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In a search for my ancestors, I found some information that I wanted to share.

The information on this webpage is about the Williams Family Ancestry. My base of information of the Williams family comes from

Below is an excerpt from website: dated 2015-04-12
John Williams b.1645 in either Gloustershire, England or Northern Wales (Note: his parentage is unknown.}
His father's name was probably either William or Thomas.
He had kinsmen named Thomas Williams, and perhaps another named Lewis Williams (as well as others}.
It is probable that John Williams had knowledge of relatives in Virginia and that could have been one of the reasons he chose Virginia, rather than the wealthier colonies in the British West Indies.
Around 1640, King Charles I of England actively persecuted nonconforming churches. His actions drove near 3000 Puritans out of England to establish homes in the wilderness of New England.
English government was in turmoil, the king government was replaced with a commonwealth form of government with Cromwell as protectorage - he was essentially a dictator.
John Williams, Sr was able to sign his own signature and was probably apprenticed out to learn a trade. His eldest son, John Williams Jr. was a weaver and that trade was perhaps the same skill 
that John Williams Sr. was taught. Most boys were apprenticed to a master until they reached 18 years old. 
By the time that John Williams was a young man of 18 [1663], his prospects of financial success was dim. The Bubonic Plague broke out in 1665 and in 1666, the Great London Fire ravaged the city.
In less that six weeks after the Great Fire of London, John Williams headed for America and was bound for Virginia. 
Bristol was the seaport where many emigrants left England. John Williams was only of of ten thousands to leave. 
There were brokers who signed people to contracts who were willing to work after leaving Great Britain. This contract was called an Indenture.
The Virginia Colonial Assembly had passed a law giving each new immigrant a 'headright' grant of fifty acres. There was a requirement that one had to get there and stay there three years. 
At 6-pounds cost, the fare to Virginia was more than most working people made in six months to a year. 
The Virginia Colony needed laborers to clear the land, plant crops and help fight the Indians. 
John Williams decided to sign a contract of indenture to Captain William Butler of Surry County,VA. 
Two other young men, John Moor [Moore] and Rowland Pitt, also signed an indenture to Captain Butler for four years each.
These three continued to be friends in VA once their indenture contract was fulfilled.
They settled as neighbors in Surry County and in Isle of Wight. Two of their children, John Williams Jr. and Ann Moore even married and
they shared grandchildren. 

John Williams brother Lewis Williams probably lived in Surry County,VA and died in 1678. 

John Moor has land records that showed is was called a 'shoemaker'.   
Another indentured servant, Nicholas Sessums sailed for the new land and had a daughter who married Lewis Williams son, William Williams. 
Some of Sessums descendants followed the Williams family to the Cashia River area of NC. 
Surry County was sparsely settled when John Williams arrived, probably in early 1667. 
The story from the blog indicates that he married around 1671 to Anne [Vasser] who was probably the daughter of a nearby settler of Lawnes Creek area. 
John Williams b.1645 d.~1692(age47} (John Williams Sr. probably died in his 40's because he worked so hard all of his life.}
In 1678, John Williams Sr. received a land patent of 925 acres in Isle of Wight County. 
Over the next four year, he purchased with his brother, Thomas, a 400 acre tract on Jenkin's Swamp  ~2 miles south of his 1678 patent. 
This deed is the first evidence that John Williams had a kinsman in VA.

--- (ancestor: 1JohnSr)  
{G1} John Williams Sr.     [He made out his will on 09Mar1692, SurryCo tithing recorded was 10Jun1692.]
     {G1_Wife} Anne (Vasser) Williams, d.>21Sep1718 
{G1-1/JWSr&AVW} Anne Williams, b.~1671,before1675 d.beforeMar1692(age about17), Isle of Wight Co,VA 
{G1-2/JWSr&AVW} John Williams, Jr.  b.~1671,before1675  m. Ann (Parnell) Williams  (Probably died Jul1692 in Lower Parish, Isle of Wight} 
{G1-3/JWSr&AVW} Elizabeth Williams,  b.~1671,before1675 (probably married Thomas Wright Jr. before 1693 or, more likely, before Mar1692}
{G1-4/JWSr&AVW} William Williams, b.~1677
{G1-5/JWSr&AVW} Thomas Williams, b.~1681
{G1-6/JWSr&AVW} Mary Williams, b.~1679
{G1-7/JWSr&AVW} Nicholas Williams, b.~1683
{G1-8/JWSr&AVW} Richard Williams, b.~1689;d.1738(age49)
{G1-9/JWSr&AVW} Jane Williams, b.~1687  (maybe married Daniel Long Jr.)
{G1-10/JWSr&AVW} Theopilus Williams, b.~1691;d.about 1693(age2} (May have died of measles outbreak in colony.)
Theopilus Note:Theophilus Williams was an infant maybe under 2 years old when his father died in 1692. John Williams Sr. left to him “the manor plantation” after his mother Anne Williams passed away. The “said manor plantation is do descend to my youngest sonn Theophilus Williams and the hyres of his body truely begotten and in case John Williams wishes to take manor plantation then Theophilus to enjoy the plantation in Surry County that John Williams is now seated containing one hundred and fifty acres.” 
When his mother made a deed of gift to her children in 1694 upon her impending marriage to Arnold Shumacke, Theophilus Williams is not mentioned. It is presumed that this child died prior to April 1694. His oldest brother John Williams Jr named his second son Theophilus probably in honor of the memory of this child. I suspect that he was buried next to his father on the "manor plantation" at the head of Burgh's Swamp.  The name Theophilus suggests that his mother was at least a Quaker as the Quakers often named children after figures in the New Testament as opposed Puritans and Anglicans. 

--- (ancestor: 2JohnJr/1JohnSr)
{G1-2/JWSr&AB} John Williams Jr.,  b.after1671,before1675  20Oct1719, John Williams Jr. witnessed a land deed between John Britt of Meherring,NC and Hugh Brecy [Bressie] Jr. ; He was going back and forth between NC and VA. 
    {G1-2_Wife} Anne (Williams) Browne, b.~1672 SurryCo,VA;m. John Browne Jr.b.about 1685; d.beforeMar1692,Isle of Wight Co,VA
{G2-2A/JW&AB} Anne Browne, b.~1679,d.about 1752; m.Daniel Cameron, in NCBertie Co. 
{G2-2B/JW&AB} Bridgett Browne, b.~1689 (Possibly named for John Brownes mother}; m.John Rasbuary b.~1680-85,d.~1749-50(age70) will dated 11Sep1749; 
{G2-2C/JW&AB} Mary Browne, b.~1690, d.about 1721(age31). (She may have never married.)
{G2-2D/JW&AB} Jane Williams, b.~1682 (no record of her marrying, fate unknown)

--- (ancestor: (2Bridgett/1JohnSr)
{G2-1B/AW&JB} Bridgett Browne, b.1688,d.>1749
    {G2-1B_Husband} John Rasbuary, b.1680/85,d.1749/50 (hatmaker) W side of Blackwater River , N of Franklin in Southampton Co
{G3-1B1/BB&JR} William Rasbuary   
{G3-1B2/BB&JR} Thomas Yaets 
{G3-1B3/BB&JR} Arthur Pinner 
{G3-1B4/BB&JR} Rebekah Pinner
{G3-1B5/BB&JR} Bridgit Yaits
{G3-1B6/BB&JR} Elizabeth Williams
{G3-1B7/BB&JR} Ann Beveler
{G3-1B8/BB&JR} Mary Unkers
{G3-1B9/BB&JR} Christian Loid
{G3-1B10/BB&JR} John Rasbuary
{Grandchild1B} John Rasbuary
{GrandDaughter1B} Mary Nicholes Rasbuary (daughter of Christian Rasbuary)

--- (ancestor: 2JohnJr/1JohnSr)
{G1-2/JWSr&AVW?/JW&AMoore} John Williams Jr., 1673-1758(age85); Cashy,Bertie Co.NC
    {G1-2_Wife/JW&AMoore} Anne Moore 
{G2-2A/JW&AMoore} John Williams III
{G2-2B/JW&AMoore} Theopilus Williams
{G2-2C/JW&AMoore} James Williams
{G2-2D/JW&AMoore} Sarah Castellaw
{G2-2E/JW&AMoore} Anne Herring
{G2-2F/JW&AMoore} Mary Herring
{G2-2G/JW&AMoore} Isaac Williams
{G2-2H/JW&AMoore} Arthur Williams 

--- (ancestor: 2William/1JohnSr)
{G1-4} William Williams, b.~1677,d.~1712(age35) in Chowan Co,NC. m.Mary Moore b.~1680 daughter of George Moore Esq.{Judge) and Mary Barcroft of Surry Co,VA.
    {G1-4_Wife} Mary (Moore) Williams,        planter in Nottoway Basin,Isle of Wight (W of Main Blackwater}  between Feb1709andDec1711, relocated family to Chowan Co in Albemarle Princinct - probably because wanted Quaker government
{G2-4A/WW&MM} John Williams, b.1698,d.1754(age56)
{G2-4B/WW&MM} (Captain) Samuel Williams, b.1698, d.1754(age56), Edgecomb County - son=William Williams, Solomon Williams. Grandson Samuel Williams
{G2-4C/WW&MM} Stephen 'Steve' Williams, b.~1702, Probably lived in Chowan Co, may have died without heirs
daughters - unknown, unnamed in will (married 11 years)

--- (ancestor: 2Samuel/1JohnSr)
{G1-4B_WW&MM} Samuel Williams Sr. 
    {G1-4B_Wife} Elizabeth (Williams) Bart, married later Richard Burt (1724-1805)
{G2-4B1/SWSr&EW} William Williams,  m. Elizabeth Whitmell
{G2-4B2/SWSr&EW} Solomon Williams,  m. Temperance Boddie
{G2-4B3/SWSr&EW} Samuel Williams Jr.,  wife_Creese, a slave (common law)
{G2-4B4/SWSr&EW} Joseph John Williams,  m. Rosanna Conner
{G2-4B5/SWSr&EW} Elizabeth Williams, died young

{G3-4CA} Preston L. Williams, b.1835,d.1902(age67) m.Allen Harter's sister Milly J. Harter ~Apr1851 
          09Feb1869 Preston L. Williams sold land to M.J.Williams (however, Preston also had a brother named Martin Williams) 

{G3-4C1/SW&xx} Marmaduke Williams, son of Stephen Williams, b.1754 in Onslow Co., d.10Jul1825(age71) in SCBarnwellDist
     {G3-4C1_Wife} Mary (MaidenNameUnknown), d.after 16Sep1829
{G3-4C1A/MW&Mx} Stephen Williams, m.Sarah H. Loper
{G3-4C1A/MW&Mx} John 'Marmaduke' Williams, b. 1802,d.1870(age68), m.Catherine (Mayer), May1776-deed from Susannah Burnett of BertieCo,NC to grandson, Marmaduke. Feb1780, sold inheritance in Bertie Co to Ezekiel Wimberly. 1790 census, listed in Cheraw Dist,SC. 1800 census, listed in Darlington Dist. 
                1776 NCBertieCo, Susannah Burnette deed to grandson, Marmaduke. Feb1780, he sold this inheritance to Ezekiel Wimberly. 1790 Census, Marmaduke is listed in SCCherawDistrict, 1800-in SCDarlingtonDistrict.
                1816 bought land from Kellis Halford for $1, in 1819-he sold 107 acres land to his son Stephen Williams on Miller Swamp adjoining Henry All and Sister Ferry Rd. This land was first bought from Willis Knight and surveyed by James Thurston. 
                12Sep1818, Stephen Roberts sold 150 acres for $150 to Marmaduke Williams at Miller Swamp. Marmaduke Williams was the son of Stephen Williams and the grandsson of Susannah Burnett of Duplin Co,NC 
                On 9Nov1824-sold to his son John Williams 334 acres for $500. These lands were first bought from Willis Knight and were located on Millers Swamp adjoining John Deer and Cornelius Carr. Lands were NE of Allendale, towards the community of Ulmer. Witnesses were son-in-law John Mayer and William Register.
{G3-4C1A/MW&Mx} Britton Williams,      
{G3-4C1A/MW&Mx} Mary (Williams) Mayer, b.Feb1800, d.13Oct1843(age43), m.John A. Mayer

--- Nicholas/John
{G1-7/JWSr&AVW} Nicholas Williams Sr., b.~1686, d.18Aug1749(age63); from father inherited 150 acres in Surry Co; as Quakers frown on marrying outside of the faith, Nicholas may have become a Quaker also
    {G1-7_Wife} Anne (Lewis) Williams, m.24Feb1704/05 (~18/19 years old), d.15Oct1760(age70); daughter of Richard Lewis who left his will in 1692. Probably he was a Quaker.   
                                                       Richard Lewis of Lower Parish made out his will 13Dec1691 which was recorded 26Mar1692 in Isle of Wight Co
                                                       wife-Sarah - must have been ill when he died as non of his children were left to her care
                                                       she may have been his second wife as that his oldest son would have been born by 1677 
                                                       Son-Richard Lewis Jr was of age by 1698 [21 years 1677] when he was one of the witnesses to the will of Thomas Moore
                                                       Richard Lewis does mention an unborn child, so his wife Sara was pregnant at the time of his death
                                                       children=Richard Lewis Jr, Thomas Lewis, Anne Lewis, Elizabeth Lewis and the unborn child. 
{G2-7A/NWSr&AL} William Williams, b.18Dec1794, d.15Sep1775 in Brunswick Co, VA
{G2-7A/NWSr&AL} Nicholas Williams Jr. (Captain), b.04Feb1708/7; d.1791(age83) 
{G2-7B/NWSr&AL} Jacob Williams, b.24Jan1707/8; d.18Aug1769(age62) in Southampton Co,VA
{G2-7C/NWSr&AL} Jonah Williams, b.21Apr1711; d.09May1771(age60); m. Martha Eley
{G2-7D/NWSr&AL} Lazarus Williams, b.09Mar1718/19; d.17Jan1787(age69) in Lunenberg, VA
{G2-7E/NWSr&AL} Richard Williams, b.11Mar1716/17; d.01Dec1769(age53) in Lunenberg,VA
{G2-7F/NWSr&AL} Benjamin Williams, b. 30Dec1726; d.12Jun1787(age61) in Onslow Co, NC
{G2-7G/NWSr&AL} Patience Williams, b.21Jan1712/13; d.12Sep1773(age61)
{G2-7H/NWSr&AL} Sarah Williams, b.15Nov1723; d.02Apr1772(age49) in Southampton Co, VA
{G2-7A/NWSr&AL} Mary Williams,  b.15Nov1723; d.01Oct1770(age47) 

--- Richard/John
{G1-8/JWSr&AVW} Richard Williams (Captain), b.1689;d.1738(age49} in Isle of Wight Co,VA
              13Nov1713-acquired 400 acres in Nottoway Basin-called Littletown; 22Aug1719 nephews John & Stephen sold to their uncle, land that was one part of a patent granted to William Williams 28Oct1702
              1704 he was deeded his first tract of land, from William Williams, who cah be identified as his brother
    {G1-8_Wife} Sarah (Vasser) Williams-second cousin (daughter of John Vasser, the son of Peter Vasser who died in 1736}
                              John Vasser's will was recorded 23Aug1736. Legatees-son Nathan,daughter Sarah, daughter Elizabeth, granddaughter-Sarah Vasser, wife Margaret
               married approximately 25 years and had at least 7 children
{G2-8A/RW&SV} Daniel Williams,  (ca. 1716-after 1755(age39)) not much known
{G2-8B/RW&SV} Elisha Williams,  (1718-1755(age37)) died without issue in Edgecombe Co,NC Signed will on 12Aug1751; probated Feb 1755.  
{G2-8C/RW&SV} George Williams, (ca.1730-after1757(age27)) lived in Northampton Co near his brother Daniel Williams between Buckhorn Swamp and Meherrin River. land - to John Oney dated 9Aug1757 - 100 acres on the west side of the Maherrin River adjacent Epaphroditus Williams, Luch Clifton, Rose Path Branch and Little Swamp}
{G2-8D/RWandSV} Joshua Williams 
will had the following:
{G2-8E/RW&SV} John Williams, b.1714;d.1738(age24);d.before Sarah Williams died and had son named Richard
{G2-8F/RW&SV} Solomon Williams
{G2-8G/RW&SV} Matthew Williams, (ca. 1724-1750(age26)) died intestate in Southampton Co, VA in 1750
{G2-8H/RW&SV} Mary (Williams) Carr
{G2-8I/RW&SV} Elizabeth Williams, (ca.1728-1758(age30)) m. John Daughtry ~Mar1750 (ca.1700-1754} (son of William Daughtry and Priscilla Whifield)

{G2-8D/RW&SV} Joshua Williams (ca. 1720-1761(age41)) his will was in Halifax Co. ,NC in 1761
     {G2-8D_Wife} Sarah x-MaidenNameUnknown
{G3-8D1/JoshuaW&Sx} Thomas Williams
{G3-8D2/JoshuaW&Sx} Elisha Williams
{G3-8D3/JoshuaW&Sx} Temperance Williams
{G3-8D4/JoshuaW&Sx} Sarah Williams

{G2-8E/RW&SV} John Williams, (ca. 1714-1738(age24)) Isle of Wight Co shortly after his father made his will.signed his will on 21Nov1737, probated 27Feb1737
     {G2-8E_Wife} Sarah x-MaidenNameUnknown     
{G3-8E1/JW&Sx} Richard Williams
{G3-8E2/JW&Sx} Elizabeth Williams

{G2-8F/RW&SV} Solomon Williams, (ca. 1726-1770(age44)); signed will in Halifax,Co.NC on 15Aug1770-probated Nov1770 
     {G2-8F_Wife} Elizabeth (possibly a Lawrence)   the descendants of Coloman Williams are in Georgia Colony in 1770's
{G2-8F1/SW&EL} Charles Williams
{G2-8F2/SW&EL} Elisha Williams
{G2-8F3/SW&EL} Lydia Williams
{G2-8F4/SW&EL} Menia Williams
{G2-8F5/SW&EL} Lucy Williams
{G2-8F6/SW&EL} Sarah Williams
{G2-8F7/SW&EL} Elizabeth Williams
{G2-8F8/SW&EL} Jemima Williams
{G2-8F9/SW&EL} Lawrence Williams

{G2-8H}RW&SV} Mary (Williams) Carr, (ca. 1722-after 1773(age51)) 
    {G2-8H_Husband} Robert Carr III (ca.1715-1773(age58)) (married by 1750) (son of Robert Carr II and Miss Lawrence)
{G3-8H1/RC&MW} Robert Carr IV,  m.Elizabeth Vasser (daughter of Nathan Vasser)
{G3-8H2/RC&MW} Matthew Carr, m.Elizabeth Wilkinson
{G3-8H3/RC&MW} Joshua Carr,  m.Mollie Applewhite (daughter of Arthur Applewhite)  
{G3-8H4/RC&MW} Elizabeth Carr, m.George Williams
{G3-8H3/RC&MW} Martha Carr
{G3-8H3/RC&MW} Lydia Carr
{G3-8H3/RC&MW} Mary Carr, d.1787,m.Benjamin Williams  

-------------------------------------------Thomas - brother of John----------------------------------------------------------------------------
***Children are "T" for "Thomas"
{TG1} JohnWilliamsSrBro=Thomas Williams Sr., Died  ~1693. 1 brother of John, married Mary Parnell, Thomas Parnell's sister. 
     {TG1_Wife}JohnWilliamsSrBroWife=Mary (Parnell) Williams recorded the estate of her late husband 09Oct1693.
{TG1-1/TWSr&MP} John Williams, b.1680
{TG1-2/TWSr&MP} Sarah Williams, (she may have died between  1687 and 1693)
{TG1-3/TWSr&MP} Richard Williams, b.~1682
{TG1-4/TWSr&MP} Thomas Williams Jr., b.~1684
{TG1-5/TWSr&MP} Arthur Williams, b.~1686
{tG1-6/TWSr&MP} Mary Williams, b.~1688
{TG1-7/TWSr&MP} Ann Williams, b.~1690

--- Elizabeth/Thomas1
{G1-3} Thomas Wright Sr., b.~1645. oldest sis was Ann Wright was married 4 times and had children by all of her marriages.)   
    {G1-3_Wife} Elizabeth (Williams) Wright b.~1675 probably in Surry Co,VA; m. Thomas Wright Jr.(more than age45,Quaker) ~1690-91(age~15}; d.After1701   she may have remarried to John Daniels
{G2-3A/TWSr&EW} John Wright, b.~1690,d.about 1757;m.Juliana Williams, sister to Epaphroditus Williams. 
{G2-3B/TWSr&EW} James Wright, b.~1693,d.about 1762;m.Martha LastNameUnknown, had son, John Wright and daughter,Mary Wright
{G2-3C/TWSr&EW} Thomas Wright Jr., b.~1695, will 1718; May have married Hannah Pinner, daughter of Thomas Pinner. Grandsons Joseph and Henry Wright 1741
{G2-3D/TWSr&EW}Joseph Wright, b.~1697,d.about 1745 Isle of Wight, m.Martha. 
{G2-3E/TWSr&EW} Mary Wright, b.~1699;m.William Rutter, son of Walter Rutter and Martha Bagwell-Quakers. Lived near Jenkins Pond.
    leggatees=Roger Allen,Thomas Allen the older,Nicholas Allen, Thomas Allen the younger,William Rutter, wife Martha, daughter Ann 

