2021-04-27 From GA,Atlanta to FL,CapeCoral

It is about 600 miles on I-75 South to drive to Cape Coral, Florida. It takes about 9 hours to drive.

My younger son let me borrow his Roadtrek and I drove to Cape Coral, Florida to visit friends who moved there from Atlanta about six years ago. I had a wonderful time learning about a 'laid-back' lifestyle there because the friends who I visited were from the Atlanta Parrothead club and we all enjoy Jimmy Buffet music. We visited several tiki-bars and tourist attractions. It was hot there because the weather in southern Florida is hotter than almost anywhere else in the US, but the warm temperatures made for some great swimming weather.

When I went to Texas with the Seniors-on-the-Go group, we stopped at a Buc'ees gas station. A new one has opened near Warner Robbins and I stopped there for gas, food, and to go to the bathroom. I also returned to it to get gas on the return trip. It was a Sunday afternoon and very busy. In retrospect, it was good that I returned to Atlanta when I did, because in the next few days, gas-shortages occurred because of the Colonial Pipeline ransome cyber-attack and shutdown.

Friends in Swimming Pool FLCapeCoral
GAWarnerRobbins Bucees Gas Stop FLCapeCoral
Nauti Parrot Restaurant with friends FLCapeCoral
Backstreet Restaurant FLCapeCoral
Berts Bar Restaurant on Water FLCapeCoral
Wicked Dolphin Distillery tour FLCapeCoral
Tiki Bar hangout FLCapeCoral


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