2020-04-12 No Trip - and No Pictures === Just a webpost

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No pictures - No trip - Just a webpost.


During this Coronavirus-Pandemic-Quarantine, I am unable to travel. I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter.

======================== Another Post +++ (Vanna-White "Wreck" picture) ====================================

Addendum: on 2020-04-15, I drove Vanna-White to a park where there are glass recycling bins. I had to park with the front of the van to the end of the large-metal-bins. I use 5-gallon-buckets for my recycle material and I unloaded the buckets in the bins and returned to the van. There were parallel-type parking spots on the left and right of the bins. Many cars and city truck vehicles were in the parking spots so I decided that it was best to back-up the van in a straight line to tne end of the parking area and then turn into the driveway into the recycle lot. As I was slowly backing up and looking in my rear mirror, halfway down the parking area on the drivers side of the van, a car didn't see me (or maybe the driver didn't look) and he backed into my van. I WAS SHOCKED. At first, I thought that I had misjudged my straight-line reverse drive. (It really is hard to back-up the van as there are no side windows and there is a good bit of guess-work involved.) I stopped and got out and the other driver pulled back into his parking spot and got out. We both looked at our damage. He was clearly wrong and there wasn't much damage to my van. He saw where his car rear-light-red-plastic (driver-side) was broken and he said, to 'not worry about it'. (I wondered if the back-light damage was from a previous 'mishap'.) I took a picture of him but don't think that he saw me take it as he was looking down at his broken tail-light. I said "OK" and returned to the van and left. After I returned home, I took a picture of where he hit the van and will let you see the damage ...

2020-06-20 Addendum update: I washed the van today and the marks on the drivers side did not wash off.

VannaWhite Damage From Wreck in Parking Lot


I learned something new today that I wanted to share... Ever heard the word coddiwomple? I had not heard it either. Here is the definition: Coddiwomple (v): To travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.


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