{G2-3A/JWSr&EW} John Wright, (age37)
    {G2-3A_Wife} Anne x-MaidenNameUnknown
{G3-3A1/JW&Ax} John Williams Wright, b.1700,d.1734(age34)
{G3-3A2/JW&Ax} Joshua Williams Wright
{G3-3A3/JW&Ax} Mary Williams Wright 

--- (ancestor: ThomasJr/ThomasSr)
{TG1-T4} Thomas Williams Jr., 1679-1727(age48); was ~age13 when his father died in 1692. Thomas Williams would eventually move to NC by 1725  
     {TG1-T4_Wife1-Mother} ? Joyner m.~1702,d.~1721-27(age6)(father Thomas Joyner Jr.,mother Elizabeth-probably Quakers) probably in Surry Co., probably lived on Seacock Swamp, a branch of the Blackwater on the west side
                                                  Thomas Joyner Jr. brother=Bridgeman Joyner will of 26Feb1710, deeded land to Thomas Williams. Later, he sold this land to John Council.
     {TG1-T4_Wife2-Stepmother} Susannah Blunt Davis b.1680 and was probably in her 40's when she married Thomas (relict of John Davis, daughter of Richard Blunt d.1688)     previous marriage-son Thomas Davis
{TG2-T4A/TWSr&SBD} John Williams, (was a Quaker)
{TG2-T4B/TWSr&SBD} Thomas Williams III                
(TG2-T4C/TWSr&SBD} Joyce Williams
{TG2-T4D/TWSr&SBD} Joseph Williams

--- (ancestor: ThomasIII/ThomasJr/ThomasSr)
{TG2-T4B/TWJr&SBD} Thomas Williams III,  Northampton Co,NC d.~1782   
     {TG2-T4B_Wife} Sarah (Branch) Warren m1.~1742 1stHusband=ThomasWarrenJr b.~1684, m.~1735 
                                          m2.after1736-before1742 probably in 1739 d.~1782
     {TG2-T4B_Wife-2ndHusband} Thomas Williams [Records in Isle of Wight Co, shows that Thomas Williams of NC married ~1750 Mrs. Sarah Warren relict of Thomas Warren
{TG3-T4B1/TW2&SBW} Thomas Warren Williams, b.~1725
{TG3-T4B2/TW2&SBW} Mary Warren Williams, b.~1727
{TG3-T4B3/TW2&SBW} Jane Warren Williams, b.~1729 m. Hardy Hart, the brother of Arthur Hart
{TG3-T4B4/TW2&SBW} Martha Warren Williams, b.~1731
{TG3-T4B5/TW2&SBW} Patience Warren Williams, b.~1733  m.George Jordan
{TG3-T4B6/TW2&SBW} Thomas Warren Williams, d.~1750
{TG3-T4B7/TW2&SBW} Jesse Williams, b.~1745,d.1783 in Greene Co,GA wife-Martha Hurt
     {TG3-T4B_Wife-2ndHusband_StepDaughter} Martha who married Arthur Hart  (Hart brothers lived in Northampton Co, NC and were the sons of Thomas and Ann Hart of Surry Co,VA)

--- (ancestor: 4MaryW/3ThomasIII/2ThomasJr/1ThomasSr)
     {G3-T4B2_Husband} John Bowen 
{G3-T4B2/1st&SBW} Mary Warren (Williams) Bowen,  b.~1727 
(G4-T4B2A/MW&JB} Jonathan Bowen
{G4-T4B2B/MW&JB} Bethia Vasser
{G4-T4B2C/MW&JB} Mary Bowen
{G4-T4B2D/MW&JB} Rebecca Bowen
{G4-T4B2E/MW&JB} Arthur Bowen

--- (ancestor: 4JaneW/3ThomasIII/2ThomasJr/1ThomasSr)
    {G3-T4B3_Husband} Hardy Hart
{G3-T4B3}1st&SBW} Jane Warren (Williams) Hart    
{G4-T4B3a/HH&JWW} Jesse Hart

--- (ancestor: 5Jesse/4JaneW/3ThomasIII/2ThomasJr/1ThomasSr)
{G4-T4B3a/HH&JWW} Jesse Hart
{G4-T4B3a}_Wife}   unknown
{G5-T4B3a1} Mary "Polly" (Hart) Vassar

--- (ancestor: MaryHe/JaneW/ThomasIII/ThomasJr/ThomasSr)
{G3-T4B3a1} Mary "Polly" (Hart) Vassar
{G3-T4B3a1/_Husband1} James Vassar [son of Sarah (Williams) Vasser]
{G3-T4B3a1/_Husband2}? m. Wilson Williams nephew on 03Mar1817 in NCHertford Co 

--- (ancestor: 5Jonathan/4MaryW/3ThomasIII/2ThomasJr/1ThomasSr)
{G4-T4B2A/MW&JB} Jonathan Bowen
     {G4-T4B2A_Wife} Ann Calthorpe  
{G5-T4B2A/JB&AC} Bethia Bowen, b.~1747, m.~1762 ?Vassar 
{G6-T4B2A/JB&AC} Charles Butts Bowen,  m.Martha Williams (the daughter of Britton&Elizabeth Williams of SCGranville(Barnwell) Co
                (Charles B. Bowen grandfather=John Bowen Jr, made out his will on 19Jan1762. Recorded on 8Sep1762 in Southampton Co,VA)
                (Charles B. Bowen's mother was Martha Calthorpe, she was the daughter of Charles and Eleanor Clifton Calthorpe of Southampton)

--- (ancestor: 4Jesse/3ThomasIII/2ThomasJr/1ThomasSr)
{G3-T4B7?/TWJ&SBW} Jesse Williams, b.~1745,d.1782 in Greene Co.,GA will=22Nov1782, recorded-Dec1782
     {G3-T4B7?_Wife} Martha Hart 
{G4-T4B7a/JW&MH} Britton Williams, b.1770                 
{G4-T4B7b/JW&MH} Joyce Williams, b.~1709 (perhaps named for her mother)
{G4-T4B7c/JW&MH} Joseph Williams, b.~1711, d.1756  m. Mary and was probably a Quaker will mentions 2 children=John Williams; Rebecca Williams
{G4-T4B7d/JW&MH} John Williams, [1810 census showed that he had 4 children under the age of 10 and owned 5 slaves] 
{G4-T4B7e/JW&MH} Asa Williams, - lived in "Little Swamp" of Savannah River
{G5-T4B7e/?parents} Joshua Williams, ?Could have been related to Joshua:- 1854 history of WashingtonCo,GA-Joshua was one of its earliest settlers. He was named a member of the Grand Jury of WashingtonCo. ; 1787 had extensive properties at Duck Branch in SCWintonCo

 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DAR Revolutionary War Soldier
{G4-4B7a/JW&MH} Britton Williams,  b. c - - 1738, died at Barnwell Co on 22Jul1779
(1770?-1781)  moved family to SC after native American uprising against white occupiers.
                 Established near SCKings Creek, then SCGranvilleCo(part of OrangeburgDistrict), which later became Barnwell District
                  was Representative to SC Colonial Assembly, later joined partisan rangers and was hanged as a traitor by the Tory Loyalists             
                 Kings Creek on the South, Brier Creek on the North, Swest Savannah River, west of Coosawatchie River-Was Winton Co at the time
     {G4-4B7a_Wife} Elizabeth (Calthorpe} Williams of Granville[Barnwell] Co,SC ties to the Calthorpe family of SouthamptonCo,VA, married 13 years
                Apr1795-made a deed of gift to her three married children, witnessed by Israel Campbell-uncle of Catherine Blanche Campbell. The deed was not recorded until 1807, the year Alexander Campbell died.
{G5-4B7a1/BW&EC} Sarah Williams
{G5-4B7a2/BW&EC} Martha Williams  
{G5-4B7a3?BW&EC} ?Rebecca Williams, -claimed as a descendant of Wilson Williams by the McMillan Family
{G5-4B7a4?BW&EC} ?Holly 'Olive' Williams, -claimed as a descendant of Wilson Williams by the McMillan Family
{G5-4B7a5/BW&EC} Wilson Williams, b.c - - 1759 at SCBarnwellCo. (was 11 years old when his father was hanged)     

{G5-4B7a1/BW&EC} Sarah (Williams) Vasser married before Apr1795. 
     {G5-4B7a1_Husband} Josiah Vasser (son of Joseph Vassar and Tabitha Vicks Vassar) Family of Southampton and Northampton Co. 
                   Josiah and Sarah Williams Vasser moved to GA by the time of the 1805 lottery for land in Washington Co.                                  
                   Josiah died in 1815, most likely in TwiggCo,GA. 
                   Josiah Vasser's grandfather was Joseph Vasser. Joseph Vasser was the son of William Vasser who died in 1723 in the Isle of Wight)
                   Josiah's brother, Lemuel Vasser, had moved to the Beaufort District of SC as a young man. Later, he moved to Dallas Co, AL in 1821. 

{G5-4B7a2/BW&EC} Martha Williams, (is quite probably Charles Butts Bowen and Patsy Williams first cousins through their mothers) Charles&Patsy Bowen later moved to GA
     {G5-4B7a2_Husband} Charles Butts Bowen m.before Apr1795 (of SouthamptonCo,VA. son of Jonathan Bowen and Martha Calthrope also of Southampton-they were in GA by 1805 to take part in land lottery; father was Jonathan, son of John Bowen Jr and Mary Warren. Was great grandson of Sarah Warren.
                                        Charles mother was Martha Calthorpe. She was the daughter of Charles and Eleanor Clifton Calthorpe of Southampton.

{G5-4B7a3?BW&EC} Rebecca Williams, b.1776 [claimed as a descendant of Wilson Williams by the McMillan Family]
      {G5-4B7a3_Husband} Major James "Jim" William McMillan b.~1760 in Antrim, Ireland,d.Aug or Sep1847 in Barnwell District,  -son of Hugh McMillan, he was a member of the State Legislature in 1826; He was granted lands on Alligator Branch of Salkehatchie River as early as 1774. He was a Revolutionary War Veteran having served from 1776 through 1781.   
{G6-4B7a3A/JWM&RW} William McMillan
{G6-4B7a3A/JWM&RW} Jane Caroline McMillan, m.Josiah Dickerson
{G6-4B7a3A/JWM&RW} John McMillan, m.Milly Roberts [Milly Roberts, wife of John McMillan was the sister of Esther Roberts, the third wife of WilsonWillimams.]
{G6-4B7a3A/JWM&RW} Elizabeth Rebecca McMillan, 2ndWife of-William Kearse Sr and Joseph Brabham Jr
{G6-4B7a3A/JWM&RW} Henry McMillan, m.Gatsy Ann Moye
{G6-4B7a3A/JWM&RW} Richard Creech McMillan, m. Elizabeth Moody
{G6-4B7a3A/JWM&RW} Williams McMillan, m. Mary E. Brabham
{G6-4B7a3A/JWM&RW} William Lawrence McMillan, m. Priscilla Bradley

{G5-4B7a4?BW&EC} Holly 'Olive' Williams, [claimed as a descendant of Wilson Williams by the McMillan Family]  
     {G5-4B7a4?_Husband} William McMillan, who was the nephew of Major Jim McMillan. 

{G3-4B2/1st&SBW} Mary Warren (Williams) Hickman, b.~1681  (was about 10 years old when her father died), m. ?Hickman 
     {G3-4B2_Husband} William Hickman m.~1696 (mother consent since she was only 14-15 years old} d.around 19Feb1745 will disappeared and was proved by oath
                  his father was probably Nathaniel Hickman)
                  probably William Hickman worked for John Williams Sr. at the time of Mary's father's death
                  13Nov1712-patent of 370 acres of 'new land' in Nottoway basin in the Isle of Wight
                  before 1732 William Hickman had moved to Nansemond Co 
                  by 1729 William Hickman had moved to Edgecombe Co,NC, when died the estate was described as Rocky Swamp
{G4-4B2a/WH&MWW} Nicholas Williams Hickman, m.Anne Lewis. They had a child named William Williams
{G4-4B2b/WH&MWW} Nathaniel Hickman,  executor of father's will, he d.around 1795
{G4-4B2c/WH&MWW} William Hickman Jr., d.around 1745   8Apr1745-100 acres in Edgecombe Co, on southside of Conoway Creek, joining the mouth of Fish Pond Branch and the creek

2017-08-12_Families listed in the Brier Creek and SCKings Creek area on the Savannah River.
Henry McMillan, William Grimes, John Mixon, James Joice [Joyce], Mary Best, Sara Best, Henry Best, Abraham Mixon (and Wilson Williams).

--- (ancestor:   
{G5-4B7a3/BW&Ex?} ***Wilson Williams***, DAR=b. c - - 1759 at SCBarnwellCo. (?1770-1835,age66) of Swallow Savannah. (Born 1770,records in census and land) GASt George Parish land grant petition indicated that Britton had no children at that time.
                                   Rev. M.M. Brabham, Methodist preacher, History of Buford's Bridge indicates that Wilson Williams was married 3 times.
                                   1790 census of SC, Wilson over 16 years. 1800 census of GA has been lost., 1790 census Wilson Williams had 9-children(4sons,5daughters)
                                   1800 census for SC, not listed - means that he was in WashingtonCo,GA (census destroyed when British burned federal buildings in the nation's capitol during the War of 1812)
                                   1810 census for SC listed Wilson in 26-45 age group; Not been located on 1820 census, but may have been in GA
                                   1830 census of SC, is last census, he gave his age between 60 and 70. 
                                   1880 census, surcviving children agree that he was born in SC, most likely St.George Parish,but could be SC where relatives had property. 
                                   1802 returned to estates in Barnwell District,SC - law against bringing slaves into the state. Petition bring back into the state.
                                   20Jan1824 became 'surety' for his father-in-law's estate-Stephen Roberts. (a surety provides funds to cover the debts of an estate until its assets could be sold.)
                                    Wilson was joined by Amos Smart and 'Creech' Roberts-Wilson's brother-in-law. Amos Smart was a Baptist Deacon and brother-in-law to John Williams at Salkehatchie Baptist Ch
                                   27Sep1829-postmortem deed of Stephen Roberts filed to Richard C. Roberts for $7 to insure Creech's interest in five tracts of lands. 
     {G5-4B7a3_Wife1?} ?unknown speculation was that he had a first wife related to the Mallard Family of Dublin Co. (John Willims was born 24 years before William Green Williams, Wilson's documented son.) 
     {G5-4B7a3_Wife2} Elizabeth (Kirkland) Williams b.after1766,before1784,d.~1817 (came from Baptist family),father was George Kirkland who died in 1815, George Kirkland of the Alligator Branch Plantation in Barnwell Co, George Kirkland (~1750-1815} in the Barnwell District.
                 Elizabeth Kirkland family helped finance the construction of the Kirkland Baptist Church near Allendale in 1827-located near Wilson Williams' property. 
                 William J. Mixon, conveyed title to the church's site in 1849. The name was later changed in 1856 to Smyrna Baptist Church. 
                 1810 census, she was enumerated as beeing between 26&44. She was born during the American Revolution at her father's properties at Alligator Creek, in Granville Co,SC
     {G5-4B7a3_Wife3} Esther (Roberts) Williams, b.1796,d.05Jun1879-buried in Swallow Savannah Methodist Cem(census-she was age24,Wilson was at least 25 yrs older)(came from Methodist family} (had possession of family Bible, but it was probably lost Esther was the daughter of Stephen Roberts and granddaughter of Captain James Roberts. Stephen Roberts was in the Barnwell Dist in 1820  
{G6-4B7a3A/WW&xx} John Williams, (?claims to be first born son, but could have been son of Britton Williams instead), 1910 census-m.Tamer [Creech or Chessereau]
{G6-4B7a3B/WW&EK} William 'Green' Williams, b.07Mar1804 in SC.; moved to Randolph Co,GA-became a Baptist Preacher, m.Harriett (Kearse) Williams
{G6-4B7a3C/WW?Ex} Elizabeth Harriett (Williams) Kirkland, b.aft 1795. Family moved from Kings Creek,SC to Washington Co,GA. m.Robert Cornelius Kirkland She was deceased by 1818
{G6-4B7a3D/WW&EK} Winifred Riley (Williams) Best, m.Absalom B. Best  
{G6-4B7a3E/WW?Ex} 'Martin' Jones Williams, - near neighbor to Major Jim McMillan on Alligator Branch of Salkehathcie River
{G6-4B7a3F/WW&EK} Martha 'Patsy' Williams, b.~1806, d.before 1835(age29). Daughter of Elizabeth (Kirkland) Williams and listed as an heir of George Kirkland in a partition deed dated 1818 but not listed as an heir of Wilson in 1854. She died with no children.
{G6-4B7a3G/WW&EK} Frances 'Fanny' Williams, b.~1808, d.before 1834(age26). Daughter of Elizabeth (Kirkland} Williams and listed as an heir of George Kirkland in a partition deed dated 1818 but not listed as an heir of Wilson in 1854. She died with no children.
{G6-4B7a3H/WW?Ex} Mary (Williams) Brunson, who must have died before 1818, m. Jacob Brunson, 
{G6-4B7a3I/WW&ER} Elliott (Williams) Brabham, [female] m.James Brabham
{G6-4B7a3J/WW?EK} Elizabeth 'Hanson' (Williams) Harley, (daughter), m.John Harley  bought 1 Bed and Stead $5 from his estate sale
{G6-4B7a3K/WW&ER} Wilson Roberts Williams, b.20Sep1822 (unknown is whether he was born in GA or SC. He died as a young man in the Mexican American War in Mexico City)
{G6-4B7a3L/WW&ER} James Lawrence Williams, b.28Sep1825 in Barnwell Dist,SC. (Wilson Williams was ~age56 and Esther was age29.) m. Ellen Williams, born in SC 
{G6-4B7a3M/WW?Ex} Unknown boy1 - not an heir or died before 1818
{G6-4B7a3N/WW?Ex} Unknown boy2 - not an heir or died before 1818
{G6-4B7a3O/WW?Ex} Richard Creech Williams, - grave marker reads R.C.Williams b.1827,d.1835 before his father
{  ???          } Britton Williams ?son-
             1759 Coosawatchie Baptist Church founded by Rev. James Smart, structure erected in 1769 on one-acre lot on Duck Branch.
             Wilson Williams' uncle, Joshua Williams, lived nearby and was probably a member.
             1796, James Smart Jr (son), obtained 71 acres of land on Beech Branch of the Coosawatchie River and granted 7 acres to the church
             The Coosawatchie Church became the Beech Branch Baptist Church in 1822.
             1829 Wilson sold 300 acres to his infant grandson, Josiah D. Williams for $900 to keep the property out of the hands of his son, Martin Jones Williams' creditors. The property was adjacent to his son, William Green Williams' land.            
{G6-4B7a3P/      } Cornelia Williams. Mizpah-p61. m.Frank Moye son of Matthew and Susannah (Ward) Moye,  lived on old Priester place on the road from Buford's Bridge to Allendale 

 --- (ancestor: 2Elizabeth/1Wilson)   
{G7-4B7a3A1/ABB&WR} Mary Elizabeth (Best) Allen, b.04Oct1832,d.22May1905, buried with her husband at the Allen Family Cemetery 
     {G7-4B7a3A1/_Husband} John Wesley Allen b.11Feb1811,d.24May1886. 
                     1850 census for SCBarnwellDist Household#1825 JohnWesleyAllen is listed as age40,Mary age18, James age2.
                     1860 census for SCBarnwellDist, JW Allen is listed with his wife, M.E. and 5 children
                     1870 census for SCBarnwellCo,AllendaleTWP, John W. Allen is listed with his wife and 9 children
{G9-4B7a3A1a/JWA&MEB} Benjamin Blanchard Best Sr., b.Sep1832, d.Oct1908, buried at SCAllendale,Swallow-Savannah Methodist Church Cemetery, 
{G9-4B7a3A1b/JWA&MEB} Andrew Best, b.1839, d.? Buried at SCAllendale, Swallow-Savannah United Methodist Church
{G9-4B7a3A1c/JWA&MEB} William Capers Best, b.18Mar1841, d.Feb1913. Buried at SCBambergCo,MizpahUnitedMethodistChurch. m.Jane Rebecca Kirkland 01Jul1865
{G9-4B7a3A1d/JWA&MEB} Wilson Williams Best, b.~1844, d.after 1884. m. Susan W. Mixon - daughter of Edward Miles Mixon and Sarah C. Best {she was his 1stCousin}
{G9-4B7a3A1e/JWA&MEB} Lawrence Capers Best, b.24Jul1845, d.23Feb1885. Buried at SCAllendale,Swallow-Savannah Cemetery
{G9-4B7a3A1f/JWA&MEB} Absalom Blanchard Best Jr., b.15Sep1850, d.30Jan1904
{G9-4B7a3A1g/JWA&MEB} Elliot Williams Brabham, (female}b.11Sep1817 at SCBarnwellDist,Swallow-Savannah, d.10Jul1900(age82} in SCBarnwellDist.
{G9-4B7a3A1h/JWA&MEB} Elizabeth Hanson Williams, b.08Nov1820 in SCBarnwellDist,Swallow-Savannah, d.18Oct1899 in SCBarnwellDist,Allendale

