2017-11-29 to White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia from Atlanta, GA (about 7 hours and 15 minute drive – from Google maps)


2017-11-29 to White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia from Atlanta, GA (about 7 hours and 15 minute drive – from Google maps)
The trip was for 3 nights and 2 of those nights would be at the Greenbrier Resort Hotel. The last night was at a Hampton Inn near Wytheville, Va. I traveled on a motorcoach with Seniors On the Go Tours.  (This was an OUTSTANDING trip and I took a LOT of pictures.). We drove all day and arrived at the Greenbrier Resort  after the nightly Christmas lights were shining. It was stunning. We arrived hungry and in time for a 7pm dinner. I particularly enjoyed the dining room and great food and service. I had lobster over grits with peaches for dessert. The food was fantastic and the service was wonderful. I was especially impressed with the decor of the hotel and the chandeliers. First, some pictures of the arrival. (Mouse click on any picture to make it larger…) 

On Thursday, I went on a Bunker Tour and was not able to take pictures of the bunker. However, they did allow pictures of the entrance and exhibit area. (Again, mouse click on any picture to enlarge it.) 

I wandered around the hotel looking at the pictures, the wedding planning area, and the shops and swimming pool on the north end. It was pretty cool (not freezing) outside and very comfortable inside, so I stayed inside most of the day. They serve ‘high tea’ everyday at 4. Some workers rolled in a cart with hot water and cups for the serving. A line quickly formed and was quickly dispatched. Each person received their hot-water and went to a nearby table for different varities of tea. Then, the tea-sugar-cookies and goodies were at the main lobby round table. There must have been 80 people in the lobby after the hot-water serving cart arrived. There was also a woman and man dancing to provide entertainment. Someone told me that in the casino each night at 10pm, there is champagne served and that the woman and man also dance some. 

At night, we enjoyed another wonderful meal and the company of the group. Ice skaters were on the rink and I watched others in the group who play a game similar to rummy. The hotel was not very busy and, at times, it seemed as if we had the place to ourselves. Just before we left on Friday, others began arriving. My first night, I had to really walk around to find my room. In short, I got lost because the place is very large. On my second night, I had walked the areas several times to the dining room and knew the path well. Others who had just arrived and who were staying in the north wing asked me about the direction to the dining room.

There was a decorator who loved floral patterns and had special carpet with the flower-of-the-state installed for the hotel floors. Also, my room had a large flower pattern wall paper. It is very ornate and seems gawdy at first. However, after leaving and seeing a more modern decoration, I missed the ‘busy’ patterns.

My Room pictures —

It was sad leaving because both the accommadations and service were so good. However, the trip was over and the departure inevitable. Frank, the doorman who has served there many years, was there to see us off.
We rode to Wytheville for our next adventure. Cathy had dinner theater tickets for us at the Wohlfahrt Haus. The food was served to us individually and was good. The Christmas show involved a large cast and many scene and costume changes. The house was full. I enjoyed it a lot. (They requested no pictures be taken during the show.) 

Here are my favorite pictures === The Chandeliers at Greenbrier … 

Here are some pictures from Tamarak, VA — a place that we stopped and shopped …

A few years ago, White Sulphur Springs area suffered a bad flood. I was told that the casino in the Greenbrier was damaged as well as some of the golf courses. There were 14 deaths and many people in the area were displaced. The hotel ‘put-up’ many people during the crisis and has recovered. (We saw some equipment on the golf course and I think that they may be still working on it.) 


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