RubiksCube_Solution(Booklet-exerpt) 11 pages that were xeroxed over 30 years ago


While working in Charleston, SC, I had a friend with teenagers who were learning to solve the Rubik's Cube. She let me borrow her pamphlet/booklet during a Christmas party and I xeroxed the 'important' pages of it. Now, I am retired and have a lot of time. I've found that learned skills will not be retained unless they are used. (Like muscles need to be used.)

2024-05-22_UPDATE: There is an app that my granddaughter uses to solve the cube in about 3 minutes. Her app is called "Quick Solve".

Keep in mind that there are many solutions to puzzles and using this booklet solution was the one that I learned many years ago. Now, there are several videos on the internet that may provide good solutions too. (Many of them are on youtube.

Well, we have computers now. I also scanned it and decided to put the information on the internet. I can email the URL (internet-address) link if you let me know that you would like the solution booklet that I have scanned.

Final comment: The solution booklet that I copied has 11 'important' pages. The solution is to put one layer at-a-time in order and there is a 'process' as described in the booklet. In my opinion, it is best to skip to page 11 and start with the First-Steps-to-a-Solution. Feel free to ask me any questions that you may have. Learning to solve the cube is both challenging and fun. It requires time and concentration. Good luck. (The booklet was black-and-white print and I have written some notes on it. The actual solution starts on page 11.)

NOTE: To make the pictures larger using a computer, hit the ((Ctrl) key--left and right bottom of keyboard) - and the ((+)=top right above equals sign) key at the same time

_Page 7 is the beginning of the part that I xeroxed_


_Page 9_


_Page 11_ In my opinion, it is best to skip the first two pages and start here.


_Page 13_ (a continuation of the first step)


_Page 15_ First-Layer Edge Cubes and the meaning of clockwise


_Page 17_ The First-Layer Corner Cubes


_Page 19_ Interlude (My opinion, a lot of empty white-space.)


_Page 21_ A Better way of Describing Moves - using a shorter-notation for the rest of the booklet


_Page 23_ The Midde-Layer


_Page 25_ The Last-Layer (Note: First, you move the colors to the proper location.


_Page 27_ Edge-Flips and Corner-Twirls (Note: I suggest that you write-down the color that you are changing.)


_Page 29_ Last page



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