--- (ancestor: 2Winifred/1Wilson)
{G6-4B7a3D/WW&EK} Winifred Riley (Williams) Best, b.06Nov1809 in SCBarnwellCo,Swallow-Savannah, d.after 1882(age73) in SCBarnwellCo
                     She was an heir of Elizabeth (Kirkland) Williams according to a partition deed 1818 as well as an heir of Wilson Williams in 1854
                     1850 census of SCBarnwellDist, Household #1827 Winifred Best is listed with her 4 sons 
                     1880 census listed as age 69 and living with the family of her son Banjamin B. Best 
                     Winifred furnished much of the history of the old original church. "The History of Swallow Savannah Church, Methodist Episcopal South" by John W. Ogilvie 04May1882
                     29Jan1882, she was listed as a member of the SCAllendale,Swallow Savannah Methodist Church. It is not known where she is buried.    
     {G6-4B7a3D_Husband} Absalom Blanchard Best, b.07Apr1811, d.28Jun1850(age40). He was the son of Benajah Best. He's written up on "Allendale On the Savannah".
                     06Jul1822 he purchased a woman slave named Abigail for $450 from William Jones. On 31Dec1833 ABBest sold a 2yr old slave girl named Sally to his brother-in-law Richard Creech Roberts for the upkeep of his sister Mary Best who was mentally retarded.
                     1836 estate sale of Wilson Williams, ABBest bought Daniel, a slave for $925.  ABBest received in right of his wife $400 which was her share of her father's estate.
                     1841 he became the gardian of the minor children of Richard Creech Roberts, By 1849, he was a member of Swallow-Savannah Methodist Church where he was buried.
                     He died in the prime of his life ans was the second person interred in the new cemetery of the Old Swallow-Savannah Church.
                     John W. Allen, a son-in-law was appointed administrator of his estate on 04Feb1851. In another documentation Mrs. Winifred R. Best was named as 'widow' 
                     Was first cousin to Catherine Blanche Campbell Roberts and was also a son-in-law of Wilson Williams, having married Winnifred Riley Williams 
                      A.B.Best-m1.Elizabeth Blanchard-daughters were Zilpha and Dicy Best
                      'Dicy' remarried John Mears, Zilpha remarried Thomas Green Arthur              
{G7-4B7a3Da/ABB&WRW} Benjamin 'Benajah' Best 
{G7-4B7a3Db/ABB&WRW} William Best
{G7-4B7a3Dc/ABB&WRW} Wilson Best
{G7-4B7a3Dd/ABB&WRW} Lawrence Best

--- (ancestor: 3Benjamin/2Elizabeth/1Wilson) 
{G8-4B7a3A1a/JWA&MEB} Benjamin Blanchard Best Sr., b.Sep1832, d.Oct1908, buried at SCAllendale,Swallow-Savannah Methodist Church Cemetery, 
    {G8-4B7a3A1a_Wife} Susan (Harley) Best, m.1861
{G9-4B7a3A1a1/BBB&SH} Winifred Best, m.Mr. Shuman 
{G9-4B7a3A1a2/BBB&SH} Susan Cornelia (Best} Brabham, m.Wade Hampton Brabham
{G9-4B7a3A1a3/BBB&SH} S. Elizabeth Best, m. Mr. Priester
{G9-4B7a3A1a4/BBB&SH} Benjamin Blanchard Best Jr., m. Carrie E
{G9-4B7a3A1a5/BBB&SH} Ora S. Best, m. James Wyatt Priester
{G9-4B7a3A1a6/BBB&SH} William R. Best
{G9-4B7a3A1a7/BBB&SH} Willie Orr Best

--- (ancestor:3William/2Elizabeth/1Wilson) 
{G8-4B7a3A1a/JWA&MEB} Andrew Best, b.1839, d.? Buried at SCAllendale,SwallowSavannahUnitedMethodistChurch

--- (ancestor: 3Wilson/2Elizabeth/1Wilson) -------------------------------------------------------------------------
{G8-4B7a3A1d/JWA&MEB} Wilson Williams Best, b.~1844, d.after 1884.  
     {G8-4B7a3A1d_Wife} Susan W. (Mixon} Best, - daughter of Edward Miles Mixon and Sarah C. Best 
{G9-4B7a3A1dA/WWB&WEM} Susan Best
{G9-4B7a3A1dB/WWB&WEM} M.A. Best
{G9-4B7a3A1dC/WWB&WEM} M.J. Best
{G9-4B7a3A1dD/WWB&WEM} Callie Best

--- (ancestor: 3Lawrence/2Elizabeth/1Wilson) -------------------------------------------------------------------------
{G8-4B7a3A1e/JWA&MEB} Lawrence Capers Best, b.24Jul1845, d.23Feb1885. Buried at SCAllendale,SwallowSavannahCemetery
    {G8-4B7a3A1e_Wife} Julia Indiana (McAvoy) Best, m.10Nov1868
{G9-4B7a3A1eA/LCB&JIM} L.W. Best 
{G9-4B7a3A1eB/LCB&JIM} R.A. Best
{G9-4B7a3A1eC/LCB&JIM} M.J. Best
{G9-4B7a3A1eD/LCB&JIM} Callie Best

--- (ancestor: 3Absalom/2Elizabeth/1Wilson) -------------------------------------------------------------------------
{G8-4B7a3A1f/JWA&MEB} Absalom Blanchard Best Jr., b.15Sep1850, d.30Jan1904
     {G8-4B7a3A1f_Wife} Mary Rebecca (Allen) Best, b.1851
{G9-4B7a3A1fA/ABBJr&MRA} U.I. Best
{G9-4B7a3A1fB/ABBJr&MRA} Wade Hampton Best
{G9-4B7a3A1fC/ABBJr&MRA} Absalom Blanchard Best III

--- (ancestor: 3Elliot/2Elizabeth/1Wilson) -------------------------------------------------------------------------
{G8-4B7a3A1g/JWA&MEB} Elliot Williams Brabham, (female)b.11Sep1817 at SCBarnwellDist,Swallow-Savannah, d.10Jul1900(age82) in SCBarnwellDist.They were old-fashion, hard-working with a plantation and slaves. 
     {G8-4B7a3A1g_Husband} James Miles Brabham, m.Dec1835 (son of Joseph Brabham Jr. and Sallie Kirkland, b.07Sep1810, d.16May1895) They had no children. After her husbands death, Elliott lived with H.J.Brabham's family in SCBamberg until her death.
                     They were active Methodists with James Miles being called the Bishop of the Bamberg Circuit. He joined the Methodist Church on 01Jan1828 (age 18} and was a steward for more than 50 years. 
                     1895, he gave land in perpetuity for the Mizpah Church. Both are buried at Mizpah Methodist Church Cemetery and they had no children.

--- (ancestor: 3ElizabethHanson/2Elizabeth/1Wilson) -------------------------------------------------------------------------
{G9-4B7a3A1h/JWA&MEB} Elizabeth Hanson (Williams) Harley, b.08Nov1820 in SCBarnwellDist,Swallow-Savannah, d.18Oct1899 in SCBarnwellDist,Allendale
     {G9-4B7a3A1h_Husband} Dr. John Harley, m.1841 son of Jackson Harley and Nancy Wright  b.20Oct1809, d.23Jun1881. Graduated from Medical College of SC in 1837. He wrote his medical thesis on dyspepsia. 
                     Practice was in and around SCAllendaleCo,Seigling (it was in the SCBarnwellDist at the time)
                    1841 was administrator of estate of Hezekiah Frazier, 1854 he bought a jackass from the estate of brother-in-law for $126. He witnessed the will of Charles Boyles on 04May1863
                    At one point, Dr. Harley owned more than 800 acres of land in SCBarnwellDist. Following the Civil War, the fortunes were considerably dimished. 
{G10-4B7a3A1hA/JWA&MEB} John E. Harley, b.1842-3 in SCBarnwell City, d.25Jun1864 in VA-Civil War;He died in the Civil War as Pvt. John Harley,                         1stCo I and 2ndCo C., 1st(Hagood's)SC Infantry. Age 18, SCBarnwellDist enlisted Capt J.J.Brabham's Co, 1st SCV subsequently Co. I}                     at SCCole Island, 01Sep1861.  He was wounded at 2nd VAManasses on 30Aug1862 and killed at VAHannover Junction on 25Jun1864
{G10-4B7a3A1hB/JWA&MEB} Anna Hayes Harley, b.1847. m.Joseph Thomas
{G10-4B7a3A1hC/JWA&MEB} Robert Rhett Harley, b.25Dec1848,d.25Aug1895;

--- --- (ancestor: 3Robert/2Elizabeth Hanson/1Wilson)
{G10-4B7a3A1hC/JWA&MEB} Robert Rhett Harley, b.25Dec1848,d.25Aug1895;  He was a Civil War Soldier.
     {G10-4B7a3A1hC_Wife1} Rebecca (Barker) Harley, daughter of James Barker and Elizabeth (Harley) Barker. She was his 2ndCousin
     {G10-4B7a3A1hC_Wife2} Mary Elizabeth (Newman) Harley
     {G10-4B7a3A1hC_Wife3} Henrietta Hazeltine Harley, m.20Nov1884. She was his 2ndCousin. she was the daughter of James Harley and Susan Harley. 
{G10-4B7a3A1hCa/RRH&RB-MEN-HHH} Ida Harley, (1874-1954)
{G10-4B7a3A1hCb/RRH&RB-MEN-HHH} Jack Roberts Harley, b.1876. m. Ella Oglesby
{G10-4B7a3A1hCc/RRH&RB-MEN-HHH} Percy Harley, b.1878
{G10-4B7a3A1hCd/RRH&RB-MEN-HHH} Mattie Harley, (1880-1963), m.28Sep1904-Ernest George Strauss in GAAugusta (he was son of George Strauss and Evaline Johnson)
{G10-4B7a3A1hCe/RRH&RB-MEN-HHH} Isabella B. Harley, b.1853
{G10-4B7a3A1hCf/RRH&RB-MEN-HHH} Lawrence E. Harley, b.1855
{G10-4B7a3A1hCg/RRH&RB-MEN-HHH} William T. Harley, b.1857, m.Kate Snider
{G10-4B7a3A1hCh/RRH&RB-MEN-HHH} Joseph Lawrence Harley, b.07May1861, d.19Apr1920. m1.Columbia Harley (his cousin), m2.Mary Alice Boyd

--- (ancestor: 2Wilson/1Wilson)
{G6-4B7a3K/WW&ER} Wilson Roberts Williams, b.20Sep1822 at SCBarnwellDist,Swallow-Savannah, d.20Aug1847. Wounded at Battle of Churubusco in Mexico at age 24. Company K Hammond's Guard, of the Palmetto Regiment. 

--- (ancestor: 2Lawrence/1Wilson)
{G6-4B7a3L/WW&ER} James 'Lawrence' Williams, b.28Sep1825 in SCBarnwellDist,Swallow-Savannah, d.04Jan1900(age74}, buried in SCAllendale,Swallow-Savannah Methodist Church Cemetery
                   He was  ~10 years old when his father died and he barely knew half his siblings, except for perhape Winifred Riley. His half-brother, William Green Williams, was grown and married when Lawrence was born and had moved away when Lawrencce was  ~13 years old. 
                   He was the youngest surviving son of Wilson Williams and the only surviving son of his wife, Esther Roberts Williams. When Wilson died in Dec1835, his personal estate was sold for division among his legatees. The records do not show how much acreage Lawrence inherited when the estate was settled in 1854, but he received cash $334.19
                   Wilson's wife Elizabeth Kirkland was first cousin to Lydia Kirkland who was Lawrence's mother-in-law
                   Lawrence was one of the first citizens of SCAllendale town. The old community of Allendale township was called Buddenville at one time with the Post Office address of Allendale in Census Records. 
                   Much of the town of Allendale was located on his widowed mother's inherited estates. Lawrence contributed a great deal to the development of the present town of Allandale and he was part of its first government.
                   He was on a committee of three to legally organize and establish the town. He gave 50 acres in 1872 for the town and laid out the street plans on the deed record. 
                   Lawrence Williams is in the deed records of BarnwellCo as selling many lots within the town limits which made him a wealthy man. He even set up his three sons in business in business in Allendale.
                   His mother gave him 20 shares of stock in the Port Royal Railroad, which were later worthless.
                   27Oct1878, Lawrence was listed as a member of Swallow-Savannah Methodist Ch and on 24Apr1881 he paid $12.15 for a cemetery fence for the Swallow-Savannah Methodist Ch cemetery. 
                   10Nov1887, he was on the building committee of Swallow-Savannah Methodist Ch and he gave the land for the Swallow-Savnnah Methodist Ch in 1890, however this wooden building was destroyed by fire in 1942.
                   In Lawrence Williams' will, he seemed unfair in the bequests of his early possessions. There were 6 deeds in the estate papers, also surveyors' fees, which indicate the property division was for six legatees. The total of his property sale was $3,637.82
                   There is a marble monument to James Lawrence Williams and Ellen Lydia Williams in the Williams plot that is enclosed with a wrought iron grillwork fence in Swallow-Savannah Cemetery. His estate paper stated that he paid $60 for the marker. 
                   Lawrence deeded his home place to his son, Paul Allen Williams. Paul's spinster daughter, Lena Williams, lived there until her death in 1963. The house stood empty after that and all out buildings are gone. Vandals left the place in sad repair.
                   It sits on an overgrown lot in the center of what was Allendale's nicest residential area. The home was one of Allendale's historical landmarks that should have been restored and preserved. 
                   The property is currently owned by Mrs. Richard Moorer of SCReevesville and her brother, Dr.  Herbert Smoak of SCOrangeburg great-grandchildren of James Lawrence Williams
     {G6-4B7a3L_Wife} Eleanor 'Ellen' Lydia (Thurston) Williams, 1849 and when the 1850 census was taken 01Aug1850 show they had a 9-month old baby.  b.20Sep1826, d.19Jun1898(age71}. She was the daughter of Seth Thurston and Lydia Kirkland, who was the daughter of Reuben Kirkland Sr.
{G6-4B7a3La/JL&ELT} Wilson 'Wilse' Roberts Williams, b.Oct1849, d.05Sep1902(age52).
{G6-4B7a3Lb/JL&ELT} James Britton Williams, b.1852, d.07Jun1883(age31). 
{G6-4B7a3Lc/JL&ELT} Charles Shields Williams
{G6-4B7a3Ld/JL&ELT} Paul Allen Williams, b.28Aug1856, d.03Jun1933. 

--- (ancestor: 3Wilson/2Wilson/1Wilson)
{G6-4B7a3L/WW&ER} Wilson 'Wilse' Roberts Williams, b.Oct1849, d.05Sep1902(age52). He was named for an uncle killed in the Mexican American War. He lived all his life in SCAllendale and worked in the family saw mill. 
                He received an equal share of father James Lawrence Williams' estate but nuch much from special bequests in the will--just a gold watch that was already in his possession.
                He is recorded as owing money and father picked up deficit accounts for him. The executor of the estate (in the final papers} denies one of these. His cash share was $707.54
                His share of land was deeded to him prior to his father's death.  
     {G6-4B7a3Ka_Wife} Mary Anna (Brabham) Williams, daughter of Robert Cornelius Brabham and Mary Rebecca McMillan. 
{G7-4B7a3Ka1/WRW&MAB} Robert Wilson Williams Jr, m.Mary Estelle Jenkins
{G7-4B7a3Ka2/WRW&MAB} Alice May Williams, m.George F. Young
{G7-4B7a3Ka3/WRW&MAB} Mary Elenor 'Nell' Williams, m.Wallace Warren Preister
{G7-4B7a3Ka4/WRW&MAB} Gatsy Maus Williams, m. Vasco Whatley 
{G7-4B7a3Ka5/WRW&MAB} James Lawrence 'Laurie' Williams, m.Annie Mae Jeffcoat

--- (ancestor: 3JamesB/2Wilson/1Wilson)
{G6-4B7a3Lb/JL&ELT} James Britton Williams, b.1852, d.07Jun1883(age31). Died young but his share of his father's estate went to his 3 daughters, 1/3 each plus one special bequest-Inez and her sister, Sallie (Sarah} who were under age in 1900 
                  Their guardian was J.M. Gray. Sister Margaret was of age. Inez and Sarah operated a private school in Allendale and taught there.
                  They were married by Rev. J.B.Massofrau. He was a merchant in SCAllendale. On 14Jul1878 he was elected secretary of Swallow-Savannah Methodist Ch a position he served until his death.
     {G6-4B7a3Lb_Wife} Margaret Eliza (Wilson) Williams b.28Jun1847 in SCEdisto Island, d.09Jan1929(age82), m.12Nov1876,  
     {G6-4B7a3Lb_Wife-Father} Charles Hillary Wilson
     {G6-4B7a3Lb_Wife-Mother} Mary Weiman (Pooser) Wilson
{G7-4B7a3Lb1/JBW&MEW} Amy Williams
{G7-4B7a3Lb2/JBW&MEW} Margaret Eliza 'Maggie' Williams, m.William E. Jones
{G7-4B7a3Lb3/JBW&MEW} Sarah 'Sallie' Elizabeth Williams, m.Alfred Fripp

--- (ancestor: 3CharlesS/2Wilson/1Wilson)
{G6-4B7a3Lc/JL&ELT} Charles Shields Williams, b.17Aug1854,d.02May1904, buried SCAllendale,Swallow-Savannah Methodist Cemetery. In 1880, he was working in a saw mill. 
                  From his father's estate, he received $707.54 and a special bequest of a mule, 'Rolly'. 
                  Bought 5 lots at his father's estate sale. James Lawrence Williams had picked up deficit accounts for Charles Shields.
     {G6-4B7a3Lc_Wife} Sarah J. (Myrick} Williams, b.30Jun1850,d.13Aug1907. 
{G7-4B7a3Lc1/CSW&SJM} Jane Williams, b.1874
{G7-4B7a3Lc2/CSW&SJM} son b.24Mar1875,d.25Mar1875(1day}
{G7-4B7a3Lc3/CSW&SJM} William 'Green' Williams, b.1877, m.Tellie     <===================================================================
{G7-4B7a3Lc4/CSW&SJM} Cornelia Ella M. Williams, b.1880-1881(age1)
{G7-4B7a3Lc5/CSW&SJM} Sallie T. Williams, b.1887, d.1910(age23)
{G7-4B7a3Lc6/CSW&SJM} Mary Winnie Williams, b.1890, d.1891(age1)

--- (ancestor: 3PaulA/2Wilson/1Wilson)
{G6-4B7a3Ld/JL&ELT} Paul Allen Williams, b.28Aug1856, d.03Jun1933.  father-James Lawrence Williams left him the homeplace, wagon, mower, rake, horse named Jim, mule named Dandy, hogs, hay and fodder. Also, a gold watch already in his possession.
                    He was a small man, one of twins (the other twin died). 
     {G6-4B7a3Ld_Wife} Sarah 'Peach' Williams, 1861-1929 She was a beauty from AL and considered quite a belle. 
{G6-4B7a3Ld1/PAW&SP} Tom Frank Williams, b.1878
{G6-4B7a3Ld2/PAW&SP} Lena 'Lila' Lawson Williams, b.1890,d.1963(age73)
{G6-4B7a3Ld3/PAW&SP} Agnes Peach Williams, m.Hubert Smoak from SCOrangeburg. He was in the legislature for several years.
{G6-4B7a3Ld4/PAW&SP} Medicus Green Williams, 1899-1920 

--- (ancestor: 3RichardCr/2Wilson/1Wilson)
{G6-4B7a3O/WW?Ex} Richard Creech Williams, b.1827 at SCBarnwellDist,Swallow-Savannah, d.1835(age8)-Probably died of some childhood disease or accident. He is buried near his mother in the Swallow-Savannah Cemetery - grave marker reads R.C.Williams b.1827,d.1835 before his father

John Williams of SCBarnwellCo,Ulmer (
John Williams was a successful Planter on his own right with descendants still living in South Carolina. One of them, Mrs. Elizabeth Davis of Greenville (deceased}, had contributed
 greatly to the gathering of information about Wilson Williams’s family.
John Williams  was an extensive land and slave owner who also had a large family by two wives. The descendants of John Williams of which there are many firmly believe that John Williams,
 planter in the area of Ulmer, is the son of Wilson Williams and therefore included in this research. However while John Williams is mentioned in the settlement of Wilson's estate he is 
not listed as an heir.
They explain the discrepancy of John Williams saying he  was 70 years old in the 1850 census by believing that Wilson Williams had to have been born prior to 1760. This is not borne out 
 by census records. John Williams' age, given in censuses from 1810 through 1850, list him as being born circa 1780 which would make it impossible for him to have been the son of 
Wilson Williams considering other census records give Wilson as being born circa 1770.
Working backwards, the 1850 census states that John Williams's age as being 70 years old. The 1840 Census listed John Williams as even older born between 1771 and 1780. This would have
 placed him the same age rage as the birth of father, if Wilson was his father. The 1830 census makes the same claim as that of the 1840, that John Williams' birth range was between 
1771 and 1780. The 1820 census has him born between 1776 and 1794.  The first census in which John Williams is found as head of a household is in 1810. There he is listed as born 
between 1766 and 1784. In that census he is also listed with four children under the age of 10 showing that he was married at least by 1800.
In the same 1810 census Wilson Williams is listed in the same age category as John Williams having been born between 1766 and 1784. All this information does not fit for John to have 
been a son of Wilson Williams.  The only other conclusion, that might be drawn from these censuses, is that John Williams was not a son of Wilson Williams at all but rather an infant 
son of Britton Williams who died in 1781 and was raised in Wilson's mother's household. He is most likely the male under 16 years listed in the 1790 census under the household of 
Wilson Williams. Still it is an enigma. Nevertheless the multitude of descendants of John Williams insist that he was a son of Wilson Williams and that Wilson was much older than 
stated in the census records.
Information on SCUlmer: The community now known as Ulmer goes back for many years and is located in northeastern Allendale County where US 301 and US 321 converge.. The surrounding lands
 belonged to only two persons, Ephraim Ulmer and John Williams. There are authentic records dating back to the 1700s.
When the citizens were choosing a name for their town, the land around the train depot was owned by two men, Ephraim Ulmer and a grandson of John Williams. The plans for the town's new
 business district encroached more on Mr. Ulmer's property than on Mr. Williams'. Mr. Ulmer agreed to give up his acreage in exchange for having the new town named for him.The first 
building in Ulmer was erected on the banks of the Salkehatchie River. The site was near a settlement known as Buford's Bridge - which was there prior to the Revolutionary War. 
The ancestral home of the John Williams family still stands. It was lived in until sometime in the 1950s. Known as the Williams House it was added to the National Register of Historic
 Places in 1999.  "In years gone by, Burtons Ferry Highway (US 301} was the major road from Columbia to Savannah running right through Ulmer and Allendale. Many motels, gas stations, 
and small groceries prospered along the route. Then along came I-26 and I-95 and overnight the commerce along this route dried up. The filling station-grocery pictured here, located in
 uptown Ulmer, is of a style typical of the 1940s. As the sign indicates it has been closed for a while, and its gas pumps removed. The single pump island is intact except for some 
wildflowers which have pushed through cracks in the cement. Although its highway commerce is gone, Ulmer has been around for many years and from all indications its industrial and 
agricultural production are still going strong."  In the 2010 census the population of the community was only 88 people. 
Great Salkehatchie Baptist Church at SCUlmer-John Williams was a member. It was organized 19Jan1790. The first building was erected on the banks of the river and given the Indian 
      name--Great Salkehatchie. The site was near a settlement known as Buford’s Bridge, settled prior to the Revolutionary War.   The first pastors for this church were Rev. Holcombe and 
      Rev. James Sweat. The original  church building was destroyed by Sherman’s Army and lumber was used to build bridges on his march through the South Carolina. It was later rebuilt but 
      then in 1915 a new site was selected in the town of Ulmer. 
John Williams House: John Williams built a  two story house in 1810 located in present day Ulmers. It still stands but some of the lumber was taken out of the old structure. 
 The Williams House had an addition built on circa. 1906. It is a farmhouse consisting of one and one-half story, with three-bay, lateral gable-roofed, log and clapboard hall and parlor.
The house’s exterior walls are of log construction covered with clapboards. There is no evidence of chinking. The floor joists consist of undressed logs resting on heavy hand-hewn plates
 and sills atop brick piers. The main body of the house consists of two rooms measuring approximately 30 feet by 16 feet. The larger of the two rooms on the first floor had a Federal-style
 mantle with gouge work in the form of scallops and stars on the piers and semicircles on the center panel.  A porch stretches  along the entire length of the front façade. 
Although its physical condition is currently less than perfect having lost one chimney stack and some of its exterior weatherboard siding, the house’s overall integrity of design, 
materials, workmanship, feeling and association have not changed significantly throughout the building’s history.

