2018-12-29 Travel to India (Post 2 of 2)

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This is the post about my trip to (1) Kathmandu, Nepal to visit UNESCO sites and see the sunset in Nagarkot, and (2) visit Ludhiana, India to see “B”‘s family. While there, I went to a wedding of a family friend, shopping in a local store and in a couple of malls. We also drove about 2 hours away one day for a tour of “B”‘s family new living-quarters and tour the local rose garden, rock garden and manmade lake. A few days later, we took a one-day trip drive about 2 hours away to Amritsar and saw the Golden Temple. We also saw  a hospital and school. The stay that I had with her family was incredible. I lack the words to express my gratitude to both “B” and her family for the trip. 

I had such a great time, it was hard to leave, but – unfortunately, the day came when we had to return to Delhi for our flight back to Atlanta. The trip was fabulous and I’m still amazed that “I-saw-all-that-I-saw”, and “did-all-that-I-did”.  Thank you to “B” and all of her family and friends for such a wonderful trip!

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