2021-05-21 to 2021-05-23 from Georgia,Atlanta to Tennessee,Cades Cove

It is about a four hour drive and 200 miles driving north of Atlanta to Townsend.

I have a friend who invited me and another to celebrate her birthday at Cades Cove Campground outside of Townsend TN. Our 'grand plan' was to caravan since we had recently had a gas shortage due to a ransomware cyber attack on Colonial Pipeline. I met my friends in Marietta and we charted a route from there. Shortly after leaving, there was heavy traffic at a stop light and I lost track of my friends. I continued to drive on the route and didn't see them again until I arrived at the campground parking lot. I know that if either of us had car trouble on the way, we could call each other for help but - the route leaving Ducktown was mountainous and I wasn't sure that the cell signal was very good in that area. Anyway, it was good that no one had trouble and our travel was uneventful. I enjoyed the scenery and the drive, but kept wishing we didn't have to drive that far for only being there two nights.

My friends had tents and we had planned on the food to bring and split the items. We had GREAT weather - really -- it could be described as PERFECT! The campground was full as it was the week-end before Memorial Day. I spent our 'non-travel' day reading at the campsite. My friends went out to hike a local trail and expected to be gone only a short while. They encountered a traffic jam because there were bears and the tourists stopped to take pictures and watch them. We celebrated my friends birthday after Saturday dinner. I hate to report that I can't find the pictures that I took. I had some pictures from one of my friends and will post them. It was a very nice trip and I regret that I can't find my pictures. We left on Sunday at campground checkout time. Once again, we intended on using caravan-style travel, but I lost my friends car in the traffic in Townsend and didn't see them again. Fortunately, there wasn't a need to follow each other as neither of us had mechanical issues. The mountains were beautiful.

CadesCove View of Mountains


CadesCove White Church



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