The Williams Home Place has been named a National Bicentennial Farm, as the property has remained continually in the same family for more than 150 years. Listed in the National Register February 17, 1999. -It is now in the owners’ possession in Georgia.
--- (ancestor: 1John)
{G0} John Williams, b.~1780 probably in SCOrangeburghDist,Briar Creek. d.Mar1855 at his plantatation SCBarnwellDist.(AllendaleCo)Ulmers. He was buried in SCUlmers,Great Salkehatchie Baptist Church Cemetery. 27Mar1855 his estate was probated. 
         John Williams' widow Mary J. Williams is found in the Great Salkehatchie Baptist Church Records several times.  She was even excluded from the Salkehatchie Church at one time. Her slave Eliza was also excluded in October 1858. 
         The 1810 US Census of Barnwell District showed John Williams five families away from Wilson. He is married with a son and three daughters which indicated that Tamer was having a child every other year. John Williams gave his age as between 25 and 44 years old. This would indicate that he was born between 1785 and 1766 which was the same age group as was Wilson. The  His wife Tamer gave her age as between 16 and 24; 1796 and 1786. Certainly she was born in 1786 to have had four children born between 1802 and 1810. This family is listed  with five enslaved African Americans. He is located between the widow Mary Edgefield and the family of John Hugon. 
         1820 census of SCBarnwellDist: After the death of his first wife in 1816, John Williams married Mary Jones Rowley. showed that John Williams had a household of 10 people. They were 1 male age 26-45  John Williams  (1775-1794},  1 male 10-16, Angus Williams, 3 males under 10, James Wilson, Jones M, 1 female age 16-26 Mary Jones Williams, (1794-1804) 2 females 10-16, Mary , Elizabeth, and  2 females under 10 Zilpha, Elsie
         1830 census of SCBarnwellDist: showed that John lived seventeen households a way from Wilson Williams but was enumerated on the same page. Wilson  was listed on line 3, next to his sons Green Williams on line 4 and son Martin Williams on line 5. John Williams of Barnwell, South Carolina:Free White Persons - Males - 5 thru 9: William B Williams,Free White Persons - Males - 10 thru 14: Jones M Williams 
         Free White Persons - Males - 15 thru 19: J. Wilson Williams,Free White Persons - Males - 50 thru 59: John Williams, Free White Persons - Females - 10 thru 14: Elsie Williams, Free White Persons - Females - 30 thru 39: Mary J Williams,Slaves - Males - Under 10:  2 Slaves - Males - 36 thru 54: 2 Slaves - Females - Under 10: 2 Slaves - Females - 10 thru 23: 1 Slaves - Females - 24 thru 35: 2 Slaves - Females - 36 thru 54: 1 Slaves - Females - 55 thru 99: 1 Free White Persons - Under 20: 4 Free White Persons - 20 thru 49: 1 Total Free White Persons: 6 Total Slaves: 11 Total - All Persons (Free White, Slaves, Free Colored}: 17;   In 1832 he purchased 149 acres near the Great Salkehatchie and on 15 Oct 1832 John bought a African American man named Dick for $230 from the estate of John A. All 
         1840 Census of Barnwell Dist:listed John Williams as being between 60-70 years (1770-1780) Mary J. Williams 40-50 years (1790-1800} Jones M Williams 20-30 years (1810-1820} and William B Williams 20-30 years (1810-1820). In the 1840 John Williams had 28 African Americans in bondage with 13 of them employed in agriculture.  As ten of these slaves were
         children were under the age of ten, 7 boys and 3 girls, that left eighteen of these folks to be working as farm laborers but as the census stated only thirteen were engaged in 
         agriculture, five of these people were probably house domestics or too old to work .  Seven of the 28 African Americans were young adults ranging in ages 10 through 23.  These were three males and four females.  Three males and three females were between 36 and 54 years old.  Two females were between the ages 24 and 35.  Three of John Williams people he held in bondage were between the ages of 55 and 99 years; one man and two women. In 1841 John Williams petitioned the court to be released from securityship to R.C. McMillan who was the administrator for the estate of James Moody, his former son-in-law.  He says, Having lately been unwell with the prevailing fever of the country, and now considerably advanced in life (in his sixties} and apprehensive that I may eventually be 
        injured by my securityship  etc... 
        In 1848, John Williams deed the Savannah Tract to his son Jones M. Williams lands which were on the Wells Branch. 1850 census of Barnwell District South Carolina showed the county had more slaves than free persons. The census showed a white population of 12,289 people with 14,008 African Americans in bondage. Evidently much of the wealth of the county was based on human bondage. listed on 25 October 1850 John Williams as living in the community of America which later became SCUlmer. He is listed age as 70 (1780).  Mary Williams age was given as 50 (1800}.  His occupation was given as "planter" and his estate was worth $6000 which made them some of the wealthiest people in the county due to their human chattel. They were living on their home place with 29 African Americans kept in bondage. One of these was a 100 year old woman. Another was an 80 year old woman.  Two males and one female were 60 years old. There were eight other adults. A 56 year old male, a 50 year old female, a 40 year old female, a 35 year old female, a 30 year old female, a 28 year old male, a 25 year old female, and a 23 year old female. There were four young teenagers, an 18 year old male, a 16 year old female and two 15 year
        old females. There were twelve children listed; a 12 year old male, two ten year old males, a 10 year old female, an 8 year old male, two 6 year old females, a 6 year old male, two 5 year old males, a 3 year old female and a 2 year old male. Undoubted most of these people were family units. The names of 24 of these people were mentioned in the 1854 Last
        Will and Testament in which John Williams devised his property to his children. His daughter Mary Williams received Cato, Berry and her children Hannah, Maria, and Melly. His daughter Zilpha received Larry, Hannah, and Silas. His daughter Elsie received Mile [Milly] and her children Grace, Prince, Elleck, and Stephen. His son Wilson received Lucy,
        Paul, Hagar and her infant child. His son Jones received Old Abram, Sandy, Handy, and Flora. His son William B recieved Cynthia, Amy, Amada and Viney.  In 1853 John Williams owned 394 acres by Eli Myrick. On 16 August 1854 John Williams wrote out his will in which he stated that his wife: "She will have of my estate as much as
        any one of the most favored of my children has gotten or will get from me."  She was given the choice of slaves from his estate. After wife’s "share is ascertained, rest and residue of estate to be divided among my children in such a manner as will put them all on an  equality." The will was witnessed by Josiah J Brabham, Hampton Brabham, and G.J
        Priester. John Williams died in March 1855 when his will was probated 27 Mar 1855. The appraisers of his property were John A. Hayes husband of Catherine B. Campbell Roberts Hayes, John C. Sanders, Hampton Brabham (husband of Harriett Elizabeth Kirkland}  and George I Priester. The top part of John’s headstone was broken off and lost. The remainder states:
        "In him the poor and needy found relief. He was ten years a consistent member of the Baptist Church. His wife of the 2nd marriage and six children still survive him-Who will long continue to cherish his memory with the most grateful recollections-The memory of the Just is blessed And shall come to his grave in full age, like a shock of corn Cometh in his season."
DAR=John Williams was the child of Wilson Williams b. c--1759(DAR-date) at SCBarnwellCo, d. 10Jan1836 at SCBarnwellCo; 1st wife Tamen(DAR-name) born c--1763 at SCBarnwellCo,d. about 1836 at SCBarnwellCo, m.about 1780
DAR=wife-Tamen, b. c--1763 at SCBarnwellCo, d. about 1836 at SCBarnwellCo, m.about 1780 
    {G0_Wife1} Tamer (Probably born no later than 1785), d.Feb1816 (probably near the time of the death of Wilson Williams' wife-Elizabeth Kirkland Williams.(MaidenName thought to be Creech or Chessereau}. 
         Close connection between the Creech and Williams family. Tamer was more likely to have been a Creech, but her father is unknown. 
         She was buried in the Great Salkehatchie Baptist Cemetery. Her monument reads: Beneath this stone rests the remains of Tamer Williams wife of John Williams-Who departed this life in February 1816. She was a kind mistress and neighbor, devoted wife and mother-In her, many qualities of Christian virtue were exemplified-Having been for many years A member of the Baptist Church-She died, leaving a husband and six children to mourn their loss-They that trust in the Lord shall be as mountains which cannot be moved, but
         endureth forever. Tamer’s identity has been a mystery with some members of the family believing that she was a Creech while others believed that she was the daughter of John Chessereau.  William Chessereau of Winton County (Barnwell} Book of Records 1787-1791 left a feather bed and 1/3 of bed clothes, a sorrel mare, and a yearling colt to his wife to descend to sons at her death but there appears to be no other record of this family. The Creech family, on the other hand, have intermarried with the Williams and their kin for generations.
    {G0_Wife2} Mrs. ***Mary (Jones) ((Rawley)) Williams***, b.1797 in SCWintonCo, d.1868(age71) near SCBarnwellCo,Ulmer. She was the widow of Mr. Rawley before marrying John. 17Jul1812, plat for Lewis M. Ayer for property on the 'Big Saltketcher River' showed that property owners near him were Benjamin Corbitt, Jacob Free, William Warnal, and Edmond Jones. As these people were also in the same area as John Williams, Mary could have been a relative of Edmond Jones. The only Rawley mentioned in land records is Amos Rawley.  1785 plat Amos Breland had lands on 'waters of Savannah River' in SCBeaufortDist with near land owners being Abraham Breeland and Amos Rawley. The Breland Family represented by William Breland Sr, the son of Abraham Breland, had marriages within the Kearse family. 1860 Census she is listed as living in SCUlmer within the household of her son William B Williams. Her Post Office address was Buford Bridge and she was enumerated on 13 July 1860. Her age was given as 63. She owned $4800 worth of personal property which was probably her 19 year old African American female slave. Together with John Williams' sons James Wilson
        Williams, William Britton Williams, and Jones Martin Williams, these families owned 97 African Americans kept in bondage. Their human chattel was worth nearly $100,000 near the beginning of the Civil War. The cost of secession was the lost of slaves after Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation and General Sherman's army swept through Barnwell District burning rebel homes and
        towns. Mary Jones Williams died in April 1868 and is buried in the Great Saltkehatchie Cemetery near her husband. 
{G0-A/JW&T} Harriett Elizabeth (Williams) Moody, b.~1806 in SCBarnwellDist, m. James Moody Jr, b.1808,d.1840(age32)
{G0-B/JW&T} Sophronia 'Sophia' Williams, b.1808 in SCBarnwellDist,Great Salkehatchie, d.1841 in SCBarnwellDist,Great Salkehatchie
{G0-C/JW&T} Zilphia 'Zilpha' Williams, b.1810 in SCBarnwellDist,Great Salkehatchie, d.1878 in SCBarnwellDist, Great Salkehatchie 
{G0-D/JW&T} Angus Williams, b.1810 in SCBarnwellDist,Great Salkehatchie, d.1856 in SCBarnwell,Great Salkehatchie
{G0-E/JW&T} James Wilson Williams, b.31Dec1813 in SCBarnwellDist,Great Salkehatchie, d.26Jun1879 in SCBarnwellDist,Ulmers
--- (ancestor: 2HarriettE/1John)
{G0-A/JW&T} Harriett Elizabeth (Williams) Moody, b.~1806 in SCBarnwellDist
    {G0-A_Husband} James Moody Jr., b.1808,d.1840(age32)
{G0-A/JW&T} Mary Elizabeth Moody (Williams) Sanders, b.1829. m.Wilson Sanders 1829-1865. They were first cousins. John Williams left his granddaughter $400 and her mother’s share of his property. in his will.
    {G0-A_Husband} Wilson Sanders, b.1829, d.16Mar1865. (G0-B/CS&SWS)-son of Sophia Williams and Charles SandersHe served with CompanyG 2nd SC Artillery and was mortally wounded at the battle of NCAveryboro. He was shot in the face. He married his 1stCousin 
{G0-A1/WS&MEM} William Sanders Jr
{G1-A1/WS&MEM} Charles Sanders 
{G1-A1/WS&MEM} Etta Sanders

--- (ancestor: 2Sophia/1John) 
{G0-B/JW&T} Sophronia 'Sophia'  (Williams) Sanders, b.1808 in SCBarnwellDist,Great Salkehatchie, d.1841 in SCBarnwellDist,Great Salkehatchie
     {G0-B_Husband} Charles Sanders, b.13Mar1803, d.27Sep1865,m.1828. Charles was the son of Moses and Rebecca Sanders
{G1-B1/CS&SWS} Wilson Sanders, b.1829, d.16Mar1865 -son of Sophia Williams and Charles Sanders (see above=G0-B/CS&SWS)

--- (ancestor: 2Zilphia/1John)
{G0-C/JW&T} Zilphia 'Zilpha' (Williams) Sanders, b.1810 in SCBarnwellDist,Great Salkehatchie, d.1878 in SCBarnwellDist, Great Salkehatchie. She was the 2ndWife of Charles Sanders.
     {G0-C_Husband} Charles Sanders (his 2ndWife). In 1854 Charles Sanders bought table, crockery, glassware, fire logs, 1 bed and stead and furniture, leather goods, a bushel of whippoorwill  peas, a table and plow from father-in-law estate. Zilpha raised her sister’s child and had several of her own. The Sanders were members of Mount Olivet Church and good singers. Charles Sanders was a substantial planter. He was tall and muscular. Zilpha inherited three slaves and considerable property from her father’s estate. Charles and Zilpha thought secession was a mistake but they had three sons in the Confederate Army  Will 19 Sept 1865. Inventory of estate by Wilson Sanders, W.S. Sanders and W. J. Creech. Letters of 
          Executor given to Jones M, Sanders on 8 Dec 1865} (Equity Records- (165-1)  His lands were on Hurricane Branch of Great Saltketcher
{G1-C1/CS&ZW} Mary Sanders, b.1833
{G1-C2/CS&ZW} Sarah Sanders, b.1837
{G1-C3/CS&ZW} Jones M. Sanders, b.1841, d.Sep1868
{G1-C4/CS&ZW} John W. Sanders, b.11Mar1843, d.28Feb1856
{G1-C5/CS&ZW} James Henry Sanders, b.1846 both of Hurricane Branch of Great Saltketcher
{G1-C6/CS&ZW} John C. Calhoun Sanders, b.1849
{G1-C7/CS&ZW} Sophronia Priscilla Sanders, b.1848
{G1-C8/CS&ZW} Martha Sanders, b.1856

--- (ancestor: 2JamesW/1John)
{G0-E/JW&T} James Wilson Williams, b.31Dec1813 in SCBarnwellDist,Great Salkehatchie, d.26Jun1879 in SCBarnwellDist,Ulmers. James Wilson Williams was known as 'Ole Rock Williams'  He married in is mid-thirties Winiford Myrick whose first husband had deserted her.  Winniford was the wife of William W. Dunn whom she married before 1840 and had a daughter by her first husband, who then deserted her.  Ole Rock was an executor of his fathers estate. He received slaves Lucy, Paul, Hagar, and an infant from father’s estate. Additionally John gave him $325 and 64 acres.  James Wilson ran a cotton gin and grist mill in the area. In 1848 he was given 484 acres near Salkehatchie River. In 1853 he made several transactions probably from monies from his inheritance. He bought 207 acres from Stephen Williams (son of Marmaduke Williams} for $1650. He bought 630 acres in Millers Swamp for $630 from William Register (son-in-law of Marmaduke Williams. He also bought from Thomas Raysor 500 acres for $1500, In 1860 he paid $660 for 165 acres on Steel Creek. After slavery much of his lands if not all were rented out to tenant farmers who were share croppers. After the Civil War he bought 300 acres near Thomas F. Hogg in 1878. Most of his property was in the Ulmers area like his father before him. His home was on the road between Ulmers and Sycamore and was still standing in 1970. James Wilson died in 1879 when he fell from a wagon returning home from Allendale. He broke his leg, which caused complications that led to his death. Dr. Henry W. Kearse, (a grandson of William Kearse) and Dr. John William Ogilvie were the attending physicians. He was a Mason and was buried with full honors in the Great Salkehatchie Baptist Cemetery. The gravestone inscription reads: J. Wilson Williams departed this life June 26 1879 Aged 65 years, 5 months, 26 days. Today the gravestone is broken and lays flat on the grave. This was the end of an era. After five generations of building, family lands and fortunes of this line of Williams seemed to scatter and fade away. The depressions of the 1880s and 1890s hastened the end. The region never recovered its pre Civil War prosperity. This gene pool according to Mrs.  Elizabeth Davis was devitalized. The young gradually left and agriculture, the mainstay, declined with nothing to take its place. The big plantation blocks were broken up into poor tenant farming. 
    {G0-E_Wife}  Mrs. Winniford Susan (Myrick) Dunn, daughter of Eli Myrick and Mary Creech. b.11Oct1820, d.23Feb1900(age80)
            When Winnifords father made a will, he stated that the husband of my daughter Winniford Dunn shall not enjoy, or receive, a cent in any manner. There is a story that Dunn returned and Eli Myrick gave him $100 to get lost, which he did.
            Winneford Williams was baptized at Great Salkehatchie Baptist Church in 1870. James Wilson had been a member there since before the Civil War. He allowed three slaves to be baptized there at Great Salkehatchie. A former slave named Philip was excommunicated from the church in 1869.
{G1-E1/JWW&WSMD-W} Sarah Emilia Dunn-Williams, 1840-1917(age77). m.Dr. Richard Creech Roberts 1835-1905(age70) son of Creech and Catherine B. Campbell Roberts. In 1861 J. Wilson transferred his wife’s inheritance to his step-daughter which was worth $500. 
{G1-E2/JWW&WSMD-W} Mary Tucker (Williams) Barker, b. 1844, m. James Hamilton Barker. They moved to SCBeaufortCo
{G1-E3/JWW&WSMD-W} Owen Wilson Williams, b.1845, d.19Sep1883(age38), m.Rebecca S. Ulmer 
{G1-E4/JWW&WSMD-W} Harriett Cornelia (Williams) Priester, b.1849, d.x, m.Nicholas Franklin Priester
{G1-E5/JWW&WSMD-W} John 'Jack' Williams, b.01Apr1851, d.07Jan1880(age29)  
{G1-E6/JWW&WSMD-W} Orinona 'Ola' Agnes (Williams) Hogg, b.11Oct1853, d.04Jul1928(age75), m.John Turnbull Hogg
{G1-E7/JWW&WSMD-W} Tamer Eugenia (Williams) Priester, b.27Sep1858, d.16Apr1901(age43) 
{G1-E8/JWW&WSMD-W} T. Eli Williams, 1848-1910(age62)
{G1-E9/JWW&WSMD-W} Caroline Williams. b.~1816, d.before 1854(age38). Evidently, no children.

