I described the trip to Alaska with pictures from the Cruise of the inside passage.

Now Page 3, will show the pictures that I took of the Northern Lights.

Living in Atlanta, I have never seen the northern lights. To many people who live in the northern sections of the United States, this is not a 'Big Deal'. However, somewhere in my mind, I decided that it was a "Big Deal" to me and I've always wanted to see them. I've seen many pictures of them and knew what to expect when they are available - I just really want to see them myself.

The McKinley Chalet Resort has a guest service that they will call when the northern lights are showing, if you want them to. I asked to be put on a list at the guest services desk and I received a call about 1AM. I had read that the northern lights are more often seen around the fall and spring depending on the solar wind and, of course - the weather (no cloud cover).

I've investigated websites that explain when there is higher probability of northern light activity and I had decided that it was 'not worth it' for me to make a separate trip to see them. However, I was in Alaska and the possibility of seeing them was available, so - I joined about 20 other people in the resort looking up to the sky in the early morning. The room area of the resort had lighting and someone in the group suggested that we move to the side of the rooms to get away from the street lights. I moved with the group and continued to look in the dark sky and have to admit that I didn't see anything. Someone pointed to the horizon and I looked, but saw nothing. I carry my camera almost everywhere and had heard from someone that you can often see on a picture the light that is hard for your eyes to detect. So-o-o, I took a picture of the horizon. I slowly returned to my room and continued to look at the sky. I thought that I saw a sliver of green light above the horizon similar to what I had seen in pictures. It only appeared a few seconds. I had my camera in my hand and decided to take another picture. I returned to the room and looked at the pictures that I had taken, but saw nothing but black. I had wanted the experience of seeing the northern lights and now I had had the experience.

When I returned home, I downloaded all of my Alaska pictures to my desktop computer in preparation for updating the 'travel-blog' that you are reading. Much to my amazement, when I looked at the black pictures using the desktop, in the first picture, a green haze appeared on top of the visible mountains. I was really surprised.

Next, I looked at the second picture and realized that I was able to see the green sliver-of-light in the sky from the opposite horizon of the first picture. I was amazed again. I had seen only a second of the light while viewing, but I had captured 2 pictures of what my eye didn't see.

Hope that you enjoy the pictures .. Look closely at the horizon - (I only took two of the sky, but am really happy that I was able to see something from the picture.)




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