2018-12-10 SC, Myrtle Beach (Seniors-On-the-Go-Tours)

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I rode in a motorcoach bus to Myrtle Beach with Seniors-On-The-Go-Travel. We stayed at the Bay Watch Resort. After the day of travel, we enjoyed a wonderful meal at Benjamin's Seafood. They had an outstanding selection of food and great service. The next day, we went to Brookgreen Gardens and toured the art. They had impressive statues, fountains and a luminary show at night on the week-end. We enjoyed the tour and the chilly weather. We attended a Carolina Opry Christmas show which was very entertaining. We also enjoyed the Alabama Theater Christmas Show and the Pirate Theater show. Several of us shopped at the outdoor mall. Hope that you enjoy the pictures.


Brookgreen Gardens


Brookgreen Gardens


Beach Sign


Benjamines Seafood


Baywatch Resort


Alabama Theater


Brookgreen Gardens


Carolina Opry


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