--- (ancestor: 3SarahE/2JamesW/1John)
{G1-E1/JWW&WSMD} Sarah Emilia Dunn-Williams, 1840-1917(age77)
    {G1-E1_Husband} Dr. Richard Creech Roberts, 1835-1905(age70)
{G2-E1a/RCR&SED-W} Jane Winiford Roberts, b.28Dec1860, d.Aug1867(age7)
{G2-E1b/RCR&SED-W} Clara Myrick Roberts, b.19Oct1866, d.Mar1894(age28)

--- (ancestor: 3OwenW/2JamesW/1John)
{G1-E3/JWW&WSMD} Owen Wilson Williams, b.1845, d.19Sep1883(age38). Stayed at SCUlmers. Owens was a law officer and was shot and killed when he was 38 years old. 
    {G1-E3_Wife} Rebecca S. (Ulmer) Williams (1843-1923(age80)) Both are buried at Great Salkehatchie. 
{G2-E3a/OWW&RSU} Tamer Elizabeth Williams, b.1959?,d.1962(age?). m.Dr. James S. Greenleaf 
{G2-E3b/OWW&RSU} Robbin Plateau Williams (Robben Plato Williams?) b.1876, d.27Apr1894(age18)
{G2-E3c/OWW&RSU} Heney Edgar Williams 

--- (ancestor: 3HarriettC/2JamesW/1John)
{G1-E4/JWW&WSMD} Harriett Cornelia Williams, b.1849, d.x; In 1870, Cornelia was baptized a member of the Great Salkehatchie Baptist Church.
    {G1-E4_Husband} Nicholas Franklin Priester, son of William Priester and Betsey Moye. She was his 2ndWife. They lived at the old Priester place on the road from SCAllendale,Buford's Bridge

--- (ancestor: 3JJack/2JamesW/1John)
{G1-E5/JWW&WSMD-W} John 'Jack' Williams, b.01Apr1851, d.07Jan1880; 
    {G1-E5_Wife} Clementine Veila (Bowers) ((Williams)) Chavous. She remarried Fleming Chavous (1857-1921} was a mayor of Allendale and a bank president. However he later committed suicide. Jack Williams was said to be wild and reckless and had a temper also. 
             He was charged with assault but the charge was dismissed. He had one child who died young. He was killed when thrown from his horse. He was named for his grandfather. He was almost 29 years old when he died.
{G2-E5/JW&CVB} J.H. Williams, 1872-1876 

--- (ancestor: 3Ola/2JamesW/1John)
{G1-E6/JWW&WSMD-W} Orinona 'Ola' Agnes (Williams) Hogg, b.11Oct1853, d.04Jul1928; Agnes Hogg was baptized 1871 a member of the Great Salkehatchie Baptist Church.
    {G1-E6_Husband} John Turnbull 'Bull' Hogg Jr 
{G2-E6a/JTH&OAWH} Thomas Franklin Hogg, b.27Jul1880. He became a prominent doctor in Barnwell County after attending Clemson College and the Medical College of Charleston, SC.  He married Mollie F. Creech, daughter of Henry C. Creech
{G2-E6b/JTH&OAWH} girl infant 1884 
{G2-E6c/JTH&OAWH} John Turnbull Hogg Jr, b.28Mar1888, d.15Sep1889(age1year)

--- (ancestor: 3Tamer/2JamesW/1John)
{G1-E7/JWW&WSMD-W} Tamer Eugenia (Williams) Priester, b.27Sep1858, d.16Apr1901; Tamer Priester was baptized a member of the Great Salkehatchie Baptist Church in 1872. 
    {G1-E7-Husband} John Peter Priester (1859-1901) He was the son of William Priester and Isabella Mew. He was the nephew of Nigholas Franklin Priester and twin to William Henry Priester. Isabella died when the boys were quite small and they grew up to be spoiled boys. John Peter rode his favorite horse, on a bet, one flight up and back down the outside, circular wrought iron steps of the Barnwell County Court House. He had fine horses that he took to Charleston to race. He had a racetrack on his property. William Henry Priester in a fit of drunken lunacy over his young wife shot his father-in-law in 1881. He was sent to an insane asylum for life.  The account of his trial is contained in the Barnwell SC The People newspaper accounts for May5, May 12, May 19, and June 16, 1881. 
{G2-E7/JPP&TEW} William Martin Priester, b.1882,d.1962(age80)
{G2-E7/JPP&TEW} Sarah Priester, b.1884,d.1962(age78)
{G2-E7/JPP&TEW} Henry Counts Priester, b.1886,d.1962(age76)
{G2-E7/JPP&TEW} Jane Isabella Priester, b.1888,d.1953(age65)
{G2-E7/JPP&TEW} John Peter Priester, b.1892,d.1962(age70)
{G2-E7/JPP&TEW} Ethlene Malinda Priester, b.1894,d.1975(age81)
{G2-E7/JPP&TEW} James Wilson Priester, b.1896,d.1973(77)

--- (ancestor: 3TEli/2JamesW/1John)
{G1-E8/JWW&WSMD-W} T. Eli Williams, 1848-1910(age62) Evidently Eli was a small man who was also hot headed, high strung, and had an explosive temper. This bad temperament mixed with alcohol made him an abusive alcoholic. He was also credited with nocturnal soirees on horseback—-in the grip of the grape no doubt There was no understanding or treatment for alcoholics in those days.  He only stood 5 foot two inches and wore a size five shoe. His parents had a problem finding shoes for him. He wore a mustache and was said to have been dead attractive! He spent much too much time at his Uncle Jones’ Williams racetrack with cock fighting, much betting, and booze making up the total scene. I guess the little fella was over compensating. It was said he once snatched the dinner cloth from the table, scattering dishes, food, and cutlery etc pell mell. Eli Williams was elected the Town Marshall of Allendale in 1878 but got himself into trouble and deserted his family fleeing to Dunellen, Florida. He was an alcoholic and had a volatile temper. About a year later he became involved in a tragic accident on an election day and his friend Emmett Allen was killed. There was one story when the sheriff went looking for Eli at his father’s house, J. Wilson hid him under a barrel, then sat on the barrel and talked to the sheriff.. When Eli left Barnwell District, William Myrick, his mother’s nephew took him across the Savannah River and he sang Barbara Allen all the way. His family moved to Allendale and received a legacy from their grandfather. Eli is believed to have died in 1910 and buried in Duneden, Florida. It is also believed that he remarried and started a new life there. 
     {G1-E8_Wife} Josephine Bowers, 1856-1910 m.15Jun1871. She was the daughter of Giles Calvin Bowers and Sarah Loadholt and sister of Capus Bowers who married his cousin Rosa All.
{G2-E8a/TEW&JB} Lucy Jane Williams, b.17Oct1872, d.25Nov1934(age62) m.Jesse Frank Dyches. They had no children. They were buried at Bonaventura Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia.
{G2-E8b/TEW&JB} William Aiken Williams, b.14Jan1875, d.12Dec1913(age38)
{G2-E8c/TEW&JB} Daisy Gertrude (Williams) Lightsey, b.30Jan1879, d.05Aug1934(age55), m.16Oct1897, m.Judson Luther Lightsey b.1877, d.1938(age58)  

--- (ancestor: 4WilliamA/3TEli/2JamesW/1John)
{G2-E8b/TEW&JB} William Aiken Williams, b.14Jan1875, d.12Dec1913(age38) Aiken was the dearly beloved only son of his mother but like his father he could not handle alcohol. Aiken was high spirited, colorful character. witty, with a keen sense of humor. He was always into mischief usually at someone else’s expense.  Aiken attended the first trustee-operated school in Allendale in 1886 on the corner of Esther Street and Main Street. Esther Street was named for Esther Roberts Williams his great-great grandfathers 3rd wife. It was upstairs over a funeral establishment. Professor Henry Hartzog was head of the school. He was later President of Clemson College. Much later he remembered Aiken Williams and said he was a handful but one of the most attractive young men he’d ever taught. Aiken weighed 165 pounds and was of medium height.  Aiken served in the Spanish American War and he also managed liquor establishment for a time. He was killed in a shooting accident in Kline, SC at the age of 33. After eleven years of marriage, Pauline was left with six children and one on the way. Her life was full of hardship afterwards. His mother was so devastated by his death that she would not go to his funeral. 
    {G2-E8b_Wife} Sarah Pauline Cave b.14Jan1875, d.12Dec1913(age38),m.27Jul1902.  Both are buried in Boneventure Cemetery in Savannah. 

Children of John Williams and Mary Jones Rawley

{G8-4B7a3A1a/JWA&MEB} Annie Susan (Allen) Reeves
    {G8-4B7a3A1a/_Husband} Robert Francis Reeves
{G9-4B7a3A1a1/RFR&ASA} Carrol Ann Reeves 

{G9-4B7a3A1a1/RFR&ASA} Carrol Edwin Reeves
    {G9-4B7a3A1a1/_Wife} wife Unknown
{G10-4B7a3A1a1A/CER&wife} Virginia Ann (Reeves) Catalano  

--- (ancestor: 1Green)
{G6-4B7a3B/WW&EK} William 'Green' Williams, b.07Mar1804 in SCBarnwellDist.,d.12Jul1879(age75) in TXMorrisCo,Jenkins; Both Martin and Green eventually lost their inheritances from their father-in-law William Kearse. Green removed from SC to western GA He was listed as an heir of Wilson Williams in 1854, and an heir of Elizabeth Kirkland on partition deed 1818. Became a Missionary Baptist minister and left SCBarnwellDist in 1838 and moved to GARandolphCo. About 10years later, he moved to ALTroy where he was living during the Civil War. After the Civil War, he moved to TX-east with some of his married children - where he died. Half of his family stayed in AL and the other half went to TX. 
     {G6-4B7a3B_Wife} Harriett (Kearse) Williams m.03Nov1825 - Green was age21. Harriett was the daughter of William Kearse and Flora Brabham.
{G7-4B7a3B1/WGW&HK} Mary Elizabeth (Williams) West, b.1827 near SCBarnwell,Swallow-Savannah, d.1872(age45) in TXTitusCo, m.John Allen West on 17Dec1846 in GARandolphCo,Cuthbert died from complications of childbirth
{G7-4B7a3B2/WGW&HK} William Rice Williams, b.1830 in SCBarnwellDist,Swallow-Savannah, d.07Sep1845(age15) in GARandolphCo,Cuthbert
{G7-4B7a3B3/WGW&HK} Sarah Hanson Williams, b.04Aug1832 in SCBarnwellDist,Swallow-Savannah, d.29May1900(age68) in ALPikeCo,Rural Home Community, buried in ALPikeCo,Chapel Hill Baptist Cemetery.
{G7-4B7a3B4/WGW&HK} Georgiana Williams, b.1834 in SCBarnwellCo,Swallow-Savannah, d.23Aug1867(age33) in ALLowndesCo
{G7-4B7a3B5/WGW&HK} James Wilson Williams, b.1847 in SCBarnwellCo,Swallow-Savannah, d.16Jun1862(age25) in MSLafayetteCo,Oxford. Died while serving in AL 18th infantry Company H, as a private. He fought in the battle of Shiloh.
{G7-4B7a3B6/WGW&HK} Elliot Winifred 'Winnie' Williams, b.15Feb1840 in GARandolphCo,Cuthbert, d.12Jun1911(age71) in ALClarkeCo,Jackson.
{G7-4B7a3B7/WGW&HK} Miles Williams, b.26Sep1842 in GARandolphCo,Cuthbert, d.10Sep1924(age82) in ALCrenshaw,Vidette. Buried in ALPikeCo,Goshen-Elam Cemetery
{G7-4B7a3B8/WGW&HK} Lewis Crawford Williams, b.28Apr1845 in GARandolphCo,Cuthbert, d.06May1906 in ALCrenshawCo,Vidette. Buried in Darian Baptist Church Cemetery
{G7-4B7a3B9/WGW&HK} Rev. George Kearse 'Babe' Williams, b.06Dec1847 in GARandolphCo,Cuthbert, d.06Dec1941(age94) in TXCassCo,HughesSprings. Buried in Block3Lot9 with wife and son Leonard Fermon Williams and his daughter-in-law Vera.
{G7-4B7a3B10/WGW&HK} Martha 'Mattie' Riley Williams, b.04Aug1851 in ALPikeCo, d.04Mar1938(age87) in TXCassCo,BryanMills

--- (ancestor: 2Mary/1Green)
{G7-4B7a3B1/WGW&HK} Mary Elizabeth (Williams) West
     {G7-4B7a3B1_Husband} John Allen West, b.~1825 in GAJasperCo, d.after 1880(age55) in TXKaufmanCo. The 1880 census of TXKaufmanCo shows him living in Precinct 6 as a widower with a large family
{G8-4B7a3B1a/JAW&MEW} Harriett Kearse West
{G8-4B7a3B1b/JAW&MEW} John Allen West Jr, m. Martha Daisy Smith
{G8-4B7a3B1c/JAW&MEW} Miles Green West, m1. Nancy A. Crocker, m2.Barbara Ella Price
{G8-4B7a3B1d/JAW&MEW} James Hartsfield West, m.Mary E. Crocker
{G8-4B7a3B1e/JAW&MEW} Mary Amerine West, m1. Mr. Hines, m2. W.C.Black, m3.A.W.Cunningham
{G8-4B7a3B1f/JAW&MEW} David Franklin West, m. Mary E. Kemp
{G8-4B7a3B1g/JAW&MEW} Frances 'Fannie' West, m. Samuel W. Cole
{G8-4B7a3B1h/JAW&MEW} Minnie West
{G8-4B7a3B1i/JAW&MEW} Georgia Ann West
{G8-4B7a3B1j/JAW&MEW} Mary 'Mollie' West, m. Joseph Peter Jecker
{G8-4B7a3B1k/JAW&MEW} Nancy West
{G8-4B7a3B1l/JAW&MEW} Evie West 

--- (ancestor: 2Sarah/1Green)
{G7-4B7a3B3/WGW&HK} Sarah Hanson (Williams) Mills
     {G7-4B7a3B3_Husband} Andrew Jackson 'Jack' Mills, son of William and Elanor Graham Mills. m.30Oct1854 in ALPikeCo,Missouri-Village. b.1833 in CColumbus, d.02Jan1863 in TNRutherfordCo,Murfreesboro during Civil War as a soldier
{G8-4B7a3B3a/AJM&SHW} John Allen Mills
{G8-4B7a3B3b/AJM&SHW} Green Augustus 'Gus' Mills, m. Edith F.A. Wise
{G8-4B7a3B3c/AJM&SHW} James Robert Graves Mills, m.Mary Emma Rhodes
{G8-4B7a3B3d/AJM&SHW} Elizabeth 'Lizabeth' A. Mills, m. George W. Moye

--- (ancestor: 2Georgiana/1Green)
{G7-4B7a3B4/WGW&HK} Georgiana (Williams} Simmons, b.1834 in SCBarnwellCo,Swallow-Savannah, d.23Aug1867(age33) in ALLowndesCo. She had 2 children before she died.
     {G7-4B7a3B4_Husband} Dr. William L. Simmons, m.03Jan1856 at ALPikeCo,Troy [After her death, he married Mollie E. Kirbo and moved to TXWeatherford.]
{G7-4B7a3B4a/WLS&GW} George Joyce Simmons, husband of Lennie Coleman
{G7-4B7a3B4b/WLS&GW} Elizabeth Perry (Simmons) Scott, wife of Winfield Scott

--- (ancestor: 2Winnie/1Green)
{G7-4B7a3B6}WGW&HK} Elliot Winifred 'Winnie' (Williams) ((Hawkins)) Prim, b.15Feb1840 in GARandolphCo,Cuthbert, d.12Jun1911(age71) in ALClarkeCo,Jackson.
     {G7-4B7a3B6_Husband1} James 'Jim' A. Hawkins, m.29Dec1859 in ALPikeCo,Goshen. He died in the Civil War
     {G7-4B7a3B6_Husband2} James Jordan Prim, m. 04Oct1866 in ALPikeCo,Goshen. 
{G8-4B7a3B6a/JAH&EWW} Mary Etta Hawkins
{G8-4B7a3B6b/JAH&EWW} William Green Hawkins, m. Joseph Browning
{G8-4B7a3B6c/JAH&EWW} Elizabeth Ann 'Annie' Prim, m. John Le Costa
{G8-4B7a3B6d/JAH&EWW} Mattie Moyler Prim, m.Gerald 'Watt' Walthall Creagh 

--- (ancestor: 2Miles/1Green)
{G7-4B7a3B7/WGW&HK} Miles Williams
     {G7-4B7a3B7_Wife} Nancy (McLeod) Williams, m.11Jan1866, daughter of Malcolm and Christian McLeod. d.17Mar1922 in ALCrenshawCo,Vidette buried in ALPikeCo,Goshen,Elam Cemetery 
{G8-4B7a3B7a/MW&NMW} Hugh Williams, m.Mannie 'Perry' Lee Moore
{G8-4B7a3B7b/MW&NMW} James Wilson 'Jim' Williams, m.Laura Emily Jones
{G8-4B7a3B7c/MW&NMW} Mary 'Ola' Williams, m.David Lee "Henry" Patterson
{G7-4B7a3B7d/MW&NMW} Sarah Christi 'Sac' Williams, m.Joseph 'Joe' Lee Rhodes
{G7-4B7a3B7e/MW&NMW} Fredonia 'Effie Docie' Williams, m.Robert 'Bob' Patterson
{G7-4B7a3B7f/MW&NMW} Willie Make Williams

--- (ancestor: 2Lewis/1Green)
{G7-4B7a3B8/WGW&HK} Lewis Crawford Williams, b.28Apr1845 in GARandolphCo,Cuthbert, d.06May1906 in ALCrenshawCo,Vidette.
     {G7-4B7a3B8_Wife} Louisa J. (Owens} Williams, b.27Jul1844, d.25May1904(age60),m.18Jan1866 (daughter of Even Owens and Sophia Caffey.  
{G8-4B7a3B8a/JCW&LJO} George Lee Williams
{G8-4B7a3B8a/JCW&LJO} Lewis Crawford "Dock" Williams Jr, m.Leona Frances Carter
{G8-4B7a3B8a/JCW&LJO} Ella E. Williams, m.Francis M. Golden
{G8-4B7a3B8a/JCW&LJO} Evan 'Green' Williams, m. Emma Jackson
{G8-4B7a3B8a/JCW&LJO} Lula Jane Williams, m. James Zimri Thompson
{G8-4B7a3B8a/JCW&LJO} Mary Etta Williams, m.W.Pink King, 
{G8-4B7a3B8a/JCW&LJO} Bailey Griffin Williams
{G8-4B7a3B8a/JCW&LJO} Georgia Ann Texas Williams, m.Columbus Davis
{G8-4B7a3B8a/JCW&LJO} Sarah Winifred Williams
{G8-4B7a3B8a/JCW&LJO} Calvin Kearse Williams, m.Oma R. Fowler

--- (ancestor: 2Babe/1Green)
{G7-4B7a3B9/WGW&HK} Rev. George Kearse 'Babe' Williams, b.06Dec1847 in GARandolphCo,Cuthbert, d.06Dec1941(94) in TXCassCo,HughesSprings.
     {G7-4B7a3B9_Wife} Rebecca 'Shelomith' (Rushton) Williams, m.01Aug1867 in ALCrenshawCo,Vidette (She was daughter of William and Rebecca Rushton, b.13Sep1845 in ALMontcomeryCo,Ramar, d.24Jul1924 in TXCassCo,HughesSprings.
{G8-4B7a3B9a/GKW&RSR} Margaret 'Maggie' Jane Williams, m.Thomas J. 'Tommye' Williams 
{G8-4B7a3B9b/GKW&RSR} Elizabeth 'Bettie' Victoria Williams, m. Thomas Cobb Glover
{G8-4B7a3B9c/GKW&RSR} Sarah 'Fannie' Williams, m.Charlie Collins
{G8-4B7a3B9d/GKW&RSR} Edgar Lewis Williams, m.Rosa Lee Perser
{G8-4B7a3B9e/GKW&RSR} George Miles Williams, m.Nora Estelle Nelson
{G8-4B7a3B9f/GKW&RSR} Hattie Kearse Williams, m.Riley Frederick Smith
{G8-4B7a3B9g/GKW&RSR} Mattie Eva Rushton 'Rus' Williams, m.Rufus 'Ruf' Lafayette Fite
{G8-4B7a3B9h/GKW&RSR} Mary Ellen Williams, m.William Bedford 'Cap' Harris
{G8-4B7a3B9i/GKW&RSR} Katy Belle Williams, m.William L. Parker
{G8-4B7a3B9j/GKW&RSR} Lula May Williams, m.Leonard Weldon 'Bud' Neville
{G8-4B7a3B9k/GKW&RSR} Leonard Ferman Williams, m.Vera Reeder

--- (ancestor: 2Mattie/1Green)
{G7-4B7a3B10/WGW&HK} Martha 'Mattie' Riley (Williams) Smith, b.04Aug1851 in ALPikeCo, d.04Mar1938(age87) in TXCassCo,BryanMills
     {G7-4B7a3B10_Husband} Rev. John Smith, m.03Dec1868 in ALCrenshawCo,Vidette, Baptist Missionary Minister, son of Henry George Smith and Susan Ledlow. b.Aug1838 in GA, d.05Feb1916 in TXCassCo. Buried in TXCassCo,QueenCity
{G8-4B7a3B10a/JM&MRW} James A. Smith Jr
{G8-4B7a3B10b/JM&MRW} William Lee Smith, m.Fanny Lee Humphrey
{G8-4B7a3B10c/JM&MRW} George Kearse Smith, m.Cora L. Watson
{G8-4B7a3B10d/JM&MRW} Lou 'Ella' Smith, m1.Robert E. Lee Humphrey, m2.William Haskell Kelly
{G8-4B7a3B10e/JM&MRW} Pinkney 'Pink' Bandy Smith, m. Lee Julia Gibson
{G8-4B7a3B10f/JM&MRW} Charley Homer Smith, m.Mary Francis Byrd
{G8-4B7a3B10g/JM&MRW} Sally Smith
{G8-4B7a3B10h/JM&MRW} Alice Smith, m. Colonel Levi Spivey Biddy
{G8-4B7a3B10i/JM&MRW} Hardy Lee Smith
{G8-4B7a3B10j/JM&MRW} John Arnold 'Johnie' Smith, m.Dessa Green
{G8-4B7a3B10k/JM&MRW} Josephine 'Josie' Smith
{G8-4B7a3B10l/JM&MRW} Matthew Smith, m.Johnie Foster 
--- (ancestor: ElizH/
{G6-4B7a3C/WW?Ex} Elizabeth Harriett (Williams) Kirkland, b.09Aug1795 in SCOrangeburghDist-WintonCo,-probably at Kings Creek. d.18Mar1818(age22) near SCBarnwellDistBuford'sBridge was the mother of 3 young children under the age of 6. Died in childbirth, but the child survived. Not listed as an heir of George Kirkland in Wilson Williams' 1818 partition petition, she might not have been a daughter of Elizabeth Kirkland. (Or, simply she was a married woman or she died on 18Mar1818}
    {G6-4B7a3C_Husband} (James Brabham?) Robert Cornelius Kirkland, son of Reuben&Sara(Clark)Kirkland, George Kirkland was Robert Cornelius' uncle and he was 1stCousin to Wilson Williams' wife Elizabeth Kirkland Williams
{G7-4B7a3Ca} Britton Williams Kirkland 
{G7-4B7a3Cb} Charles Seaton Kirkland
{G7-4B7a3Cc} Harriett Brabham, m.Hampton Brabham. Listed as receiving money from Wilson Williams estate.                   

