2021-04-13 to 2021-04-25 from Georgia,Atlanta to Alabama,Stevenson

It is about a three hour drive to the camp.

In the past several years, a van-camping group that I joined, goes to Stevenson,Alabama for two weeks during the middle two-weeks of April. It ia a time-of-year where spring is around the corner and we are able to watch nature in all its splendor. A couple of nights were cold, but during the day, the warming sun felt wonderful and I sat outside to soak-it-up. A week later, my arms had peeling skin because I was slightly sun-burned.

I had a wonderful time and got to see many people who I have previously camped with and, of course, got to meet several new campers. We had a wonderful time eating, talking, and watching the butterflies fly across the green field.

I learned from a fellow-camper that the field where we camp had special ground preparation whereby rock is mixed with soil and that makes for a hard ground. We are able to park vehicles anywhere on the field. One day, we had a strong wind and we moved a van and camper to block it near the firepit.

Also, we walked around the area some and watched the fishermen. One fisherman gave us a large fish and a member of the group later prepared it.

My younger son needed hip surgery and let me borrow his Roadtrek while he was recovering after the surgery. I really enjoyed using it because camping was much more convenient.

I decided to show only a few pictures since I've previously been to this location.

Group Around Campfire


Beautiful Sunset


Shelter From The Wind


Barge on Tennessee River Just After Sunset


Fisherman at Sunset


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