2021-12-31 GA,Atlanta Halloween

I confess that I really don't like Halloween. (It's just another silly American day for the retail industry to sell you things that you don't need and make them money.) However, I did attend a neighborhood gathering and it was extremely fun. Maybe I'll have to change my mind about the celebration of weird things including death.

It is very fitting that this Halloween post comes after the post of me attending a funeral. Maybe I needed the day to help me recover from loosing a wonderful person in this world. (See previous post if you missed it.)

This post is just to tell the world how nice it is to be 'almost' post-covid and able to meet with others and have fun.


********************* BOO! *****************************


The most awesome neighborhood gang that ever existed. (You are GREAT guys!)


This one is filed under the folder - 'weird costumes'. The red tip is a devil's pitchfork.



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