----------John Williams and Mary Jones
{G6-4B7a3D/WW&EC} John Williams 
     {G6-4B7a3D_Wife} ***Ellsey 'Mary' Jones***, b.23Jul1817 in SCBarnwellDist,Ulmers, d.26Jul1879(62) in SCBarnwellDisst,Ulmers, Adam and Ellsey All were baptized members of the Great Salkehatchie Baptist Ch in 1874  Mary received 4 slaves from her father's estate. She and her husband had 14 children. They children were listed on the back of Adam All's photograph which Sara All Abernathy, NCNewbern has in her possession
___All                 ????????????????????????????
{G6-4B7a3D} Richard 'Adam' All, b.1812,d.1882(age70),m.1933 . He was the son of Richard Adam Aull and Rachael Platts. In 1854, RAA bought table, bed, tools, a wagon, 15 head of sheep, and 7 heads of stock cattle from father-in-law estate.
{G7-4B7a3Da} William Angus Aull, b.19Oct1834,d.22Oct1902(age68). He was baptized at Great Salkehatchie Baptist Ch 01Aug1858. The pair were affectionately known as Uncle Billy and Aunt Polly. Billy All was the first Mayor of Allendale in 1877. In 1898 the sheriff sold all his household goods and house lot for a $440 debt.
        {G7-4B7a3Da_Wife} Mary (Ulmer) All, (1838-1926(age88)) 
    {G7-4B7a3Da1} William Angus All Jr., Bought all his father's household goods and house lot for a $440 debt. He supposed died of a bloody nose during a terrible storm.
    {G7-4B7a3Da1_Wife} Ida (Wilson) All, (1874-1954) daughter of Captain LeRoy Wilson and Mary Brabham

{G7-4B7a3Db} James M. All, b.1836  James and Martha joined the Great Salkehatchie Church in 1877. Served in Capt. Smarts Co. Cavalry CSA.
    {G7-4B7a3Db_Wife1} Martha (McMillan) All
    {G7-4B7a3Db_Wife2} Mrs. (Sanderson) All (previously married to Mr. Sanderson)
    {G7-4B7a3Db1} J. Addie All, b.03Jan1856, d.14Aug1885. 
        {G7-4B7a3Db1_Wife} Sallie V. Cave. 
    {G7-4B7a3Db2} Hammie All
    {G7-4B7a3Db2} Riley All 
    {G7-4B7a3Db2} Nita All
        {G7-4B7a3Db2_Husband} Johnny Green
    {G7-4B7a3Db3} John All, b.1838 Served in Capt. Smarts Co, Calvary CSA.
         {G7-4B7a3Db3_Wife} Lavincey (Copeland) All
         {G7-4B7a3Db3a} Grandson-Ernest All
    {G7-4B7a3Db4} Mary Williams (All) Boynton, b.20Jun1841,d.02Jun1917
         {G7-4B7a3Db4_Wife} Samuel Boynton. 
         {G7-4B7a3Db4a} James Boynton
         {G7-4B7a3Db4b} Ellie E. Boynton, b.03Jul1869, d.19Feb1919
    {G7-4B7a3Db5} George F. All, b.1843, He served in the Civil War as a sergeant at Fort Sumter.
         {G7-4B7a3Db5_Wife} Ida (Conner) All (m2. Joseph J. Brabham Jr.)
         {G7-4B7a3Db5a} I. Ethel All
         {G7-4B7a3Db5b} Gordon All
         {G7-4B7a3Db5c} Ruth All
         {G7-4B7a3Db5d} Heber All
    {G7-4B7a3Db6} Elizabeth (All) ((McMillan)) Boynton, b.1845.
         {G7-4B7a3Db6_Husband1} Fred McMillan
         {G7-4B7a3Db6_Husband2} James Boynton
    {G7-4B7a3Db7} Rebecca (All) Loadholt, b.22May1847,d.22May1878(age31) She was a member of the Great Salkehatchie Baptist Ch
         {G7-4B7a3Db7_Husband} Joseph Josiah Loadholt (1845-1920(age75))
         {G7-4B7a3Db7a} Charles Loadholt, b.1868
         {G7-4B7a3Db7b} Ben Robert Loadholt, b.1870
         {G7-4B7a3Db7c} William Hallie Loadholt
         {G7-4B7a3Db7d} Rebecca Loadholt
    {G7-4B7a3Db8} Jane Ann Olive (All) Rivers, b.1849  Jane was baptized at the Great Salkehatchie Baptist Ch
         {G7-4B7a3Db8_Husband} William Rivers of SCHamptonCo
         {G7-4B7a3Db8a} Rebecca Rivers
             {G7-4B7a3Db8a_Husband} Nathaniel Weekley
         {G7-4B7a3Db8b} Elsie Suzanne Ribers 
             {G7-4B7a3Db8b_Husband} Cone Nixon
         {G7-4B7a3Db8c} Rosa Josephine Rivers
             {G7-4B7a3Db8c_Husband} Charles Harrison
         {G7-4B7a3Db8d} Willie Longenia Rivers
             {G7-4B7a3Db8d_Husband} George Young
         {G7-4B7a3Db8e} Sophy Lillian Rivers
             {G7-4B7a3Db8e_Husband} Henry Loadholt
         {G7-4B7a3Db8f} David Rivers 
             {G7-4B7a3Db8f_Wife} Polly Cone
         {G7-4B7a3Db8g} Amanda Jane Rivers
             {G7-4B7a3Db8g_Husband} Mr. Cone
         {G7-4B7a3Db8h} Jones Henry Columbus All, b.22Sep1853,d.12Dec1937(age84)
             {G7-4B7a3D8h_Wife} Theodosia Gertrude Bowers
         {G7-4B7a3Db8i} Brooks All, (Brooks All joined Great Salkehatchie Baptist Ch in 1877}
             {G7-4B7a3Db8i_Wife} Sula Beard  ?Polly Thomas
             {G7-4B7a3Db8iA} Tom Brooks All 
             {G7-4B7a3Db8aB} Becky All
                 {G7-4B7a3Db8ab_Husband} Mr. Padgett
         {G7-4B7a3Db8j} Richard Allen All
             {G7-4B7a3Db8j_Wife} Emma Brant
             {G7-4B7a3Db8jA} Pearl All
                 {G7-4B7a3Db8jA_Husband} George Black
             {G7-4B7a3Db8jB} Jane All
                 {G7-4B7a3Db8jB_Husband} D.H.Moring
             {G7-4B7a3Db8jC} Charles All 
             {G7-4B7a3Db8jD} Jones All
             {G7-4B7a3Db8jE} Benjamin All, d.(age83)
          {G7-4B7a3Db8k} Rosa (All) Bowers
              {G7-4B7a3Db8k_Husband1} Capus Bowers, (1854-1888) son of Giles Calvin Bowers and Sarah Loadholt. Capus Bowers got into a fight in a tavern with Pig Sullivan. In self-defense Capus shot him and was subsequently imprisoned. Capus was a wealthy man when he went to prison. Rosa All remarried and gave up custody of her children. Capus became terminally ill in prison and at he the request of his close relatives he was released in their care. He died soon after. What a sad homecoming that must have been-sick, children scattered, wife gone, and life shattered. Joe Josiah Loadholt reared one boy and William All brought up the other
              {G7-4B7a3Db8k_Husband2} Mr. Morris
              {G7-4B7a3Db8kA} Harvey Bowers  (died young) 
              {G7-4B7a3Db8kB} Richard Bowers
              {G7-4B7a3Db8kC} Mamie Bowers
                  {G7-4B7a3Db8kC_Husband} Willie R. Harvey
           {G7-4B7a3Db8l} Elliott (All) Lane
                {G7-4B7a3Db8l_Husband} Allen Lane
                {G7-4B7a3Db8lA} Joseph A. Lane, b.26Dec1877,d.25Oct1884(age7)
                {G7-4B7a3Db8lB} Martha M. Lane, b.16Nov1893,d.21Jul1898(age5)
                {G7-4B7a3Db8lC} Jones Lane
           {G7-4B7a3Db8m} Sarah 'Sally' (All) Beard, (She had one arm and remarkable energy.}
                {G7-4B7a3Db8m_Husband} William Beard, son of Thomas Beard

    {G7-4B7a3Db9} Jones Martin Williams - SC State Senator, b.08Nov1818 in SCBarnwellDist,Ulmers-nearby,d.14Feb1877(age59) at Ulmers.
                       He was an executor of his father's estate and received 4 slaves from the estate. He also in herited from his father 300 acres called the Williams Estate Jones M. Williams ran a horse race track.  The sport of the day was horse racing with gambling a major part of it. Several planters had their own racetracks.  Jones M. Williams racetrack had a mahogany rail around it.  Rumor has it the door knobs in their home were of silver. He was an influential and wealthy man. His name appears in the deed records buying and selling in Barnwell County many, many times.  In 1851 Jones M. Williams sold 132 acres which had once belonged to Wilson Williams: For purpose of obtaining a new grant for himself-It being a  part of a tract of 640 acres granted to Wilson Williams in 1806 on Wells Branch. The Jones M. Williams plantation contained 3,735 acres when he died. He is included in the Biographical Directory of the Senate of SC 1776-1964. It states: Jones M. Williams, Senator from Barnwell County,
                       the son of John Williams. Extensive cotton planter of Briar Creek Plantation, Barnwell District. Married Rebecca T. Priester, who died in 1908. Commissioner of free schools, Magistrate. Commissioner of Roads. Soldier’s Board of  Relief 1862-1864. SC Senate, Barnwell Co. 1876-77. Member Great Salkehatchie Baptist Church. General chairman for Barnwell Baptist Association 1867. 
                        As chairman finished paying for publication of History of the Association and Its Churches by the Rev. Lewis H. Shuck. Died in office as Senator February 14, 1877 in Barnwell County. Buried in Great Salkehatchie Cemetery, in Ulmers. Two of Jones slaves were members of the Salkehatchie Church. Jones was Junior Warden when the Masonic Lodge at Buford’s Bridge was organized. It was later moved to Jennys, and Loadholts Mill, then to Fairfax, SC. In 1850 he donated for the preacher. His wife was excluded from Great Salkehatchie. Jones gave property for Allen Chapel Baptist Church in 1856 near Ulmers on the Barnwell Road. This church still stands and is used today. Most of his lands was around the Ulmers area (Wells Branch, Jackson Branch, Big Salkehatchie} was owned by Jones M Williams. This area was called the Great Cypress. He left his widow and child well taken care of.
               {G7-4B7a3Db9-Wife} Rebecca T. Priester b.1845,d.1909(age64). 
           {G7-4B7a3Db9a} Jones Angus Williams, b.18Dec1842,d.20Dec1876 After his untimely death, his widow married his cousin James Roberts Williams. At her death she was buried at Great Salkehatchie Cemetery next to Angus. She was very attractive and full of life. She had nicknames Hon and Cele. Her father was Capt. William Ransom Barker. Angus was indulged and spoiled being the only child. This was a period of prosperity before the Civil War.  Angus was a student at Furman University when the Civil War broke out. He left school to enlist. When Angus went to join his regiment for service in the CSA, his father sent an African American boy to serve as a valet for him. The Captain of the Regiment laughed at Angus, sent the boy home on the captains horse. He kept Angus horse for his own use. Eventually Angus became a sergeant.
                    {G7-4B7a3Db9a-Wife} Celia Amander Barker. 
                {G7-4B7a3Db9aA} Jones Angus Williams Jr, b.1865,d.24Dec1938(age73) 
                        {G7-4B7a3Db9aA_Wife} May Bemberg (Her family was highly respected and well to do. Her father was General F. M. Bamberg and mother was Mary Ann Jennings. Jones A. Williams Jr inherited all his fathers property. This line of Williams was known to be proud, high living people. When the ravages of the Civil War left an era of devastation and hard times, with much change, many of these well to do families seemed to deteriorate and not recover for generations.) 
                 {G7-4B7a3Db9aB} Elizabeth Wroten Williams, (died in infancy)
                 {G7-4B7a3Db9aC} William Barker Williams, (died in infancy)

NOT REV--- {G7-4B7a3Db10} William Britton Williams, Captain, b.1820 in SCBarnwellDist,near Great Salkehatchie River. d.11Aug1893(age73) at Ulmer (Captain Billy as he was known received monies in the name of his father’s estate several times. Captain Billy Williams received 500 acres and four slaves from his fathers estate. He was the Tax Collector for Barnwell County for years. Captain Billy Williams as recorded in Deed D 549 bought a slave Beth and gave her to a free man of color named Moses.  His father John Williams witnessed the deed. He must have been the favored son for he inherited the family home built by his father in 1810. He was one of the executors of his father’s estate. "The remainder of my tract of land that I have heretofore conveyed to him containing 62 acres more or less. Also the remainder of my tract of 411 acres, after cutting off sixty acres for my son James Wilson:on condition said son William B. pays $649 to be divided as part of my estate. Also four slaves." This bequest contained the homestead. He was buried at Great Salkehatchie Baptist Cemetery.
                  {G7-4B7a3Db10_Wife} Sarah Simpson Roberts, b.20Mar1819,d.22Mar1878(age59)-daughter of Stephen Roberts and Polly Lions
             {G7-4B7a3Db11} John Perry Williams, b.24Apr1842, d.18Mar1878(age36). (He received his inheritance from his father in 1873, 400 acres. He was a member of the Salkehatchie Baptist Church and was a Mason.  This whole family died with Tuberculosis a weakness for this disease ran through several generations of this  branch of the Williams. Much property in Barnwell County and surrounding areas was swampy, which may have contributed to the diseased.)
                      {G7-4B7a3Db11_Wife} Mary 'Mollie' Hoover, b.04Apr1842,d.02Dec1902(age60). daughter of Rev. John Hoover. 
                  {G7-4B7a3Db11a} Mack Williams
                  {G7-4B7a3Db11b} Josie Williams, b.1876,d.1895(age19). She never married.
                  {G7-4B7a3Db11c} Hay Williams
                  {G7-4B7a3Db11d} Mamie (Williams) Craddock
                      {G7-4B7a3Db11d_Husband} Dr. Craddock
                  {G7-4B7a3Db11e} Mary 'Molly' Williams
                  {G7-4B7a3Db11f} Sally (Williams) Cummings, b.01May1871,d.17Apr1898(age27), m. Henry Cummings
        {G7-4B7a3Db12} Ann Williams, b.15Jun1845,d.03Jun1908(age63)
                  {G7-4B7a3Db12_Husband} James Wilson Myrisk, son of John Myrick
              {G7-4B7a3Db12a} Viola (Williams) Myrick
                  {G7-4B7a3Db12a_Husband} Mr. Myrick from VA

        {G7-4B7a3Db13} Amanda Rebecca Williams b.1848,d.1878(age30)

        {G7-4B7a3Db14} James Roberts Williams, J.R. inherited from his father the old John Williams homestead. He had three children. They lived on the old John Williams place. Rawley had tuberculosis. After Rawley’s death she married Malvin Hogg and gave up her daughter to be reared by Rawleys sister Jane. Rawley Williams had a daughter named Rowley Williams (daughter} born Dec 23, 1906 died August 16, 1991 who married 
            Lewis Lovett (1903-1984(age81)) of Wrightsville Georgia. She inherited the old Williams house and property from her father. The old house was occupied until 1950. Rawley Lovett has taken many of the old boards from the house for paneling to enhance her present home in Wrightsville, Georgia. The poor old house so rich in memories with daylight shining through the cracks is about to give up the ghost.  
               J R Williams's other children were Jane Williams who married Dr. Mack Lewis. She had no children but raised her niece Rowley Williams. He had a store in Sycamore SC with his doctors office in the rear. Later they lived in SCBamberg. Janes nickname was Doll. She graduated from Winthrope College.  The other daughter was Ann Williams
                 {G7-4B7a3Db14_Wife1} Minnie Hoover, b.06Jul1848,d.04Jun1878(age30)-she was the daughter of Rev. John Hoover. 
                 {G7-4B7a3Db14_Wife2} Celia Amanda Barker, widow of his cousin Jones Angus Williams. 
             {G7-4B7a3Db14a} Edwin Rawley Williams b.12Jan1872,d.28Jan1907(age35). 
                   {G7-4B7a3Db14a_Wife} Lennie Drew Folk - Lennie Drew was quite young when they married and they lived on the old John Williams place. Rawley had tuberculosis. He added a room off the kitchen for a sick room.  She never knew anything but an ill husband and she nursed him faithfully. But she was inexperienced and everything came hard for her. 
                   {G7-4B7a3Db14a_Wife-2ndHusband} Melvin Hogg
                   {G7-4B7a3Db14aA} Rowley (Williams) Lovett, b.23Dec1906,d.16Aug1991(age85)-after Rawley death, she gave up her daughter to be reared by Rawleys sister,Jane.  
                        {G7-4B7a3Db14aA-Husband} Lewis Lovett (1903-1984) of GAWrightsville. She inherited the old Williams house and property from her father. The old house was occupied until 1950. Rawley Lovett had taken many of the old boards from the house bor paneling to enhance her present home in GAWrightsville. 

              {G7-4B7a3Db14b} DAR=Jane Caroline Williams,b.23Aug1852 at SCBarnwellCo, d.13May1886(age34), m. c--1873 She eloped from a second story window.
-->Carolyn T England-Natl#:520417,Ancestor#:A125897 Jane Caroline Williams was the child of William B Williams b.1820 at SCBarnwell, d. 1870 at SCBarnwellCo

                   {G7-4B7a3Db14b} William Jeter Myrick, b.19Jun1848,d.04Apr1937(age89). m.1873 - he was the son of John Myrick (1812-1817(age5?)) He served in Company G 2nd Infantry CSA. 
                   {G7-4B7a3Db14bA}  William Williams Myrick, b.07Mar1873,d.1952(age79)) 
                        {G7-4B7a3Db14A_Wife} Rosa Cave
                   {G7-4B7a3Db14bB} Mary Pauline Myrick, b.21Feb1878,d.10Feb1956(age78)
                        {G7-4B7a3Db14bB_Husband} John Matthew Griffin
                   {G7-4B7a3Db14bC} John Myrick
                        {G7-4B7a3Db14bC_Wife} Miss Fugeson 

     {G7-4B7a3Db15} Mary Williams, b.~1825 in SCBarnwellDist,GreatSalkehatchie (She inherited 5 slaves and “a tract of land whereon she now lives contains 163 acres from her father..}
          {G7-4B7a3Db15_Husband} James 'Jim' Hick Williams

{G6-4B7a3E/WW?Ex} Rev. 'Martin' Jones Williams, b.~1800 in SCBarnwellDist,d.Oct1843(age43) in SCBarnwell Dist   Martin and Green Williams were brothers, they were also brothers-in-law. 29Jan1824 Martin bought from the estate of Stephen Roberts, a shotgun. Martin had some serious debts and probably was not good at farming or business. Previous to Jan1828, Martin opened an account with Josiah Dickerson, a merchant at Buford's Bridge. Until 1830, Martin was giving Dickerson promissory notes rather than paying what he owed. A jusgement against Martin was filed Mar1830 for $294. 
    Martin then was making some payments so that Dickerson did not enforce judgement until 07Apr1834. (Chancery and Equity Records Group 37 Josiah Dickerson vs. Martin J. Williams and Josiah D. Williams) 1830 census of SCBarnwellDist, Martin Williams was living near his father, Wilson and his brother, Green. He had a wife and 3 children-2 sons and a daughter. He had 1 slave. Only the name of one of these children is known as the others probably died in childhood. This is the only census for which Martin Williams can be located. The land that the merchant, Dickerson, wanted to put a lien against did not belong to Martin Williams, but to his infant son, Josiah Dickerson Wiliams, whom Wilson Williams, his grandfather, had sold to him 01Mar1829 for $900. Dickerson claimed that this land, long before 1829, was given by gift or payment and actually belonged
     to Martin J. Williams. No money was ever paid to Wilson Williams, and Dickerson claimed that Wilson's deed to Josiah D. Williams was fraudulent.  Martin J. Williams answered saying that the deed was good, and the debt real and he wished to pay for it. The land was partly sold to settle the debt, but title was confirmed to Josiah D. Williams. On 17Oct1834 judgement against Martin J. Williams and Josiah D. Williams's lands were sold to William Priester for $150 and $350. The land was in the neighborhood of Buford's Bridge on Big Saltketcher from a plat made by John M. Allen; part of a larger tract where Martin J. Williams resides containing 200 acres. In 1834, Martin resided in the Three-Hole Savannah neighborhood on 300 acres adjacent to William Green Williams and James McMillan. On 20Nov1835, with his son, Josiah Dickerson Williams, he sold more land to William Priester on Big Saltketcher.  The 1838 Equity Court Bundle 71, package 12, showed Martin J. Williams was a son-in-law of William Kearse.
                  His wife Sally was given 2 slaves, Mary and Lorra from her father's estate in 1838. They were her property and not Martin's.  It is not known when Martin J. Williams became a Methodist Circuit Preacher, but he was frequently away for long periods of time leaving his wife and children in the care of relatives. He and his brother, Green Williams, were religious men and poorly suited to be farmers. However, they were separated by denominational differences. He was a Methodist Circuit Preacher and his circuit included eastern GA and western SC. Both Martin and Green eventually lost their inheritances from their father-in-law William Kearse. 
                  1840 census for SCBarnwellDist does not list Martin Williams not his wife Sarah. The family would have been living in the Three Hole region unless they had temporarily moved out-of-state.  Rev.M.M.Brabham in MizpahFamilyBook states that Martin Jones Williams died a mysterious death. His wife, Sarah? or Sallie? Kearse was tried in SCBarnwellDist for poisoning her husband. Not enough evidence was found to determine what happened to Martin and she was acquitted. Martin Jones Williams and Sarah Kearse probably had at least 6 children and she had at least 4 more after his death although she remained unmarried. 1860 census of SCBarnwell, GMW was living with two women bywho he was having children. 
    {G6-4B7a3E_Wife} Sarah (Kearse) Williams, b.1805. Probably d.around 1866(age61)  Daughter of William Kearse and Flora Brabham. Sister to Harriett Kearse Williams. In late 1843, the state of SC tried Sarah Williams for the murder of her husband Martin Williams by poison. Judge Josiah J Evans presided over the trial. More details at   1850 census of SCBarnwellDist, taken on 29Jul1850, listed Martin J. Williams wife Sallie and his children. Household #308 without any property. This suggests that the family had lost its land and slaves due to bad management of finances. The census only listed Sarah Williams, age 45, as head-of-household. Included in her household were her children, George [George Perry] age 11, Mary age 9, Sophronia age 8, Henrietta 6, Aldred [Aldrich] age 4, and Cornelius age 1.   male=Allen Harter, son of Abraham Harter. b.1825,d.1866(age41). 1850 census indicates that any children born prior to George Perry Williams were either married or had died.
                  The nearest neighbors to Martin Williams' family in 1850 were John Lyons, age 56; Henry Mixon, age 47; William Smith, age 20; and Martin's half-nephew William B Williams who resided in household #306  Sarah Williams was cohabitating with other men after the death of Martin J. Williams as that Henrietta, Aldrich and Cornelius were born after his death in 1843. Sarah's last known child, Savannah, was b.1854 according to the 1860 census. The father of the children born after Martin died is unclear, but as she named one of them Aldrich, his father could have been J.J.Aldrich and the others fathered by Harter. The descendants of Abraham Harter's family became intertwined with the family of Martin J Williams and Preston L Williams, who was a descendant of Marmaduke Williams
                  On 20Jan1859, Sarah Williams bought 977 pounds of pork from the estate of Mary Myrick, widow of Eli Myrick. Why she would need so much meat is unknown.  Sally Williams and Allen Harter are still living together in Mar1859 when they were mentioned in the estate of John Platt as having doubtful accounts. 1860 census of SCBarnwellDist showed that Sarah Williams sill as the head-of-household or within the household of Allen Harter - as the enumerator crossed out the name Allen. The census was taken 21Jul1860 with Sarah Williams listed as age 53. Above her is listed Allen Harter, age 40 who is listed as a farmer with $600 worth of real-estate and $800 worth of personal property. The reason to believe that Allen Harter is listed as head of this Williams household, is the inclusion of Andrew Harter, age 60 who was Allen's uncle  Also included are all the children who was listed in 1850 except for daughter Mary Jane Williams. She was living with Allen's brother, George Martin Harter who was also living with Teresa Ann Harvey. Both these women were not married to George M Harter, but bore him many children. Sally Kearse Williams became the common law wife of Allen Harter. 
                  Allen Harter brother George M Harter was appointed administrator and the estate was appraised by Preston L. Williams, Edward M. Cope and Abraham Chasseareeau. George M. Harter was the son-in-law of Sally Kearse Williams
{G7-4B7a3Ea/MJW&SK} Josiah Dickerson Williams, b.1828,d.25Sep1894(age66).
{G7-4B7a3Eb/MJW&SK} George Perry Williams, b.1839
{G7-4B7a3Ec/MJW&SK} Mary Jane (Williams) Brunson, b.1841 m.Jacob Brunson
{G7-4B7a3Ed/MJW&SK} Sophronia Williams, b.1842
{G7-4B7a3Ee/??&SK} Henrietta Williams, b.1844 (not a child of Martin Jones Williams)
{G7-4B7a3Ef/??&SK} Aldred [Aldrich] Williams, b.1846 (not a child of Martin Jones Williams)
{G7-4B7a3Eg/??&SK} Allen 'Cornelius' Williams, b.1849 (not a child of Martin Jones Williams)
{G7-4B7a3Eh/??&SK} Savannah Williams, b.1854
{G7-4B7a3Ei/MJW&SK} unnamed son, born prior to the 1830 census
{G7-4B7a3Ej/MJW&SK} unnamed daughter, born prior to the 1830 census
       1850 census of SCBarnwell Dist-Child Henry E. Williams is certainly the same as Henrietta Williams, age 6. What is peculiar is that this child was identified as female, but in 1860, the child was identified as male.

{G7-4B7a3Ea/MJW&SK} Josiah Dickerson Williams, b.1828,d.25Sep1894(age66).
    {G7-4B7a3Ea_Wife} Susan Sanders (Bassett) Williams - daughter of Thomas Bassett and Mahala Sanders
{G8-4B7a3Ea1/JDW&SSB} Rebecca Williams
{G8-4B7a3Ea2/JDW&SSB} Jeremiah W Williams
{G8-4B7a3Ea3/JDW&SSB} Josiah Joyce Williams, m.Hantie Knight
{G8-4B7a3Ea4/JDW&SSB} George Perry Williams
{G8-4B7a3Ea5/JDW&SSB} Mahala Ann Williams, m.John Virgil Dowling
{G8-4B7a3Ea6/JDW&SSB} Sallie Savannah Williams, m.Thomas Jackson Deer
{G8-4B7a3Ea7/JDW&SSB} Sue Best Williams, m.Nathaniel B DeLoach

{G7-4B7a3Eb/MJW&SK} George Perry Williams, b.12Apr1838,d.08Oct1911(age73)
     {G7-4B7a3Eb_Wife1} Harriett S. Priester, m.~1866 (daughter of George Priester and Rebecca Pulaski. b.1933,d.23Jan1908?)
{G8-4B7a3Eb1/GPW&HSP} Martin Williams, b.1868
{G8-4B7a3Eb1/GPW&HSP} Adam Duffie Williams, b.06Jun1874,d.01Jun1951(age77), m1.Mary Elizabeth Main, m2.Clara Belle Beard
{G8-4B7a3Eb1/GPW&HSP} Benjamin Franklin Williams, b.27Jun1876,d.18Nov1958(age82), m.Dalcelia Lorraine Roberts
{G8-4B7a3Eb1/GPW&HSP} Sarai Williams, b.1877

{G6-4B7a3H/WW?Ex} Mary (Williams0 Brunson, b.x She is perhaps the daughter of Elizabeth Kirkland.  (Knowledge of Mary Williams is from researcher Mrs. Elizabeth Davis.)
     {G6-4B7a3H/_Husband} Jacob Brunson, b.1800. He was the son of John Brunson Sr. The Brunson family had land at Jackson Branch and Whippy Swamp adjoining John Allen Esq., the estate of Benejah Best, Charles Boyles, John Boyles, Josiah G. Allen, and Wilson Williams  Jacob Brunson mater married Harriett Myrick, daughter of Eli Myrick and Mary Creech. Jacob and Harriett had children, Eli Isaac Brunson and Elizabeth E. Brunson wife of William R. Williams  Jacob Brunson is mentioned as receiving money from the estate of Wilson, but Mary is not listed as an heir of either George Kirkland or Wilson Williams 1841 deed lists Jacob Brunson and Harriett Brunson living near Richard Creech Roberts on Jackson Branch. 
           Mar1841, a 152-foot dam was destroyed and a mill that ground for neighborhood was also destroyed. Jacob Brunson was listed as insolvent in 184.
{G7-4B7a3H?/JB&MW} ? Seth Daniel must have been her guardian

   I don't know if Mary Williams is the same as Mary Jane Williams
{G6-4B7a3H_Cohabitated} Mary Jane Williams, cohabitated with George Martin Harter
{G6-4B7a3H/[D-MyWilliamsSouthernRoots-Martin Jones Williams&Sarah Kearse]} Mary Jane Williams, b.18Sep1840, d.10May1887. Had 9 children by George Martin Harter.
{G7-4B7a3H1/GMH&MJW} George M. Williams, b.1859, d.1887(age28)  [1860 census of SCBarnwellDist he was age1 and Mary Williams was age20]
{G7-4B7a3H2/GMH&MJW} Harry Walton Harter, b.1860, d.1921(age61),m.Rosa Pauline Faust
{G7-4B7a3H3/GMH&MJW} Sarah E. Harter, b.1862, d.1937(age75), m. Virgil Wilson Manuel
{G7-4B7a3H4/GMH&MJW} Harriett "Hattie" Corine (Harter) Cadle, b.1865, d.1937(age72), m.Charles J. Cadle
{G7-4B7a3H5/GMH&MJW} John Jasper Harter, b.866, d.1899(age33), m.Savannah Bates Creech
{G7-4B7a3H6/GMH&MJW} Wyman Jones Harter, b.1871, d.1938(age67), m.Addie Lou Ann Croft, m2.Rosa Wade, m3.Mrs. Angie Owens Crumple
{G7-4B7a3H7/GMH&MJW} Eddie Frampton Harter, b.1878, d.1960(age82), m.Savannah Bates Creech - brothers widow
{G7-4B7a3H8/GMH&MJW} Pinkey Mollie Harter, b.1881. d.1898(age17)
{G7-4B7a3H9/GMH&MJW} Joseph Perry Harter, b.1882, d.1961(age79), m. Harriett Eugenia Platts{G6-T4B7a3H_Cohabitated} George Martin Harter, the brother of Allen Harter and sons of Absolum Harter
{G6-4B7a3H_Cohabitated} Teresa Hartey 
{G7-4B7a3H_1} Rebecca Harter
{G7-4B7a3H_2} William Harter
{G7-4B7a3H_3} Eleanor Harter
{G7-4B7a3H_4} Teresa Harter, b.1859-60(age6months) [1860 census in SCBarnwellDist, she was 6 months old]

{G7-4B7a3Ee/??&SK} Henrietta Williams, b.1844,d.after 1860(age16) (not a child of Martin Jones Williams}

{G7-4B7a3Ef/??&SK} Aldred [Aldrich] Williams, b.1846,m. Frances Lyons, the daughter of Edward Lyons and Milly All. (not a child of Martin Jones Williams, he may have been named for J.J.Aldrich)

{G7-4B7a3Eg/??&SK} Allen 'Cornelius' Williams, b.21Mar1848,d.03Aug1937(age89) in SCHampton,HickoryGrove (not a child of Martin Jones Williams, may have been named after Allen Harter); 
    {G7-4B7a3Eg_Wife1} Harriett Simpson Cone, b.1839, d.1881(age42)
    {G7-4B7a3Eg_Wife2} Mary Elizabeth Barnes, b.1862, d.1897(age35)
{G8-4B7a3Eg1/ACW&HSC} William Jones Williams, b.14Dec1872, d.21Jun1948(age78) m.Susan C. Platts
{G8-4B7a3Eg2/ACW&HSC} Wade Hampton Williams, b.16Dec1875, d.31Oct1941(age66), m.Viola May Platts
{G8-4B7a3Eg3/ACW&HSC} John Allen Williams, b.27Sep1880, d.28Sep1945(age65), m.Verna Louise
{G8-4B7a3Eg4/ACW&MEB} Harriett Cone Williams, b.18Sep1886, d.25Jun1981(age95), m.Albert Roy Monroe
{G8-4B7a3Eg5/ACW&MEB} Thomas DeWitt Williams, b.17Apr1888, d.26Jul1960(age72), m1.Olive Murray,m2.Maude C. Johns
{G8-4B7a3Eg6/ACW&MEB} Mary Ursula Williams, b.03Nov1892, d.24Sep1982(age90), m.Jasper Lee Weekley
{G8-4B7a3Eg7/ACW&MEB} Mamie Edna Williams, b.09Jan1897, d.24Feb1898(age1). 

{G7-T4B7a3Eh/??&SK} Savannah Williams, b.1853,d.04Oct1931(age78) in SCEdgefieldCo, unmarried.

?{G6-4B7a3L/WW&ER} James Lawrence Williams,  1850 census, Barnwell Dist,SC-household#354 (age 25)
    {G6-4B7a3L_Wife} Ellen (x} Williams       1850 census, Barnwell Dist,SC-household#354 (age 24)
{G7-4B7a3La/JLW&Ex} James Wilson Williams,  1850 census, Barnwell Dist,SC-household#354 (age 9 mo-born in SC}

?{G6-4B7a3O/WW?Ex} Richard Creech Williams
    {G6-4B7a3O_Wife} unknown
{G7-4B7a3O1} Martin Jones Williams (Rev.), b.~1800 in SCBarnwell Dist,d.Oct1853(age43)in SCBarnwellDist
{G7-4B7a3O1_Wife} Sarah (Kearse) Williams, b.Oct1805 daughter of William Kearse, and Flora Brabham. Sister to Harriett Kearse Williams. 

___ Best Family
{G1} Absalom B. Best was first cousin to Catherine Blanche Campbell Roberts and was the son-in-law of Wilson Williams
{G1_Wife} Winnifred Riley (Williams)

___Brabham Family
{G0-A} John Brabham
    {G0-A_Wife} Martha Moye
{G1-A1} Hampton Brabham, b.11Sep1812, d.08Dec1881(age69). Bought a young bay horse from the estate of John Williams named "Brittain". 

{G1-A1} Hampton Brabham
     {G1-A1_Wife} Elizabeth Harriett (Williams) Brabham. Her father left her 13 slaves, $400, and a piano in his will. 
             Harriett's son-in-law, Joseph Seth Mixon, b.28Apr1836, d.22Mar1899, m.Martha on 23Dec1859
{G2-A1a} Rosa Brabham
{G2-A1b} Elliott J. Brabham
{G2-A1c} Mary A. Elizabeth (Brabham) Wilson, m. LeRoy Wilson
{G2-A1d} Martha (Brabham} Mixon, m. Josiah Seth Mixon - He was the son of William Joyce Mixon Sr. and Sarah Ann Johnson and a graduate of the Citadel. He became a judge in SCAllendale.
{G2-A1e} Charles Franklin Brabham, m. Cornelia A. Brabham
{G2-A1f} William Robert Brabham, m. Laura Brant
{G2-A1g} Allen Hampton Brabham, m. Josephine Barker
{G2-A1h} Moye Elliott Brabham, b.1848 but never married. He was well established in business when he died young.
{G2-A1i} Caroline 'Carrie' Brabham, d.05Jul1866 when the SCBamberg,Masonic Lodge Building collapsed killing 6children and 2 adults.
{G2-A1j} Hattie Brabham, d.05Jul1866 when the SCBamberg,Masonic Lodge Building collapsed killing 6children and 2 adults.

___ Campbell Family
{G0-A} William Campbell, b.~1740,d.01Jul1823(age83) in SCBarnwellDist. 1760's-lived in NCJohnsonCo on lands bought from Robert Lee and near lands of John Lee and Theophilus Williams 1773 had lands on Briar Creek and Rocky Creek waters of Savannah River by "Lee's Old Place" in StGeorgeParrish. He fought in the Revolutionary War. 
                    21Oct1796-NCWintonCo-deed  witnessed by Ambrose Boatwright and John M. Davis
                    18Feb1799, bought from Wilson Williams, his father's lands on King Creek-first granted to William Brown (Deed Book A, page 124) 
                    1800 census shows he lived near Richard Creech, Dempsy Phillips and John Broyles in SCBarnwellDistrict. Shows that he was >age45, owned 9 African-Americans slaves
                    when he died, John Owens was the estate administrator. The surietors were Michael Brown, Simeon R. Cannon. 
    {G0-A_Wife} Mary 'Polly' (LastNameUnknown-but, possibly Lee) Campbell. b.between 1755-1774 from 1800 census. (two daughters between 16 and 25, and two boys and a girl under 10.)
    {G0-A_Wife2} 'Milly' Williams ((Arthur)) Campbell  (daughter of Absalom Best and Elizabeth Blanchard. She remarried after the death of her husband, m2.Thomas Green Arthur)
{G2-A1/WC&ML-MW} Joshua Campbell, m. Zipha (Best) Campbell 
       1Apr1799 bought 116 acres on Briar Creek from Wilson Williams for $8-adjoining James Joy, James Lee and property of Britton Williams. Deed was recorded 28Feb1800. The small amount makes it appear tht there was some special connection between the two men.
       1800 census-age between 16 and 25 (b. 1775-1784) with a wife the same age and 1 son age 10 and 1 son and 2 daughters under 10 years of age. He had 1 slave.
       23Jun1801 had 121 acres on Little Brier Creek of Savannah adjoining lands of James Joyce, Wilson Williams and the estate of Britton Williams. Wilson Williams at the time was in GAWashingtonCo
       Managed estates from 1813-1820. Before 21Dec1827, he died.
{G2-A2/WC&ML-MW} Millicent (Campbell) Bryant, m. Mr. Bryant. from Chancery&EquityRecords-she lived in NC
{G1-A3/WC&ML-MW} Israel Campbell, (?m. Leodica 'Dicy' Best) 1800 census, Israel and Alexander lived next to each other in SCBarnwellDistrict. (daughter of Absalom Best and Elizabeth Blanchard. She remarried after the death of her husband. m2.John Mears}
{G1-A4/WC&ML-MW} Mary 'Poly' (Campbell) ((Fullerton)) Bowie, m1.Mr. Fullerton, m2. James Bowie in GA in 1827. 
{G1-A5/WC&ML-MW} Alexander Campbell, m1. Elizabeth  23Jun1801-he witnessed the deed on 23Jun1801,  he had 131 acres of Little Briar Creek of Savannah adjoining James Joyce, Wilson Williams and estate of Britton Williams
            1800 census, his age was between 26 and 44 (1756-1774(age18)) and had wife 16-25 (b.1775-1784}. There is two daughters under the age of 10. 
            21Dec1837-from Chancery-and-EquityRecords-he was deceased
{G1-A6/WC&ML-MW} Sarah Campbell
{G1-A7/WC&ML-MW} Charlotte (Campbell) Taylor, m. Cornelius Taylor May1815-6 and died shortly afterward
{G1-A8/WC&ML-MW} 'Dicy' (Campbell) Mears, m.John Mears moved to GA (from Chancery-and-Equity Records)
{G1-A9/WC&ML-MW} Thyzra Campbell, d. 1812 (from Chancery&EquityRecords}
{G1-A10/WC&ML-MW} Mahala (Campbell) Arthur, - daughter-in-law Zylphia Campbell widow of Joshua Campbell-m. Thomas Green Arthur

___ Harter Family
{G0-A} Abraham Harter 
{G1-A1} Allen Harter

{G1-A} Allen Harter,  b.1825, d.1866(age41);  1850 census of SCBarnwellDist taken on 29Jul1850, estate probated 22Oct1866, it was appraised by Preston L. Williams, Edward M. Cope, and Abraham Chasseareau. Martin Williams' son, Josiah Dickerson Williams agreed to be a suriety along with George M. Harter and Henry Mixon on 21Nov1866
                  Buyers from the estate included Daniel All, Martin Branch, Riley Cope, G.M.Harter, William Harter, Jacob Kinard, Milledge Lightsey, Miles Loadholt, Preston L. Williams, and P.W.Williams. 
                  When the Civil War commenced, Allen Harter joined the Confederate Army and served until the Confederacy was defeated. He then met a 23-year-old woman named Melissa Padgett by whom he had a daughter named Minerva b.13Jan1865
                  His widow then married Levi Padgett by 1870
    {G1-A_Wife(CommonLaw}} Sarah? Sallie Williams, remarried after Martin J Williams death
    {G2-see Martin J Williams}
    {G1-A_Uncle} of Allen Harter - Andrew Harter, b. 1800 (listed in 1860 census of SCBarnwellDist as age 60)
    {G1-A_Brother} of Allen Harter - George M Harter. Living with Teresa Ann Harvey - bore him many children. was appointed administrator of Allen Harter estate. 
    {G1-A_Sister1} of Allen Harter - Milly Harter, m.Preston L Williams who was also having offspring by Allen's sister=Seleta Harter
    {G1-A_Sister2} of Allen Harter - Seleta Harter was also having offpring by Preston L. Williams
___ Hayes Family
{G0-A} John Anderson Hayes, b.1797, d.08Oct1875(age78), buried in Cave Methodist Church Cemetery-about 5 miles from Allendale on Hwy278 just outside the SCKline city limits in S.BarnwellCo.  Hayes owned 46 African-American slaves making them among the richest family in the county.
    {G1-A2_Wife2} Catherine Blanche (Campbell} ((Roberts)) Hayes - became stepmother of 4 Hayes children. 

___ Hickman Family 
{G4-T4B2b/WH&MWW} Nathaniel Hickman Sr., b.1698;d.1795(age97) left land ~180 acres on Fishing Credk in Bertie Co in 1727 [later became Edcombe Co]
    {G4-T4B2b_Wife1} Sara (West} Hickman, b.1712,d.1740's(age~28), NCEdgecombe Co.
    {G4-T4B2b_Wife2} Sarah (Strickland) Hickman, b.1713,d.1805(age92) 
{G5-T4B2b1/NHSr&W1-or-W2} Nathaniel Hickman Jr.,  b.1730, died before Nov 1803(age73)
{G5-T4B2b2/NHSr&W1-or-W2} William Hickman, b.1721,d.1816(age95),  m1=Mildred (Smith) Hickman in NCEdgecombe Co; m2=Lucretia Stricklin living in Jackson Co, GA in 1800 will recorded there in 1816
{G5-T4B2b3/NHSr&W1-or-W2} Mourning Hickman, b.1740,d.1804(age64), m1.=Pittman; m2.=Kindred Carter II
{G5-T4B2b4/NHSr&W1-or-W2} Elizabeth Hickman, b.1737,d.1807(age70), m.Abraham Dew, bond 2Dec1763 who was deceased by Apr1774. She married 2nd by 1776 Thomas Vivrette. Vivrett's iwll proved in Nash Co., NC at Nov court 1792
{G5-T4B2b5/NHSr&W1-or-W2} Sarah Hickman, b.1728,d.1816(age88),  m. Thomas Dixon
{G5-T4B2b6/NHSr&W1-or-W2} Mary Stricklin Hickman, b.1735,d.after 1790(age55), m. Mr. Strickland
granddaughter=Nancy Clark
grandson=Snoden Hickman

{G4-T4B2c/WH&MWW} William Hickman Jr., b.~1696 Isle of Wight Co.,VA; d.1761 Southampton Co,VA will-proved 8Oct1761 
{G4-T4B2c_Wife} x-unknown
{G5-T4B2c1/WHJr&x} Joseph Hickman
{G5-T4B2c2/WHJr&x} John Hickman
{G5-T4B2c3/WHJr&x} Sarah Hickman
{G5-T4B2c4/WHJr&x} Martha Hickman
{G5-T4B2c5/WHJr&x} Elizabeth Hickman
{G5-T4B2c6/WHJr&x} Tamarh Hickman

___ Kirkland Family
{G5-T4B7a3B/WW&E } George Kirkland, (son of Joshua Kirkland, son of Edward, son of Richard(1670-1743(age73))   George Kirkland was Robert Cornelius' uncle and he was 1stCousin to WilsonWilliams' wife - Elizabeth Kirkland Williams  1790 census, had 5 daughters and at least one unknown son who died young unmarried. Estate at the time of his death was valued at $8766.66 which was divided between his five daughters as his wife preceded him in death. 
    {G5-T4B7a3B_Wife} Mary
{G6-T4B7a3Ba/WW&Mx} Winifred (Kirkland) Riley, m.Miles Riley
{G6-T4B7a3Bb/WW&Mx} Elizabeth (Kirkland) Williams, m. Wilson Williams   --------------------- after 1790, Elizabeth and Wilson were married. That census showed that George Kirkland had all of his daughters living within his household.
{G6-T4B7a3Bc/WW&Mx} Esther (Kirkland) Grimes, m. Jeff Nathan Grimes
{G6-T4B7a3Bd/WW&Mx} Sarah "Sallie" (Kland) Creech, m. John Creech
{G6-T4B7a3Bd/WW&Mx} Mary (Kirkland) Grimes, m.George Tass Grimes

{G1} Reuben Kirkland - was one of the Kirkland brothers who settled in  1770's-SCBarnwellDist,Jackson Branch; he served in the Revolutionary War and lost an arm. He later served as a state senator.
    {G1_Wife} Sarah (Clark) Kirkland 
{G2-A} Robert Cornelius Kirkland, b.03Sep1788, d.28Sep1866(age78);  

{G2-A} Robert 'Cornelius' Kirkland, b.03Sep1788, d.28Sep1866(age78); was one of the weathier planters in SCBarnwellDist. He bequeathed in his will 71 slaves, livestock, a mill, and several thousand acres. As he died after the Civil War ended his wealth vanished with the freeing of his slaves.
    lived one mile N. of Buford's Bridge, 3 miles E. of Hwy 301 and 300 yards east of Kirkland Mill Creek. Here they established a family cemetery.
    both Robert C. Kirkland and Lavicy Mixon are buried there as well as Elizabeth's daughter, Harriett E. Brabham and grandchildren. Elizabeth H. Kirkland and her son, Britton W. may have both been buried here but they have no visible marker.
    {G2-A_Wife1} Elizabeth Harriett (Williams) Kirkland, m.1811 Ref={G6-T4B7a3C}WW?Ex} (3 children & 7 children by Lovicy Mixon}
    {G2-A_Wife2} Lavicy [Lovicy] (Mixon} Kirkland, b.17Sep1801, d.Nov1881(age80) Daughter of John Williams Mixon and Mary Joyce. John Williams Mixon and Wilson Williams may have been 1stCousins, grandsons of John-and-Abigail Williams
{G3-A1} Charles Seaton Kirkland, b.01Aug1814 in SCBarnwellDist, d.13Oct1885(age71). He was a veteran of 3 wars: Seminole War in FL1834, Mexican War 1846, Civil War 1861-1864. His father left him 4 slaves and notes against him. Slavery was abolished before provisions of the will could be enacted. He never married and was considered 'peculiar and he never joined a church'.
{G3-A2} Brittan Williams Kirkland, b.08Aug1816 in SCBarnwellDist, d.14Mar1831(age15) in SCBarnwellDist,Buford'sBridge      
{G3-A3} Harriett Elizabeth Williams, b.18Mar1818 in SCBarnwellDist, d.09Jul1888(age70) at SCBarnwellDist,Buford'sBridge. Her mother died giving birth to her. She was named for her mother. m.Hampton Brabham 04Feb1836 at age17. She was the 2ndWife.                              

___ Roberts Family (neighbors of Williamsas for several generations)
{G0} Captain James Roberts, b.~1755 in perhape Dobbs Co,NC, d.before20Jan1824 in Barnwell District,SC.  settled by 1767 in St. George Parish, GA and his lands bordered Britton Williams' lands on the north. by 1727, he had settled in St.GeorgeParish,GA. it is a possibility ahta Captain James Roberts and John Williams were brothers-in-law. Britton Williams' lands were on the north. During the Indian uprising, CaptRoberts returned to NC where his lands in Dobbs Co adjoined Joshua Williams, John Williams and Benjamin Creech.  When he died in 1802, he had lands at Turkey Creek near present day AllendaleCo
    {G0_Wife} Amy (Creech} Roberts  [note:Wilson Williams' grandmother may have been Abigail Creech Williams.]
{G1-A} Stephen Roberts, (neighbor to Wilson Williams for several generations} 1794, bought lands from Joshua Williams on Saltketcher and Otter Savannah, originally granted 1788 to Joshua Williams. JW is believed to have been Wilson's uncle. 
    StephenRoberts&wifeElizabeth on 15Feb1807 sold tract of land for $700 to John Miller located by John Hill. John Miller of St. Peter Parish,SC d.27Sep1812 On 17Dec1810, StephenRobers sold to SamuelCarr 595 acres on Craigs Pond. Samual was probably a relative of the Carr Family who lived at Miller Swamp. A John Carr who died before 1833 in St.LukeParish,SC married 1Wife-Miss Roberts, 2Wife-Mary, the widow of John Miller.
        John Carr had Miller Swamp bought from William Carr and lan at Duck Savannah. Duck Savannah was south of Miller Swamp-just north of Allendale
        Feb1814, John Car wanted to move to GA, his stepson-John Miller and dau-Rebecca Carr, wife of Michael Brown, and dau-Susan Car, wife of Mr Gardne. Gardner and CharlesJBrown had lands on Duck Savannah   1800, William Carr bought land from John Weekly at Miller Swamp
{G1-A} Stephen Roberts, b.~1755 in perhaps NCDobbsCo, d.20Jan1824(age69) in SCBarnwellDistrict. In 1974, he bought lands from Joshua Williams on Saltketcher and Otter Savannah lands originally granted 1788 to Joshua. (Joshua Williams is believed to have been Wilson's uncle.}
                     15Feb1807, sold tract of land for $700 to John Miller, located by John Hill. John Miller of SCSt.PeterParish, d. 27Sep1812
                     17Dec1810, sold 595 acres on CraigsPond to Samual Carr. He was probably a relative of the Carr Family who lived at Miller Swamp. A John Carr who died before 1833 in SCSt.LukeParish married a Miss Roberts as Wife1, and to Mary-Wife2, the widow of John Miller
                     John Carr had lands Miller Swamp bought from William Carr and lands at Duck Savannah. (Miller Swamp was N. of Allendale and Duck Savannah was S. of that community.}
                     25Dec1813, sold 440 acres at Upper Three Runs for $1 to William Fannon. Nothing is known of the Fannon or Fanning family or why Roberts was so generous to him. 
                     12Sep1818, sold 150 acres for $150 to Marmaduke Williams at Miller Swamp
    {G1-A_Wife1} Sarah (Grimes) Roberts, d.before 1820
    {G1-A_Wife2} Elizabeth Roberts, d.1828,m.~1820 widow of Alexander Campbell,    
    {G1-A_Wife2-daughter} Catherine Campbell, 16Jan1824-Stephen Roberts deed personal property. (She was his step-daughter)
{G2-A1} Esther Roberts, b.1796   [Her grandfather was Capt. James Roberts who married Amy Creech.  It is possible that Capt. James Roberts and John Williams were brothers-in-law.]
{G2-A2} Richard 'Creech' Roberts, b.1794,d.1Apr1841(age47), When he died, Absalom Blanchard Best because the guardian of his children.  A.B.Best was the son of Benajah Best and his two aunts, Zilpha Best & Dich Best had married sons of William Campbell. 
{G2-A1_StepSister} Catherine Blanche (Campbell) Roberts, b.1796, m. Richard Creech Roberts - Esther's brother, Stephen Roberts son
{G2-A2/SR&Ex} Richard 'Creech' Roberts,  d.before1843
    {G2-A2_Wife} Catherine Blanche (Campbell) Roberts, after husband death, she remarried to John Anderson Hayes on 26Apr1843 as his 2ndWife. daughter of Alexander Campbell John Anderson Hayes was born 1797, d.8Oct1875 and is buried in the Cave Church Ceme. 
       Catherine B. Campbell became the stepmother of the four Hayes children. The Hayes Family were Methodista and members of the Caves Methodist church,about 5 miles from Allendale on Hwy278 just outside the Kline city limits in southern Barnwell Co. The Hayes owned 46 African-American Slaves making them among the richest family in the county.
{G3-A2a/RCR&CBC} Jane Hanson Roberts, b.~1832
{G3-A2b/RCR&CBC} Dr. Richard Creech Roberts Jr, b.23Dec1835, d.10Feb1905(age70) 
{G3-A2c/RCR&CBC} Martha Myrick Roberts
{G3-A2b/RCR&CBC} Dr. Richard Creech Roberts Jr,
    {G3-A2b_Wife} Sarah Emily (Williams) Roberts,b.1840,d.1917(age77)-James Wilson Williams&Winifred Myrick(&Martha Myrick Roberts) Sarah=was great-granddaughter of Wilson Williams

_____ William Fannon or Fanning
{G0} William Fannon, 25Dec1813, bought 440 acres at Upper Three Runs from Stephen Roberts for $1. Nothing is known of Fannon or the Fanning family or why Roberts was so generous to him. 
{G1-A} James Fannon
    {G1-A_Wife} Joanna (Boyleston} Fannon  sister of Elijah Boylston d.~Feb1851.
    {G1-A_Wife_brother} Elijah Boyston, d.before 1851. 
    {G1-A_Wife_sister} Martha (Boyleston} Mixon, m. John H. Mixon
    {G1-A_Wife_sister} Georgiana (Boyleston} Hair, m. James Hair
    {G1-A_Wife_sister} Elizabeth (Boyleston} Hair, m. Samuel S. Hair

------- The Mallard Family Connection ---- (from
Some researcher believe that Wilson' Williams had a first wife, the daughter of George Mallard. This is based solely on a Bill of Compliant filed in the Equity Court of Orangeburgh District on 12 March 1819, by Wilson Williams against "Durin" Mallard [George Duran Mallard] over a tract of land on the 
Coosawhatchie River, which once belonged to George Mallard. George Mallard made out his will 12 September 1812 in Barnwell District South Carolina which was probated  30 October 1812. In Barnwell District Will Book 'A', on page 154 is the record of
 a George Mallard's will. This will list the name of his perhaps 2nd wife and her children. Their names are as follow: Wife Easter [Esther], children's Daniel, Dewring [George Duran], Sarah, Rachel, Nancy, and Hester Ann. The will stated that an equal share of 383 acres was to go Daniel Mallard and Duren Mallard lands first granted to John McFail and Aaron Gillette on  the Cooswahatchie River. The will was witnessed by Ezekiel Stokes and Joseph Allen. On 31 October 1812, Ezekiel Stokes made a sworn statement before the Ordinary of Barnwell District, regarding George Mallard's will. In Ezekiel's statement he declared the will was George's true will, and he also said that George and he were cousins.
On 20 October 1818 Wilson Williams bought 191 acres from Daniel Mallard, which was his half of his inheritance from George Mallard. Wilson paid $400 for this land on Coosawhatchie River near the Beaufort District county line. The deed record showed this acreage was part of lands first granted to Charles Boyles, William Bryan, and Joshua Williams. George Mallard was originally from Duplin County, North Carolina before moving to Barnwell District South Carolina where he had lands near Wilson’s uncle Joshua Williams in an area known as Duck Savannah. A deed from 1788 showed that Absalom Stricklin deeded 50 acres to George Mallard in Duplin County. It is thought that George Mallard had two sets of  children by two wives. His first wife's name is unknown and is thought to have died before 1790. Her children were possibly Miss Mallard wife of Wilson Williams, Adam Mallard, and Hiram Mallard husband of Maria Moore. His children by his second wife were Sarah Mallard,  Rachael Mallard, Nancy Hester Mallard, Daniel Mallard
 and Duren (Dewring} Mallard.  Hiram Mallard died after 1841 and married Maria Moore the daughter of William Moore Senior. Their children were Sarah Elizabeth Mallard wife of James Brawdy of Beaufort County, Virgil Mallard,  Francis Mallard, Laura Mallard, James Mallard, Theodore Mallard, Gaspar Mallard, and Lucy Mallard. The last record of him is when he sold his wife's interest in estate of William Moore
 Sr.  The first record of George Mallard in Barnwell District is in the 1800 census. He is listed as being between 26 and 44 years of age [1756 and 1774]. This is problematic if this George Mallard is  the father of Mary Mallard Williams. If Mary Mallard Williams had a son in 1790 she most likely would not have been younger than 16 years old [1774] and thus unlikely but not impossible to be a daughter of this man.
George Mallard is shown in this 1800 census with a young family of three children under the age of 10 and with a young wife between the ages of 16 and 25 [1775-1784]. His near neighbors were  James Lipsey, John McFail, Benajah Best, Henry Creech and Adam Mallard. The woman in the 1800 census was evidently his 2nd wife Esther Allen and these children were from that marriage which indicates that his children by his 1st wife were grown and on their own. Not far from George was Adam Mallard who is believed to be his son, married with young children.  James Lipsey was George's first cousin son of Roscoe Lipsey and Sarah Mallard.  Adam Mallard may have married Elizabeth Bowen and moved to Georgia. On 13 March 1802 Adam Mallard sold 70 acres on Duck Branch.  On 31 January 1801 Ann Meadows of "Winton County, South Carolina" sold to George Mallard of the same, 32 acres. The witnesses were James Lipsey and Charles Boyles. Another deed record dated 19 June 1802 Joshua and Elizabeth Williams of Georgia, sold to George Mallard of Barnwell District, South Carolina for $175.00, 200 acres adjoining Charles Boyles, Dempsey Phillips, 
William Bryan and Joshua Williams.  The witnesses to this deed were Ezekiel Stokes and George Stokes. These men were his first cousins son of Arthur Stokes and Catherine Mallard. The Stokes moved to the Barnwell District of South Carolina from Craven County, North Carolina. On 1 August 1799 Arthur Stokes bought 922 acres of land from Benjamin Allen on the Coosawhatchie River in what is now Allendale County, but in 1799 was in Barnwell County. South Carolina. Arthur shows as the head of household in the 1800 and 1810 Federal census of Barnwell District, South Carolina.
George Mallard, James Lipsey, Ezekiel Stokes and George Stokes were all grandsons of George Mallard of Duplin County, North Carolina. James Lipsey's father and mother were Roscoe Lipsey  and Sarah Mallard.
In the 1810 Census however George Mallard is listed as over 45 years old [before 1755]. His neighbors were Josiah Allen, Benajah Best, John Boyle Sr., Henry Creech, John Lipsey, William Lipsey, and Arthur Stokes.  
George Mallard wrote his will 12 Sept 1812 in Barnwell District South Carolina and must have been ill as that he died not long after as that his will was then probated 30 Oct 1812.  He may have only been in his late fifties.  After his death his widow Esther Allen Mallard remarried Charles Boyles.
On 26 October 1818, Duren Mallard and his wife Eleanor sold to Wilson Williams 191 acres on the Coosahatchie River for $400. 

{G1} Britain Williams, b.1766 in VABrunswick, d.1842(age76) in MODade,Greenfield, bured in MODade 
{G1-Father} Jones Williams, b.1731(age35,when Britan born) - 
{G1-Mother} Elizabeth Bolling, m.1785 in NCRuther ford,MorganTownship
      (Note: They were the parents of at least 6 sons and 3 daughters. He lived in LATeritory,StLouisDistrict in 1810 and in 1830 MOJackson. 

[from Britton Williams in the 1770s came to the Barnwell area from Georgia after trouble with the Indians forced Georgia pioneers to flee to the safety of South Carolina. During the Revolution, Britton Williams was a patriot militia man who was captured after the battle of Wiggins Hill on the Coosahatchie River. There he was then hung by the British in 1781. His children included Wilson Williams, Sarah Williams, and Martha Williams. Britton was supposedly born circa 1740 in Northampton County, NC.]

[from Everette? Williams of Charleston SC m/ Elizabeth McGuire 1757-1843 SC]

[from] ***Britton Williams***, born ~1735 in NCBertie. Brother of Joshua Williams. Husband of Elizabeth (Calthorpe) Williams. Father of Wilson M. Williams, Sarah Salley (Williams) Vassar, Martha Patsy (Williams) Bowen, Olive Holly (Williams) McMillan, and Rebecca Williams. Died 13Jan1781 at ~age 46 in Wiggins Hill, SCBarnwell. Was a SC State Legislator (3rd legislation} from Orangeburgh District in 1780. another write-up on Britton Williams (from} Wilson Williams was the biological child of {DAR_G8}{G2-G4}***Britton Williams***, b.~1735 at NCNorthhampton,d.22Jul1779 or 1781(age44,or46) at SCOrangeburgDistrict(later SCBambergCo) (((==============DAR Soldier {DAR_G8}{G2-G4_Wife} Elizabeth X(probably Calthorpe} b.1744, d.07Apr1795(age51) at SCOrangeburgDist (Note: DAR does not have the name of Britton Wife in the information that was given to me.}

(From} I have the following information on an ancestor of mine. Question:Where exactly is Wiggins Hill in SC. I can't even find the Coosahatchie River. Britton Williams was a representative to the colonial assembly of South Carolina and was patriot militia man who was captured after the battle of Wiggins Hill on the Coosahatchie River where he was then hung by the British until nearly dead and then his body was given over to the Indians to mutilate.

The following is an extract from A.S. Salley's book "The History of Orangeburg County".Page 508. " The British Col. Brown marched down from Augusta with an overwhelming force of Tories and Indians, and taking their stand at "Wiggins' Hill" commenced a slaughter of the inhabitants. The news of which reached the ears of those brave and dauntless officers, Cols. McCoy and Harden, who soon hastened to the defence of the terrified Whigs, and coming upon the enemy, charged upon them and killed and routed them to a man, Col. Brown escaping to the woods. Cols. McCoy and Harden, having accomplished all that was required of them, retired from the field of action, after which Brown returned with the residue of his force and retook the "hill", at which he remained until he hung five of our brave fellows -- Britton Williams, Charles Blunt, and Abraham Smith, the names of the other two not recollected -- then he decamped for Augusta.

[from Everette? Williams of Charleston SC m/ Elizabeth McGuire 1757-1843 SC] Thanks to GA Genealogy Researcher-Paula Needly and Kathleen Hadfield,SandySpringsRegistrar


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